Saturday, February 03, 2007

Democratic Tyranny

It seems that Bush does not have enough cannon fodder, so the hue and cry for a draft is surfacing again, couched in the words of a scoundrels’ last resort – patriotic rhetoric.

It is a sin – in fact, a damnable sin – to waste the lives of American soldiers in an immoral war. The implicit promise that the Commander-in-chief makes to his volunteer soldiers is that he will only ask them to wage war in the country’s national interest and in a way that will not disgrace the uniform they wear. Bush has foully violated that implicit promise.

To draft men to do what is already immoral for volunteers to do is to add an infinity of sins to an infinity of sins. But to expect anything but blasphemy and Godlessness from any politician, Republican or Democrat, in this techno-barbarian anti-nation, is an act of folly unprecedented in the annals of civilization.