Friday, May 13, 2011

More Than Nature

Those who look for God only in nature, or judge the universe from what they see in the jungle, are liable to debase even religion, as we have already noted, and are themselves in danger of coming to grievous harm.

-Herbert Butterfield in Christianity and History

I live in two distinct and separate worlds. In one world, the modern post-Christian, anti-European world, I struggle for the necessities of life and must come in contact with the creatures of modernity, who are much scarier than the Creature from the Black Lagoon. In the other world, the world which constitutes my home life, I come into contact with Europeans such as Walter Scott and Kenneth Grahame. I infinitely prefer the second world, the antique European world, to the modern world.

I’ve noted, while wandering through the wasteland of modernity, that the modern European regards the Europeans who lived prior to the 20th century as evil. This modern practice of regarding your ancestors as evil was not the common practice of Europeans prior to the 20th century. There were always a few intellectuals, such as Mark Twain, Voltaire, and Rousseau, who condemned the Europeans of the past for their inability to achieve utopia, but the main body of Europeans looked on their ancestors as men and women deserving of respect and emulation. I take more than just an academic interest in the reasons for the modern Europeans’ condemnation of their ancestors, because I identify with the older Europeans and therefore stand with them as a man condemned.

The antique European was put on trial in the 20th century for the crimes of racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism. On all three counts he was found guilty. He was found guilty of racism because he did not give the black man equal status with the white man. He was found guilty of sexism because he placed the female of the species by the hearth fire with her children and endeavored to keep her out of the workplace. And he was found guilty of anti-Semitism because he thought the unrepentant, unconverted Jew was an enemy of Christian Europe who needed to be carefully watched. In all three cases, racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism, the antique European is only in the wrong if Christ is not the son of God, because a hierarchical structure of the races, a patriarchal ordering of society, and a healthy suspicion of the Jew, is entirely in keeping with the Christian faith. But in modern, Humpty-Dumpty Europe, non-Christian liberals label the antique Europeans as “unchristian” for condoning racism, sexism and anti-Semitism. But why should non-believing liberals be allowed to define the Christian faith? And why is it considered unchristian to keep the savage races in check for their own good as well as the good of the white man; to keep the life-bearers and life-nurturers out of the workplace; and to keep the unrepentant Jew at bay? There is no reason to consider these exemplary acts of “racism,” “sexism,” and “anti-Semitism” to be unchristian other than the obvious reason: the liberals are not Christian and they want to see the safeguards of a Christian society – racial segregation, patriarchy, and protective measures against the Jews – eliminated so that Satan, not Christ, can live and thrive in Europe’s “pleasant pastures.” And they have got their wish; Satan reigns where Christ once reigned.

If we look at the European people’s history we can see that racial integration is at the top of the slippery slope that leads to feminism and religious indifferentism. Why? Because our hearts are designed to love the particular, not the generic. When you deny your own particular race, you will not become a great lover of mankind, even though you might profess to be such; you will be an abstracted human being incapable of loving anyone or anything. If you don’t care enough about your own people as a distinct race of people, why then should you care about distinct and separate sexes and distinct and separate faiths? You won’t care. A man who blends races also blends the sexes and religious faiths.

In Ben Jonson’s eulogy for Shakespeare he makes reference to “insolent Greece and haughty Rome.” Even though the Greeks and the Romans had much to be proud of their insolence and haughtiness strikes a discordant note with the Christian European. But the Greco-Roman pagans had an excuse; they did not know the God-Man who showed His people the strength of humility and the weakness of pride.

What can we say in defense of the modern European, who has surpassed the ancient Greeks in insolence and exceeded the ancient Romans in haughtiness? Nothing can be said in his defense. The modern European is drunk with the sneering, insolent, haughty pride of science. The infamous atheist George Bernard Shaw, in his essay entitled “Back to Methuselah,” tells his readers how the Christian faith withstood the onslaughts of all the secular pagan religions until it ran into the scientific onslaught. Science put the atheistic sneer – and no one could sneer like Shaw – on the face of the European. Prior to the Age of Science, the history of the Christian, European people was much like the history of the ancient Hebrews. When they went bad, they slid back into the nature religions. And when they responded to the God above nature, they pulled themselves out of the mire of nature worship. Once the scientific view of man is institutionalized there is no exit for the European; nature is his permanent god. In the 20th century, natural apologetics, which showed that Christianity was not in contradiction to the physical sciences, were all the rage in Catholic and Protestant seminaries. But Christianity is against nature. It is not natural to rise from the dead! “We who are about to die demand a miracle.”

Modern civilization stinks of the laboratory, the test tube, and the microscope. Since nature is all, there is no spiritual significance to skin color, sexual orientation, or religious faith. They are all part of nature and therefore subject to nature’s laws. The pagan temptation was always an ever-present threat to European civilization, but paganism, the worship of nature, did not become the permanent faith of the European until he became, “under the influence of the scientific outlook,” more insolent than the Greeks and more haughty than Rome.

