Friday, November 07, 2008

The Mau Mau Who Would Be King

An Interview with the Young Drummer from the World of the Brothers Grimm, in Which We Discuss the Marxist Mau Mau Who Has Become King of Satania

Interviewer: Thank you for consenting to an interview on such short notice.

Young Drummer: That’s all right. I don’t get many requests for interviews. The Europe of the Brothers Grimm is out of fashion these days.

Int: But that is why I want to interview you. I want to see the modern world through the eyes of an antique European.

YD: And I’m that antique European?

Int: Yes.

YD: Go ahead with your questions.

Int: My country, which is a branch of Europe, recently elected a black man President. I don’t know that he will be any worse than the PCR (Post-Christian Rationalist) candidate he defeated or the PCR President he will be succeeding; however, I can’t help but be concerned at the symbolic aspect of a black man’s presidency. The sons of Ham are not supposed to rule over the sons of Japheth.

YD: It is one step closer to the incarnation of Satan when you actually install a black man as the head of your nation. But you must realize that the white man must have a religion. He has rejected Christianity, so what is there left for him? He must revere something. He feels he can’t revere Christ, but he can revere the black man.

Int: It wasn’t black men who elevated a black man to the Presidency of the United States. It was white people. How can anything good come out of a people that could do such a thing?

YD: Nothing good will come from such people. They are beyond the ken. You can only work with the tiny scattered remnant of Israel, the last Europeans. They aren’t going to announce themselves – it wouldn’t be safe – but there are a few left.

Int: Do you place much hope in the ‘Great Awakening’? Some of the more conservative white people have told me that the election of a black man to the Presidency will mobilize white people into action.

YD: Why, if the vast majority of white people stood by and watched blacks occupy their schools, their churches, and their homes, would they suddenly awaken when a black man occupies the Presidency?

Int: It doesn’t make much sense, does it?

YD: No, it doesn’t.

Int: So if there will be no awakening, what will there be -- mere oblivion?

YD: Looking at it rationally, yes, the white man is facing oblivion. But faith is beyond reason. The European who is still connected to sacred Europe feels with certainty that Christ's Europe cannot die any more than He can die. The white man believes the people of Christian Europe will triumph over black-worshipping Satania as long as they don’t break faith.

Int: It is my contention that the white-hating liberals and their colored minions have not faced any opposition since the days of “Reconstruction.” The ‘write letters and vote’ crowd does not constitute an opposition.

YD: I would agree with that. The problem with the right-wing, conservative opponents of Satania is that they have no religion to counter the liberals’ black faith. They talk about democratic institutions and respecting European values, but they don’t do the one thing that is needful. They don’t swear on the Holy Rood that such things shall not be and then proceed to act like integral men. An integral man is not just a violent man; he knows that wars are won primarily with spiritual weapons, but he doesn’t eschew violence when it is necessary. You can’t always petition and vote your way out of a quagmire. I'm not talking about political assassination here, but I am talking about defending white people against the violent acts of the 'get whitey' savages who stalk the new diversified streets of the U. S. and Europe.

Int: Writing in 1887, Thomas Hughes expressed concern about the triumph of democracy. But he thought it could be turned to good account if the practitioners and advocates of democracy still held the Christian God to be sovereign over nations:

Are we, then, to rest contented with this ultimate regal power, to resign ourselves to the inevitable, and admit that for us, here at last in this nineteenth century, there is nothing higher or better to look for; and if we are to have a king at all, it must be king people or king mob, according to the mood in which our section of collective humanity happens to be? Surely we are not prepared for this any more than the Pope is. Many of us feel that Tudors, and Stuarts, and Oliver Cromwell, and cliques of Whig or Tory aristocrats, may have been bad enough; but that any tyranny under which England has groaned in the past has been light by the side of what we may come to, if we are to carry out the new political gospel to its logical conclusion, and surrender ourselves to government by the counting of heads, pure and simple.

– from Alfred the Great
Mobocracy could only be avoided if the purveyors of democracy acknowledged that “... there is one throne which they cannot pull down—the throne of righteousness, which is over all the nations; and one King whose rule they cannot throw off—the Son of God, and Son of Man, who will judge them as He has judged all kings and all governments before them.”

