Saturday, August 30, 2008

Women in Combat

There are a number of issues currently being debated, which demonstrate, by the mere fact that people consider them debatable, that we are a country hopelessly adrift. No sane human being would even consider using women in combat, and the reason for this is not because they are the weaker sex. Theoretically, one could breed a race of Amazons fully capable of fighting wars. No, the reason is spiritual. Women are the life-bearers and the life-nurturers. Even if a woman never has children, her function in society will be, or should be, one of nurturing. It is part of a woman’s spiritual nature. The fact that women can pervert, but not change, their essential natures is no reason to cave in and allow them to do so. All women want to be put in their place, because their place is an exalted one: home and hearth. The more women are allowed to pervert their spiritual natures, the more unhappy and enraged they will become. The cruelest thing a man can do to a woman is to give her what she asks for, rather than what she longs for.