Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Light of Europe

“It’s my world, and I don’t want any other.” – Ratty in The Wind in the Willows

Reading the literature of two halfway-house Christian churches, which both present themselves as “the” Christian church, I saw that one church damned “white supremacists,” consigning them to the deepest pit of hell, and the other church urged the European remnant of their church to embrace their fellow black Christians in Africa.

Let’s take on the anti-white supremacist church first. What is the halfway-house Christians’ definition of a ‘white supremacist’? They don’t really give us a definition, but if it is such a serious sin shouldn’t we be told in very explicit terms what the sin of white supremacy is? In lieu of a definition we’ll have to infer one from the totality of the halfway-house Christians’ ravings about the sin of white supremacy.

The first thing we notice is that only a belief in white supremacy is a mortal sin. Belief in black supremacy is not a sin; it is a virtue, whether the belief is held by a black or a white. The second thing we notice is that a white man is considered a “white supremacist” if he believes his race should be separate from the colored races because it is superior to the colored races; and he is also viewed as a white supremacist if he makes no value judgment whatsoever about the races, but simply prefers to cling to his own people and forsake the stranger. There are no distinctions. If a white man wants to segregate the races for any reason whatsoever; he is a white supremacist and therefore damned. One doesn’t need a doctorate -- although you do need a Christian conscience – to see the un-Christian nature of the anti-segregationist Christians. In the case of the white man who believes his race is superior to the colored races, we witness a man who respects humanity enough to make distinctions of value between peoples and cultures. What could be more Christian? And in the case of the white man who prefers his own because they are his own, we have a man who knows that the love of God is closely allied to the love of hearth. Again, what could be more Christian?

The second halfway-house theologian, who urged that all white Christians should embrace their African brothers, tells us what is more Christian than segregation: it is the universal brotherhood of all Christians.We are constantly being urged to replenish the ranks of believing Christians by turning to the African church which has the numbers that the European churches lack. And did not Our Lord enjoin us to spread the Gospel of Christ throughout the world? Yes, He did tell us to spread the Gospel. But can the Gospel be spread by Babylonians? If Europeans do not remain distinctly white and distinctly Christian, how can they spread the Gospel? Where is the beacon light if the European light is extinguished? The blacks who actually became Christians did so because they saw white people acting as Christians within a distinctly white, segregated culture. The pre-Civil War Southern whites evangelized by keeping their churches separate from the black churches. They knew that the black churches would never be without a barbaric African taint, and without a counterbalance in the white churches the African influence would completely eradicate the Christian influence. Is it Christian, is it charitable, to paganize Christianity in order to buttress up the numbers of your flagging denomination? Christ was concerned with winning souls, not numbers. If we just count numbers, the Christian churches are doing great in Africa. But is that really the case? Does spreading the Gospel mean you should betray your own people? It seems to me that Judas Iscariot would approve of the new missionary efforts of the modern halfway-house Christians. Didn’t he betray his own under the guise of an abstract love for humanity?

Missing from the halfway-house Christians’ agenda is a respect for the faith of their fathers. They believe they have a computerized printout from God that can be used like a magic wand to change heathens into Christians. Why didn’t our ancestors see how easy it was? For centuries they tried to convert the African, to no avail, but now the modern halfway-house Christian has done it. He has converted the heathen. Wonderful!

Something more than an adherence to outward forms is necessary to make a Christian. The halfway-house Christian who condemns past and present Europeans as white supremacists, and the halfway-house Christian who thinks a little ecumenical pixie dust makes a Christian would be better advised to find out what Christ meant when he said he required mercy and not sacrifice. Salvation comes to us through the blood; it would indeed be suicidal to forsake our blood simply to avoid being called ‘white supremacists.’ Rather penny-wise, pound foolish, don’t you think?

The halfway-house Christian polygamist needs to preach a new colored Christianity for two reasons. He wants numbers because they increase the power of his denomination and his own power (let’s face it, we are always talking about a clergyman) within the denomination. It is more prestigious to rule over a congregation of millions than to be a pastor for a remnant band.