But they have dethroned Him, and the right-wing conservatives don’t even suggest enthroning Him again as a part of their “Great Awakening” program.

YD: The right-wing conservative who wants to restore European culture by returning to the Greeks is in the position of Jonah before he was thrown overboard in the storm. Like Jonah, he is trying to hide from his destiny. God made him the Christ-bearer. If he hides in the hull of the good ship Democracy or the Greco-Roman ship, he will not fulfill his destiny.

Int: I think any person who voted for McCain-Palin is a disordered human being, but I would not say he is devoid of grace. It was possible for a person to be deceived by them. They did put a veneer of religion and patriotism over their ideologies. But it was not possible for a person to be deceived by Obama or Biden. Their Satanism was completely out in the open. If a person voted for Obama-Biden, he is satanic.

YD: I agree.

Int: Then our young people, who voted in the vast majority for Obama-Biden, are satanic?

YD: Yes, they are. How could it be otherwise? Your schools, your churches, and your mass media have been preaching ‘Tower of Babel’ race-mixing for the last sixty years.

Int: There is a small little church in our town, with the preacher’s house right next to it. Now, you would think that the pastor would not want to alienate his congregation by choosing one candidate over another, but the pastor has a large Obama-Biden sign in his front yard.

YD: That’s not surprising. It is Obama, the black man, who can provide the PCR with the faith he lacks. Do you remember when Pope Benedict XVI, then Cardinal Ratzinger, said that the next Pope should be black? They have all lost their faith, but they are still white men. And a white man needs some faith that transcends, at least in the articulation, mere self-interest. The black man is content with an openly selfish faith, and so is the Oriental and the men of the other non-white races. But the white man, because he once held the Christian faith, cannot be content without a faith that at least outwardly mimics the Christian faith.

Int: But why doesn’t the white man simply hold to the Christian faith? Why should he forsake Christ for Obama and his ilk?

YD: Because the European no longer believes in the divinity of Christ. The scholastic revolt against God has come to fruition. Reason was left alone to defend the field against the onslaught of science, and he was not up to the task. Divorced from the wellsprings of the heart, he withered and died.

Int: The churches did not die, but faith in Christ as true God and true Man did die?

YD: Yes. And once faith in Christ dies there is no longer any reason to do the arduous things that such a faith demands.

Int: For instance?

YD: It is no longer necessary to refrain from, or feel guilty about, such sins as adultery, abortion, or a lack of charity. If one simply loves the black man with all one’s heart and soul and mind, he need not worry about hating his fellow white man, murdering babies in the womb, or sleeping with his neighbor’s wife. All actions that were once called sins, even sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance, are washed clean and even rendered virtuous if one simply loves the black man.

Int: Ten years ago I probably would have told you that assessment was too extreme, but I’m afraid I agree with you, particularly after witnessing the hysterical adulation that a two-bit Marxist Mau Mau has received from white people in my country and from people throughout the Western world. Even before he was elected President, he was received by European heads of state as if he were a god.

YD: He is a god to them.

Int: Well, he is not my God.

YD: Nor mine.

Int: Then let every white man who is still white, be he Saxon, Celt, Dane, and so on, say with one voice, “The white man will not bend his knee to the great black god. Christ and only Christ is my King.”

YD: Amen to that.

Postscript: I think a traitor like McCain is worse than an outright enemy like Obama. So it is with no sympathy for McCain I mention that he probably won the election. There was unbelievable voter fraud, at least unbelievable for a country that prides itself on following the rule of law.

This should tell you why liberals always win and conservatives always lose. The liberals do not care about the rule of law when it involves their faith. “By any means necessary” was their only law when it came to electing Obama President. The liberal-conservatives are incapable of combating that type of zealous faith. They’ll form a think-tank somewhere and prove that rigging elections is against the express wish of the Founding Fathers. That will fix those liberal-liberals!

The liberal-liberals, and the conservative-liberals for that matter, must be forced to deal with men who will also use any means necessary, within the European Christian tradition, to enthrone their God. Blake was right: man needs, at least the European man, a religion. The liberal-liberal has chosen Satan. The conservative-liberal, by not choosing Christ, has also chosen Satan. The real right-wing -- the European, Christian right-wing, has chosen as well. “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more...”

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