Saturday, August 30, 2008

More on Paul Hill and the Abortion Wars

There were no calls for us to understand Paul Hill’s rage when he was tried and executed, and there were no calls for us to have compassion, to look for mitigating circumstances. No sir, Paul Hill must die. “Two Killed at Abortion Clinic” – the irony of the headline was lost on the liberals.

Paul Hill was a great man, the first martyr for the pro-life cause, and he, like most martyrs, was spit upon by his enemies and his so-called friends. God bless him. May “flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!”

The most gut-wrenching aspect of the abortion wars, for me, is to have to listen to so-called conservatives condemn the ‘terrible’ acts of violence against the ‘kindly’ mass executioners who run the abortion clinics. Let us be clear about something, Mr. Conservative – abortion is premeditated murder. It is not the result of misunderstanding; it is the result of a satanic desire to physically dethrone God by destroying His creation. The idea of God Incarnate and the idea of legalized state-sanctioned abortions are diametrically opposed. And there has never been a time in human history when a conflict between diametrically opposed ideas was not settled by a resort to arms. The liberals have marshaled all the instruments of state coercion and state violence to insure that the murder of the innocents will continue. It is a great blessing from God that some men strike back at the infamous leviathan of death once called the United States of America.

Consider the following scenario: A state-sponsored hit squad like the ATF has been assigned to take out all the families in your neighborhood with last names beginning with the same letter as yours. The raids are announced ahead of time, so you tell your friends about it and ask them to help. Your friends say that of course they will help; after all, they are pro-life. So the day of reckoning comes. The AFT surrounds your house and starts blasting away. Your friends, who outnumber the ATF by about 500 to 1, all form a ring on the safe side of the ATF, hold hands, and begin singing “We Shall Overcome” and other such nonsense. When you scream out to the ‘pro-lifers’ that you don’t think you or your family can hold out much longer, the ‘pro-lifers’ scream back, “We are against violence of any kind, but don’t worry, we have a very good chance of passing legislation at the next Congress that will severely limit the number of families the ATF can murder.” You scream, “Thanks,” and commend your soul to God. The ATF, of course, kills you and your entire family. The pro-lifers go off into the sunset singing songs and feeling good about their non-violent protest of violence.

“Your analogy was as subtle as a sledgehammer,” you say. Well, there is nothing subtle about abortion. It is not a complex issue. If the war against the mass murderers is not just, then the Quakers were right: there never has been nor will there ever be a just war.

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