Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Land of Evening Lingerings

Be as thou was wont to be;
See as thou was wont to see:

-- A Midsummer-Night’s Dream

The white man needs a romanticized ideal in order to live. The colored races can get by with sex and blood cults, but the white man needs something more. For 1600 years prior to the 20th century, the Christian faith was the ‘something more’ for the European. A great hero full of infinite compassion and mercy came down from heaven to wrestle with the dragon of death. And He prevailed!

The poet-historians of our race, Scott, Shakespeare, Hughes, Dickens, Le Fanu, and Maclaren, all bear witness to the reality of a culture where even the great sinners took Christianity seriously enough to be aware that they were sinners. The cad in Scott’s The Heart of Midlothian at least marries the girl he impregnates. Nowadays, the cad would give his girlfriend the money for an abortion and proclaim himself beneficent.

In that excellent movie Miracle on 34th Street, the young lawyer defending Kris Kringle cuts to the chase by saying, “All these complicated tests come down to this: you say Kris is insane because he says he is Santa Claus.” And all the complicated and intricate analyses of the demise of the European come down to this: “The European no longer sees any romance in Christianity. He has ‘moved on.’”

And where has the European moved to? What is his new romance? The modern European has fallen in love with the idea of diversity. Go to any of the universities (which are still religious institutions; they have just changed their religious orientation), and read their manifestos. Diversity is their credo, diversity as defined by the liberal to mean the worship of generic mankind and the denial of a personal God. And there is a hierarchy within generic mankind. The topmost place is reserved for the generic black male, and next comes the generic female of any color, followed by the other races of color. The white male has no place in this diverse society; in fact, the major goal of such diverse societies is the elimination of the white male.

The obsessive hatred of the white male in our modern society stems from the fact that the European male is seen as the harbinger of death. He represents the things of the past, the worship of Christ and the hatred of diversity. Two such evils cannot be tolerated by the diversity-loving modern European. The only surviving white males within the new hierarchy are white technocrats who savagely condemn all other white males while simultaneously denying there is any such thing as a white male. It remains to be seen how long the technocratic male can survive. He is a necessary prop for the feminist and the black; in fact, they are helpless without him, but swine possessed by demons seldom act in their own self-interest. The technocratic white male will be the last of the whites to go, but he will go; diverse societies have no place for the white man.

I once read a story to my children about a farm boy who somehow or other got a position in the court of Queen Elizabeth. All the city boys and girls made fun of the country boy and his ways. When given a chance to perform before the Queen, the country boy sang a song he had learned while growing up on the farm. He sang the song in spite of the ridicule and scorn of the city boys and girls. An old courtier applauded the country boy and told him, “Never be ashamed of the things you love.” The point is we can’t make the liberals love Christian Europe nor can we stop the halfway-house Christians from trying to combine the love of diversity with the love of Christ; we can only be faithful to our own true love.

Before the European fell in love with diversity, he was in love with Christ. From that love came everything good in European civilization. The diversity-loving liberals think they can eliminate the good things which they regard as evil, such as the respect for the child in the womb, the assumption of the superiority of European culture over all other cultures, the respect for patriarchy, and so on, and can just retain the things they still have a need for, such as wine and cheese parties, the right to travel through Europe, and marvel at the sight of the monuments to the faith they deplore, and so on, and so forth, ad nauseam, and on it goes. Every European liberal and halfway-house European think because they live near a police station (which of course they theoretically deplore), lions no longer need cages.

Of course I have no idea when, if ever, this hatred of the white man and of Christian Europe will end. I do know that miracles occur when Europeans are faithful to their one true love. We seldom see what is happening in the mystical body, but the collective voice of our European ancestors assures us that the battle for Christian Europe is worth fighting.

We are in a war and we should follow the advice of Nathan Bedford Forrest: “War means fighting, and fighting means killing.” Not that killing is the only aspect of a war; it is most certainly not. The most important aspect is spiritual: “All things are ready if our hearts be in the trim.” But to acknowledge that killing is a necessary part of any attack on liberaldom is to make the final break with liberal democracy. We can’t destroy liberaldom through the channels set up by liberals to preserve liberaldom. Witness the recent attempt by besieged white people in Arizona to put some small limits on the number of murdering Mexicans flooding into their state. The two major provisions in the anti-illegal alien bill were struck down by the courts. It will always be thus in every formerly European country. The colored man is part of the new romance. His right to murder individual white people and to destroy the few remaining remnants of white culture will always be supported as an inalienable right by the white-hating technocrats of European descent.

Dostoyevsky used the example of the swine from the Gospel to illustrate the modern European liberal. They are so afraid of Him that they will willingly run off a cliff to avoid Him. One can make all sorts of excuses for the liberals: “They never heard any Christ story but a perverted, sectarian, hate-filled version,” or, “They want to believe but their hearts have been hardened against the truth,” or, “They find it impossible to reconcile reason and faith.” The list is endless. But the fact remains that the European has a new love that inspires him more than his old one. It is my contention that we should not aid or abet the new diversity-worshipping European any more than we should aid or abet a husband in abandoning his wife and children for a young girl; which means, let the liberals fight their own wars against the Iraqis and the Afghans with a feminist and black army. We will fight the battle at our doorstep against the aliens the liberal has loosed upon us with the express purpose of exterminating every man, woman, and child of our white race.

The race war is a war to preserve the divine presence on earth. Blake’s dictum, “Where man is not, nature is barren,” should be extended to “Where God is not, man is barren.” In Dore’s paintings of mankind prior to the flood, we see a diversity of bodies fit for nothing but oblivion. We do not see distinct personalities who reflect the image of God. Our modern, anti-European world resembles the world before the flood. Christian Europe stands in direct contrast to the modern, racially blended Europe. There were personalities then. H. V. Morton once commented that Dicken’s characters were not exaggerated. Such personalities as Wilkins Macawber, Samuel Pickwick, and Joe Gargery really existed in Europe’s halcyon days. To emerge from modern Europe and return to antique Europe is like awakening from a hellish nightmare and discovering all over again the enchanted fairy land called home.

Kenneth Grahame calls antique Europe the land of evening lingerings. And we linger there because it is our home; it is where we find the master of the house holding out his arms to greet us and usher us in to sit beside the warm hearth. The brave new, diverse world the liberals have prepared for us is nothing like our European home. There is no light, no warmth, no God in the liberals’ diverse world. There are only hideously inhuman creatures trying desperately to deny that God once visited earth. Their world is perishing, but the old Europe survives. Beyond liberaldom we hear the European chorus: “And He shall reign forever and ever.” +

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