Saturday, August 09, 2008

The European Soul

I believe that a nation, like an individual, has a soul. Unlike an individual though, a nation’s soul has many collective parts – namely the individuals that live and act in the confines of that particular nation. Once a nation’s soul has developed, it can change and alter its essential soul only by a severe wounding of itself. I think all the nations of Europe are currently inflicting wounds upon themselves by doing that which destroys their soul. They are allowing large numbers of people who come from nations with a different soul into their countries. The mix will never work.

Let’s take Britain as an example. Britain has allowed a large number of African, Indian, and Asian people to immigrate to Britain. With what result? The very soul of Britain has been shaken, because Britain is, in its essential soul, a white Christian nation. Even if most of the native-born no longer consciously hold to the Christian faith, it is in their blood; they cannot completely rid themselves of it. It is always lurking near them and in them with the potential of returning in full force. But it is different with the African, the Indian, and the Asian. The African soul is essentially voodoo-barbaric -- it has never been Christianized; the Indian soul is Hindu; and the Asian soul is Confucian and Buddhist. If that mix should overrun Britain, the nation will have lost its soul.

France faces a similar situation with the Muslims. Incidentally, the African continent can become Muslim without altering that nation’s essential soul, for the Islamic faith is a barbaric one. But should Islam become the dominant force in France, the nation’s soul will be lost. This is why decent Frenchmen turn out to vote for Le Pen, and liberals castigate him. Le Pen wants France to reclaim its soul.

Similar wars, fought with varying degrees of success, are being waged throughout Europe. And the wars are more serious than the older wars between European nations were, because in an older war between, for example, France and Germany, the losing country would lose much that is precious but not its Christian soul. Not so in the modern wars of immigration and interbreeding. It is the soul, the Christian soul of Europe that is at stake.

And the United States? We are a unique nation, just as the apologists tell us. We started off by repudiating the soul of our nation when we decided to make Christianity the mistress we saw in private rather than the wife we honored in public and private. The Civil War was fought to decide whether the “great” anti-nationalist, universalist, Christ-hating idea should prevail over the older European vision. It isn’t necessary to say which vision prevailed. Because our nation was founded on a renunciation of the European soul, a counter-revolution in this country cannot be based on “getting back to our foundation” unless one makes it clear that our foundation is not the U. S. Constitution but the Christianity of the ancient Europeans.

The European right-wing unfortunately is not in the majority. Le Pen lost his bid for the French Presidency (in fact, those in power are always trying to throw him in jail), and the British Nationalist Party seldom gets more than 20% of the vote. But at least the European countries have a right-wing! In America we have only liberals – the socialist Democrats and the capitalist Republicans. Fringe movements started by people like Ron Paul are ineffectual because they never look back to Europe for their raison d’etre. They always cite the Constitution, refusing to listen to the shade of Joseph de Maistre who said, “No nation can subsist on mere paper and ink.”

There will be no counter-revolution in this country until men of European blood put their hands on the sacred sword of their European ancestors and say, “I swear, by the blood of my ancestors, that while I live I will not be ruled by the stranger, and where I live I shall abide by no law that contradicts the ancient faith of my ancestors.” +

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