There is no room in the new scientific Babylon for the antique European because the antique European carries that within which would destroy Babylon. In his heart the ancient European carried the ability to distinguish between good and evil. Having never succumbed to the natural law of science, he does not worship the black man, kill babies in the name of sexual equality, or worship the same God as the Jews. It is not primarily a lack of courage that makes white males in Britain stand by while white women are raped and murdered, nor is it primarily a lack of courage that makes halfway-house Christians turn their backs on black atrocities, worship at the shrine of the black gods, and turn to the unrepentant Jews as the Chosen People of God. It is a lack of moral vision that makes the white man a prisoner of Babylon. If he could only see. But he doesn’t see, and it seems to be the last post for the European.

Something that the mad-dog liberal Senator Bill Bradley said in a speech at a Democratic convention highlighted the difference between the Europeans of modern scientific Babylon and the Europeans of Scott’s and Shakespeare’s Europe. He stated that real Americans did not accept the existence of tragedy. Bradley did it! He put into words the hitherto unspoken faith of the European liberal. The liberal does not accept the existence of tragedy. All illnesses, wars, accidents, and natural disasters can be prevented by a proper ordering of society, which usually entails the removal of all Europeans who still have a tragic sense of life. It would seem, from the perspective of an antique European, that the liberal must succumb to a tragic sense of life when he faces death, or is death itself preventable by a proper manipulation of our natural environment? No, it is not preventable; most liberals will concede. But death is not tragic to the liberal because he doesn’t care for particular human beings (that is a Christian concept); he cares about the generic human race, which is why Earth Day has replaced Good Friday on the liberal’s calendar. In the liberal view, pain and suffering are tragic, but they will cease when we find the right drugs; the destruction of the earth would be tragic, but that will be prevented when all those who do not believe in global warming are eliminated. In the absence of a belief in a God who created human beings in His image, the tragic sense of life, which is the lifeblood of the European people, disappears and the people perish.

There is nothing natural in the new, scientific naturalism of the modern liberal. Prior to the scientific age, Europeans used to talk about the natural bonds between parent and child and between members of the same race. When talking about the natural ties of kinship and blood, the antique European was referring to spiritual ties. A natural tie was formed in heaven and all Christians felt bound to uphold those ties of the heart.

When the liberal uses the term ‘natural’ he uses it in a different sense than the antique European. The liberal does not believe in natural ties of affection, he believes in nature as defined by science, the nature that consists of raw matter. The liberal sees no animating spirit within a man’s nature; he is simply a biological specimen. The most perfect man, in the eyes of the liberal, is the natural man who is seemingly devoid of any animating spiritual life. The liberal has seized on the black man as the supreme natural man.

The “natural world” of the liberal was built by the reasoners. It is no accident that the villains in the novels of Scott and La Fanu and the plays of Shakespeare are all great reasoners. They have abstracted themselves from real nature, where bonds of kinship and ties of blood and race are sacred, and immersed themselves in the natural world as defined by Darwin. In that world the spirit is subject to the worm, and the cunning mimic the good in order to perpetuate evil. Natural theology becomes Negro worship and natural affections are bestowed on generic mankind while genuine natural ties of blood are demonized and proscribed.

The great reasoners started out by chiseling out pockets of infamy within the walls of Christendom until those small pockets of infamy coalesced and became a Satanic replacement for Christendom. The Christian counter-attack will come from Europeans who have formed pockets of resistance within Satandom. And the spiritual ground upon which the counter-revolutionary European will take his stand is the ground all Europeans were born to defend – the land where ties of blood, to our kin, our kind, and our God are sacred ties, natural ties of the spirit. No force in biological nature is as strong as those natural ties of the spirit which were forged by God so that through those ties we might be linked to Him, the God of mercy. When we look at the sick, twisted, degenerate world of darkness that the reasoners have prepared for us as an alternative to His world of the spirit, we recoil. How can fears of being called white supremacists or stupid deter us from defending His world, in which there are genuine natural ties of love and affection, against their world in which the cruelty of biological nature reigns supreme? Every form of paganism produces a few men who turn from paganism to Christ. The modern, syncretistic, scientific paganism is paganism with a different twist, but it is still paganism. What is needed is a few men to turn away from modern paganism. And from those few will come many, just as the fidelity of Christ inspired millions of Europeans to reject the darkness of paganism for the light of the Gospel. All the blather about diversity and the accusations of white supremacy boil down to this: the liberals do not want the people that walked in darkness and saw a great light to believe in the reality of that light. They want the light extinguished, but that shall never come about for we, the last of the old guard and the first of the new faithful, will “break their bonds asunder, and cast away their yokes from us.”+

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