Friday, September 11, 2009

The Man on the White Horse

And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean – Rev 19: 14

A politically conservative newsletter recently ran the following report:
Over the next two decades, Europe will be transformed. The mass Third World immigration promoted by the West’s political and commercial elites is changing the cradle of the modern West into a mixture of non-Western peoples. The transformation is already well underway, with world-historical consequences that will forever alter what is meant by “European” art, culture, language, religion, and society. With an estimated 23 million Muslims now living in the European Union, as well as many more non-Muslim Third Worlders, many of Europe’s largest cities will fall under the political control of non-white majorities. Whites will be a minority in Birmingham, England, by 2026, and sooner in Leicester. By mid-century, Muslims are projected to outnumber non-Muslims in France. In Austria, where the population was 90 percent Catholic in the 20th century, Islam will be the religion of a majority of the country’s teenagers by 2050 or sooner. In Cologne, Germany, two thirds of the population will be Muslim. There are 164 Mosques in Germany today, and 200 more are now under construction.
It certainly will be much worse when white people are an actual minority in the previously European countries. But the white Christian has been a minority in the European nations for the last fifty years. “European” art, culture, language, religion and society already have been obliterated in the name of liberalism. What the liberals do not realize, however, is that when whites become a small minority in European countries, liberalism, and liberals themselves, will cease to exist. The Muslims will kill them all.

The late Malcolm Muggeridge called the surrender of the liberals to Third World Muslims a death wish. I don’t see it quite that way. The liberals desire the death of the older European culture and the white men who still claim allegiance to that culture, but they do not desire death. In fact, there has never been a people more afraid of death than white liberals. They became the first people to proclaim that “there is nothing worth fighting and dying for.” The liberals will keep partying, like the characters in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death,” until the Red Death of barbarism and Islam unmasks, right in the middle of the revelry, and murders every last liberal.

The European Christian culture then is already gone. And the European Christian is already a minority. The actual physical destruction of the old European paintings, churches, books, and other ancient artifacts of European culture will occur when the European people are overwhelmed and swept off the face of the earth.

The practical conservative would like white people to “wake up” and vote to stop the death of white people. It is already much too late for that. Some have suggested that white people should learn, like the Jewish people learned, how to live as a tiny minority in nations with a large majority that is hostile to them. White Christians should learn to live as minorities, because that is what we are, but there is a fallacy in the reasoning of those who claim we can imitate the Jews. First, white people do not have the same solidarity as the Jews have. Most white people deny that there is any such thing as ‘white people.’ And secondly, despite Jewish protests to the contrary, the Jews were treated kindly by Christian Europeans when they were a minority. They were allowed to remain separate and distinct and still be a part of European culture. This will not be the case when the rulers of European nations are Muslim. They will not allow Christian or Jewish minorities to exist. What every non-Muslim minority does not presently realize is that they need white Christian European men to act like white Christian European men if they are to survive.

The European seems to be in a hopeless situation. But the situation is only hopeless if we continue to be mesmerized by the ‘democratic process.’ That process is a giant anaconda that gradually squeezes the life out of the European man. In a democracy, the European’s will to fight is destroyed, and he is isolated and eliminated by the democratic snake. A case in point: I entered the prolife movement some ten years after the legalization of abortion, but many of my fellow picketers had been on the picket lines since the beginning. I asked one of the veterans if they had ever considered, at the onset, blowing up the first clinic in order to nip the plague right from the start. I’ll paraphrase his answer:

“You know I suggested we do just that. I told Father _____ that I had over 200 men willing to meet here at midnight and burn the clinic to the ground.”

“What did Father _____ say?”

“He told us that was not the proper spirit. We were Americans and Americans do things democratically.”
The two fatal weaknesses of the European are illustrated in that exchange. The European has been neutered by the democratic process, and the European has a blasphemous respect for Christian clergymen who only represent the faith, but are not the faith itself.

In a novel by Ralph McInerny (I forget which), he has a woman enter the confessional and present Father Dowling with a difficult problem in practical moral theology:

“I never got my first marriage annulled and now I’m no longer living with my second husband. Am I allowed to have relations with my first husband, since I was never really married to my second husband?”

Father Dowling replies, “I think you know the answer to that yourself.”

“Yes, Father, I suppose I do.”

Father Dowling is relieved because he doesn’t know the answer to the question.

I often think of that fictional exchange between the woman and the priest when I read the practical, get-out-the-vote, conservative publications. They tell us to fight (democratically, of course) for the white culture, but they never say exactly what that white culture is. I think, like Father Dowling, they want us to come up with an answer because they really don’t have a clue as to what white culture is. So let me tell them.

The culture of the white European is the culture of the Man on the White Horse. That man is not a Greco-Roman sage, he is not a Germanic or Celtic warrior, he is not a neo-pagan Nazi, and above all, he is not a modern, democratic-process man. He is a Christian man who knows not Kismet, who knows not fate.

The older Europeans believed in the ‘Man on the White Horse’ solution to national and local problems because the God they believed in was a man on a white horse. Hence whenever the need arose, the Europeans looked to a Tell, an Alfred, a Roland, a Wallace, to aid them in their darkest hour. Every European instinctively, because of the legacy of The God-Man on the white horse, sought to aid his people by becoming, or else following, a man on the white horse. And as the European’s faith in Christ waned so did his faith in the Man on the White Horse. Now the European is a pathetic weakling, who can only hope, with Patrick Buchanan – and it is a futile hope – that the barbarian conquerors will be kind to him.

I first heard the story of Richard the Lionheart’s sword vs. Saladin’s scimitar from my 9th grade history teacher. Richard had an anvil brought into his tent and right in front of Saladin split the anvil with his broadsword. Saladin then tossed a piece of silk in the air and cut it in two with his scimitar. So who was the superior warrior? When I told the story to my younger brother after school there was no question in his mind who the superior warrior was. “How can you even compare the two? Who wouldn’t prefer to be able to split an anvil with a broadsword rather than cut a hanky in half with a scimitar?”

And likewise, who doesn’t prefer the older European culture of the man on the white horse to the suicidal, anemic, democratic culture of the modern European or the merciless, cruel culture of Islam? The conviction that only a man on a white horse can save us is in our blood. Why not listen to our blood? The democratic culture is the culture of numbers: “The white European will soon be outnumbered, one thousand to one; the battle is over before it begins. The Muslims win.” But the European is losing now even when he outnumbers the Muslims in Europe, and he was victorious in the past when he was in a minority. So it is not superior numbers that bring victory. Faith brings victory. Our faith is in the God-Man, Jesus of Nazareth.

At present all Europeans who wish to remain European are Highlanders in spirit. We are part of a clan that exists within a country, but we are not of that country. Our loyalty is to the clan, to the men and women of our own blood. And in our case, which is infinitely more just than that of the Highlanders of old, we serve a different God than our enemies. If we clear away the democratic sludge from our eyes, we can see our Lord in the mists, riding on a white horse. He bids us “rise and ride.” +

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