The second reason is much more sinister than the first. The halfway-house Christian wants to be in step with the secular world, and in the secular world decent white people worship Negroes and despise all non-liberal Europeans, living and dead. To be completely in step with the new Christianity the halfway-house Christian must hate the recalcitrant "racist" European. The neo-pagan has correctly identified the greatest enemy of the European people – the Christian clergy – but the neo-pagan errs when he blames Christ for the crimes of the apostate clergymen. Christ is our source of strength in the struggle against the white-hating Babylonians. It is supposed to be bad to hate, but that is just liberal and halfway-house Christian doublespeak. When the halfway-house Christians say the ‘old school’ Europeans are great 'haters' they mean to say that white Europeans love their own people. And when they say they love their black brothers, they mean that they hate whites with all their heart and soul and love the false image of the black man they have created in their own minds. But it is only an image that halfway-house Christians love; they are incapable of loving one particular people, one particular individual human being, and one particular God. Behind the ecumenical doublespeak of the halfway-house Christians is a lifeless skeleton.

The war against the white Christian Europeans has reached a new phase. Neither the liberal nor the halfway-house Christian debate with the antique European. They simply anathematize: “You are a white supremacist -- I damn you.” While differing on a wide variety of topics pertaining to sexual mores, the halfway-house Christian and the liberal are a united front in the ongoing war against white, Christian Europeans. Pope John XXIII spoke for all halfway-house Christians when he forgave the torture murder, by blacks, of his own people, and he implicitly, by his “loving forgiveness,” encouraged blacks to continue their outrages and whites to remain passive in the face of black barbarism. The good darkies in the Thomas Nelson Page novels are good because whites punish them when they do evil. That is true Christian charity. Isn’t this new found concern for the darky among “Christians” simply a shirking of the white man’s burden? In a marvelous short story called “The Old Planters,” Thomas Nelson Page depicts an old Southern colonel who goes unarmed against a crazed Negro with a revolver. He feels it is his responsibility to do so because the crazed black is the son of one of his servants. The halfway-house Christian can call such parentalism ‘white supremacy’ from now till doomsday, but I’ll always call it by its true name: Christian.

Christmas in Liberaldom is a very different affair than Christmas in old Europe. There is no truce between warring factions in Liberaldom as there once was in Christendom. Liberals do not see the need to be charitable to men who are sinners like themselves because they do not see themselves as sinners. There is only one sin in the liberal’s catechism and that sin is racism, of which he, the liberal, is free. Since he is sinless, the liberal can hurl stones at the sinful white supremacist. And when I read the literature of halfway-house Christians who call white supremacy a “damnable sin,” I am confirmed in my belief that the halfway-house Christian is only one hairs’-breadth from embracing the entire liberal agenda.

In 1980 the Royal Shakespeare Company staged a nine-hour adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel Nicholas Nickleby. The play featured 42 actors playing 250 roles. The play, which was made available on tape a few years after its opening in London, never deviates from the text of the book. We get to see flesh and blood descendants of the 19th century British acting out the thoughts and feelings of the 19th century British. I have no doubt that the actors are as far removed spiritually from their 19th century countrymen as Hamlet’s uncle was removed from Hamlet’s father, but because they were trained in the Shakespearean theater and because they were of the same blood as the 19th century British, the actors and actresses were able to recreate, on stage, a world where Christianity mattered. Every time I view the play, I feel transported to a different plane of existence, a world where the light shineth in darkness.

I feel like the stammering Billy Budd whenever I attempt to write, but never more so then when I attempt to write about His Europe. The Nickleby production is just one small piece of the Europeans’ witness to the light. To suggest that the textbook wisdom of academics and clerics can be put in a silver rod, exported to the colored races, and then serve as a replacement for the blood faith of the antique Europeans, is a blasphemy of tidal wave proportions.

Europe is our home, it provides all the warmth and light we will ever need in this world and the world to come. If other people want to use the warmth that comes from our hearth and the light that emanates from our home to heat and light their hearths and homes, they are welcome. But we will not put out our hearth fires and extinguish the European light in order to worship in the dark by a hearth that provides no warmth. Let it never be said that Europe cannot produce at least a remnant band of men who comprehend that the light of Europe is the Light of the World. +