Friday, December 10, 2010

Sacred Ground

“You are one who knows what our Father has promised to the friend of the widow and the fatherless. May He deal with you as you have dealt with me and mine.” – Tom Brown’s School Days

In Thomas Molnar’s book, The Counter-Revolution, he pointed out that revolutions succeed first in the hearts and minds of the rulers. When the powers that be begin to doubt their right to rule, they don’t take the necessary steps to maintain their rule. The French Revolution was a textbook case. Louis XVI didn’t lose his head because he was a bad king like his father; he lost his head because he had come to believe some of the ‘rights of man’ rhetoric of the revolutionary pamphleteers. And when the palace was stormed he didn’t let his troops fire because there were women and children in the crowds. But were not the lives of women and children at stake in the battle for the French monarchy? Shouldn’t a Christian king have been able to read the signs of the times? If they talk like amoral atheists and act like amoral atheists, shouldn’t you conclude that you must protect and defend your royal authority, which is the only thing standing between your people and the reign of Satan’s minions?

I can guess what might have been going on in Louis XVI’s soul. Have you ever seen the palace of Versailles, built for Louis XVI’s grandfather, Louis XIV? It is a sickening sight. It was built on a grander scale than a cathedral, but it wasn’t built to glorify God, it was built to glorify the Sun King, Louis XIV. It is Asian in its opulent decadence, completely out of sync with the spirit of Christian Europe. Such excess, and further excesses by his father, Louis (“After me the deluge”) XV, must have caused Louis XVI to question his own right to wear the crown. And when you couple that sense of guilt with the incessant droning of the ‘rights of man’ ideologues you get a vacillating, uncertain King who is afraid to do what is necessary to protect his kingdom.

In a variety of forms, but from the same cause -- doubt of their legitimacy -- all the older Christian regimes, republican and monarchial, fell to the forces of the revolution. And I say ‘revolution’ rather than ‘revolutions’ because there is only one revolution, whether it is French, American, Russian, Haitian, Chinese, Mexican, etc. The driving force behind them all is Satan. And the goal of every satanically inspired revolutionary was to destroy Christian Europe. Now that Satan’s minions have accomplished that mission, the destruction of Christian Europe, their goal is to aggressively defend their satanic nations by killing the Christian, European remnant.

It is not correct to say, “If we don’t do such and such, Europe will disappear”; Europe has already disappeared. The remaining whites in Europe the continent and in the countries settled by Europeans are no longer Christian in any meaningful way. They have abandoned their European identity by abandoning their God and trying to blend with the barbarian races in an effort to bury their Christian past. They seem much like Adam and Eve after the fall. They have sinned against their God, and they want to hide from Him. Is there any better place to hide from God than in the tents of the barbarians? That is the last place you would expect to find a European.

Patrick Buchanan recently published a column called “Tribalism Returns to Europe.” In the column he cites the usual statistics about Europe’s declining birthrate and then concludes with these words: “Old Europe is dying, and the populist and nationalist parties, in the poet’s phrase, are simply raging ‘against the dying of the light.’” First, Patrick Buchanan’s statistical predictions are not holy writ. I remember a McLaughlin Group show he was on during the ’08 Democratic primaries. He insisted that Obama couldn’t beat Hilary Clinton for the Presidential nomination because his polls said it was impossible.

Secondly, ‘Old Europe’ is not dying; it is dead. That is why we shouldn’t talk about saving Old Europe; we should talk about restoring it. When there is nothing left to conserve, the conservative must become a counter-revolutionary.

Thirdly, Buchanan’s statistics are projections, not facts. He should couch his predictions in the language of the Ghost of the Christmas Future in Dickens’ Christmas Carol: “If these shadows are not altered…” Europeans no longer reproduce themselves because they don’t believe in Jesus Christ, the King of Europe. Nothing is written; if faith returns to the European then Europe will return despite Buchanan’s statistics.

Fourth, Buchanan misreads Dylan Thomas’s poem. To “rage against the dying of the light” is not an act of futility as Buchanan suggests with his use of the word “simply.” It is an impassioned cry from the depths of the human heart to the Creator of the light. Such prayers are always answered, not in ways immediately apparent, but they are answered. There is nothing more practical, more useful, and more necessary to the welfare of the European people than their heartfelt “rage against the dying of the light.”

And last, it makes no difference whether Buchanan’s projections are true or false. Our task is the same: to stay true to our race, our faith, and our traditions. If we are destined to fight a Thermopylae-type of last stand, or if we are destined to drive the heathens from our land, the battle is always for Christian Europe, which is something eternal, not subject to the mind-forged statistics of this world only.

Buchanan is just one isolated pundit, but he speaks the same language as the entire post-Christian, post-European establishment. The establishment consists of the ‘love in a golden bowl and wisdom in a silver rod’ type of men. They can only love that which is successful and golden, so armed with their silver rod they look into the future in order to determine what and who they should love in the ‘golden bowl’ present. And they have determined that the colored are the wave of the future. “Let us seek them out, elevate them to exalted heights, and worship them.” In the rhetoric of the liberal and the conservative, who is now working for Liberaldom because he wants only to conserve liberalism not to restore Europe, we hear, ad nauseum, a hymn of praise to the non-European future and a sneering condemnation of the European past. We are enjoined to sing and sneer with the multitudinous horde in order to have a place in the brave, new world. Of course we must leave our souls behind to enter the new world. Didn’t Someone once caution us about gaining the world and losing our soul?

The notion that numbers determine the outcome of battlefield wars or cultural wars is the product of a materialist mindset. The Southern states continued to fight the Civil War after the North won a temporary victory in 1864. They still fought, and fought successfully, to maintain their culture until the 1950’s. Then, when they finally believed the enemy was right, they succumbed. But they did not succumb to numbers; they committed suicide because they ceased to believe in their civilization.

All successful revolutions take place first in the hearts of men. Revolutionaries always try to present the revolution as inevitable, as part of the inexorable laws of nature, and a revolution might seem inevitable after it succeeds, but revolutions are not inevitable. They succeed because men have forsaken the Son of God for Satan. A successful counter-revolution can only be mounted by men who are unapologetically European and unapologetically Christian. A fusionist race and a fusionist faith will never overthrow, or even bother, the rulers of Liberaldom.

As Moses approached the burning bush, God told him to take off his shoes because “Whereon thou standest is holy ground.” If the modern European could see the extent to which Jesus Christ permeated the older European culture, he would feel that he too was on sacred ground, but the modern European sees nothing because he has hardened his heart against Christ’s Europe and turned to the Babylonian night of the colored races.

Conservative pundits and halfway-house clerics either try to minimize the need for a European counter-revolution, or else they rejoice in the demise of European culture, citing its demise as proof of the continuing advance of the human race toward one world, one faith. The reality, however, is quite different from the utopian fantasies of the pundits and the clerics. The Christian European has not converted the barbarians by mixing with them, quite the contrary, the European has become a heathen because he has mixed with the colored races. A perfect example of the new European faith can be seen in the spectacle of a largely European U. S. Congress approving of Obama’s plan to award billions of dollars in reparations to American Indians and blacks. The European no longer comprehends the religion of mercy, so he gives to the gods that require sacrifice. But to whom will the widow and orphan appeal when there is no mercy on earth? And to whom will the spiritually bereft appeal in the dark night of the soul if the God of mercy has become a subordinate God in a pantheon of heathen deities who require sacrifice, not mercy? The European has not sought the counter-revolution; it has been thrust upon him. We must all prepare to meet with Caliban. +

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