Sunday, June 28, 2009


Unbribed, unbought, our swords we draw,
To guard our king, to fence our law,
Nor shall their edge be vain.

The liberals are not overly concerned about the proliferation of pornography. Virtually everything is permitted in the porno-zones of our major cities, and virtually everything is permitted in our movies and in our television shows. There is however one significant exception. The real life torture murders and rapes of white people by black barbarians are not talked about or shown by the liberals. And of course we know why the black atrocities against white people are never reported or shown. The mad-dog liberals are committed to a new religion in which the Negro savage is the centerpiece. If the most obviously unequal of God’s creatures can be made to appear equal, then the liberals’ dream of one coffee-colored race and one Godless faith can be realized. So we are constantly barraged with false images of blacks on stage and screen, in which they are depicted as kinder, nobler versions of white people. And upper and middle-class whites, who have very little contact with blacks other than with upper and middle-class ones who know how to work the system, by and large believe that the world should be one big, happy, racially blended family. But it is a different story in the white lower classes. They can’t escape to gated communities and expensive high-rise apartments. They know what the presence of blacks in a community means. It means bestial torture, murder, rape, and robbery. The white liberals should forsake their liberal pomp and expose themselves to “to feel what wretches feel,” but in order to do that the liberals would have to care about the plight of white people. And of course, they don’t care.

This lack of concern for one’s own kind was not always the mark of the European. In fact, the mark of a Christian European was his intense concern for his own. The relief of Lucknow was not one isolated incident; such concern for one’s own was the rule, not the exception in Christian Europe. And the key word is ‘Christian.’ When the European was Christian, he cared about his people.

I think the event that indicated Christian Europe was no more took place in the 1960’s when Pope John XXIII stated he had “no feeling of hatred, only loving charity and forgiveness” for the Congolese barbarians who tortured, mutilated, and killed nineteen missionary priests, and then raped, tortured, and killed the missionary nuns. If a people stand by and let such a thing happen to their own kind, can they be called Christian? Can they even be called human? No, they can’t. They must be called what they have become: soulless robots who have banished the Man of Sorrows and replaced Him with the sterile ratiocinations of their own minds. Pope John didn’t see actual white people being tortured and murdered, he saw in the white victims mere abstractions whose deaths gave him a chance for a P.R. coup: “I can appear saintly if I forgive their enemies.” And he didn’t see, in his mind’s eye, hideous beasts straight from hell, when he thought about the Congolese natives who murdered the whites. He saw adoring noble savages who would fall down and worship him because of his great beneficence.

Pope John represented the new breed of bloodless, and therefore, soulless (because the soul of man resides in the blood) liberal whites who see life as an abstraction. The black is an abstract good, and the white is an abstract bad, so nothing that the black does to the white can be termed evil, because the white is evil and deserves to be punished. Voting for Obama or honoring Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday is not sufficient punishment for white people. Only the daily sacrifice of whites to blacks will satisfy the bloodlust of the barbarians and the utopian dreams of the liberals.

Pope John was a prototype of the new, anti-white Christian. His hardhearted, callous unconcern for the suffering of his own kind, and his abstract love for the black race became the faithless credo of the white man. Why does a man adopt such a cruel, heartless faith? A man adopts a new faith when he has lost his old faith. In the Christian faith, and in no other faith, each individual soul has eternal significance. This is a very hard thing to believe when we look at the material world. Nature and nature’s laws seem, as regards individual human beings, to be inhumane and unforgiving. But the Christian used to believe that man was something more than nature, because his God was something more than nature. The two faiths are coordinate. When one believes that his God is a distinct God above and separate from nature, then he believes that human beings created in that God’s image are above and separate from nature. It was only after Christ, by His resurrection from the dead, asserted that God’s love was stronger than nature’s inexorable laws, that man started to see nature as something that could be studied and used in the service of man.

Modern science was made possible because Christ rose from the dead. But European man forgot who gave him sovereignty over nature. He placed Christ in a subordinate position to science. The end result of that betrayal has been the return of a gnawing fear in the heart of the white man. While passionately trying to scientize every aspect of his life, a small voice inside of him keeps telling him that he is once again naked before his greatest enemy. He thought science was leading him to paradise, not to the valley of the shadow of death.

The pagan has the usual pagan opiates of wine, women, and battle. But what does the white man have to sustain him in the face of death? Science has proven a false messiah, and he has only a dim memory of the reason why he once looked at life so fearlessly. So he takes refuge in his own mind. If he can abstract himself from existence, he can avoid the pain of existence.

The liberals will always have a maniacal hatred for the non-utopian, non-abstracted white man, because the existence of such men threatens the abstracted pleasure dome of the liberals. When a white man comes too close to the pleasure dome, the liberals sic their colored dogs on him. And for the moment, it seems that the dogs are keeping the white man at bay. But that is only because the remnant whites are irresolute. They are still mesmerized by the forces of modernity. When they step back into the role they were born to, the role of the Christ-bearers, all the seemingly insurmountable obstacles will be mere shadows on the wall that disappear in the light of day.

Nietzsche and Shaw both looked to the future in order to find a superhuman hero. Was there ever such a failure of vision? The superhuman heroes were all in the past, European men and women who consecrated their lives to The Hero. But the obvious miracle of European civilization is cited, by the liberals, as an example of the evil of the white man. Even professed friends of the European, such as Pat Buchanan, routinely condemn the European for racism in the past and express their hope that the colored races will be kinder to the whites than the whites were to them. Yes, the blacks are a kind race of people; we can look forward to the time, under their regime, when murder, rape, and mayhem are the norm, and civilized behavior is considered an aberration. Actually, we don’t have to look to the future to see such a dystopia: in Africa and our American cities, the savage new world is here.

When a European ceases to care about his own and transfers his allegiance and sympathy to the savages of color, then that man has ceased to be a European. He has become a man without a soul, a sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. The white counter-attack against the liberals and the coloreds must come from pietas, from love of one’s own. The man imbued with such a love will not be doctrinally non-violent in the face of barbarism. Nor will he place his faith in the democratic process or modern science. He will live and breathe the same rarified air of Tell and Wallace. And then he will have the strength and the faith to move mountains. A sword is just a weapon to the barbarian; he wields it in order to commit the usual atrocities. But to the Christian European the sword is a cross to be wielded in defense of His reign of charity.

The end of the liberals’ reign has already begun. There are cracks in the pleasure dome. Europeans with hearts that still burn within them have turned away from the new Babylon. They seek the old Europe, His Europe. And when they find it, they will unsheathe their swords and use them in defense of their people and their God. That’s the way it happens in all the fairy tales: at the last trump, the hero steps in and defeats the forces of evil. And we, as Christians, believe in The Fairy Tale. Christ is risen, and His Europe will triumph.

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