Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Tragic Misalliance

I hate ingratitude more in a man
Than lying, vainness, babbling, drunkenness,
Or any taint of vice, whose strong corruption
Inhabits our frail blood.

--Wm. Shakespeare Twelfth Night

I must confess to a certain relief when the Christmas season is over, not because I share the ‘bah, humbug’ sentiments of the pre-repentant Ebenezer Scrooge, but because at Christmas time I often have to spend time with relatives outside of my immediate family. And the relatives outside of my immediate family are mad-dog liberals and halfway-house Christians. You would think that I would get along better with my halfway-house Christian relatives than my mad-dog liberal relatives would get along with them, but such is not the case. The mad-dog liberals get along better with the halfway-house Christians than they do with me. And my extended family seems to mirror the outside world; in Liberaldom the halfway-house Christians get along better with mad-dog liberals than with antique Christians of European heritage. Why is this?

I think the mad-dog liberals and the halfway house Christians are more compatible with each other than with the Christian Europeans because of their mutual belief in progress. The liberal is committed heart and soul to his belief in the perfectibility of mankind. He worships the future because that is where the cosmic act of perfection will take place. The liberal hates the past and all those who seek to maintain a bridge to the past, because in the past is imperfection, and imperfection is evil. The antique Christian hated Satan and his works. The modern liberal hates the antique European and all of his works.

The liberal’s faith in the future is consistent with his godless belief in the perfectibility of man. But what can we say about the halfway-house Christian who professes to believe in original sin and a God who redeemed mankind from the consequences of original sin? Why would a professed Christian believe as fervently as the liberal in the upward and onward perfectibility of mankind? The halfway-house Christian of the fundamentalist variety will deplore the liberal’s espousal of Darwinian evolution, yet he will join with the liberal in lauding the democratic egalitarianism of the Western democracies as the endpoint of an evolutionary process that somehow cleanses all men who participate in the process. And halfway-house Christians like John Paul II will criticize legalized abortion and then turn right around and praise the feminists for moving mankind onward and upward to a new, compassionate, better world. O brave new world that has such schizophrenic creatures in it!

The Roman Catholic has some justification for siding with the liberals. His church has always been open to an evolutionary, adaptable Christianity. The secular historian Carroll Quigley praised Roman Catholicism for being evolutionary rather than static and moribund like Protestant fundamentalism. But the fundamentalists have given the lie to Quigley and evolved beyond “mere Christianity” like their Roman Catholic brethren.

The halfway-house Christians of the Roman Catholic and the Protestant persuasions feel akin to progressive liberalism because they have fallen prey to the universalist heresy. “If Christ calls all men to salvation,” the halfway-house Christian reasons, “then the people who call for a universal faith (the liberals) have their hearts in the right place and are closer to us in spirit than the narrow-minded Europeans of the past.” What the halfway-house Christian fails to see is that the Lord who calls all men to salvation also destroyed the Tower of Babel. Christian universalism and Babylonian universalism are as different as heaven and hell. Christian universalism respects the human personality; it respects the distinctions between peoples, between persons, and between the sexes that help man to know and love his creator. The liberal, who worships Satan, is being true to his faith when he condemns the Christian European in the name of a Christ-less future. But the halfway-house Christian is betraying his god by condemning the Christ-centered, non-progressive Europe of his ancestors. There is no Christ in the Babylonian future of the liberals. The halfway-house Christian with his Bible or rosary in hand will ultimately drink from the same satanic trough as the liberal unless he gives up his dream of a universalist Christianity in which the unity of mankind is more important than the distinctiveness of Christ.

The historians of the European people such as Bill Cooper (After the Flood) and Mike Gascoigne (Forgotten History of the Western People) tell us that it was the descendants of Ham who built the Tower of Babel. The black man seems to be the cornerstone of Babylon. If Satan can mix the black with the white, then he can erase the image of God from the face of the earth.

Before destroying the Tower of Babel, the Lord destroyed the earth by flood. And we are told in Genesis 6:4 that God destroyed the earth because demons had slept with mortal women, creating a race of giants who had no knowledge of the true God. The similarities between the Tower of Babel account, the story of the flood, and the modern liberal chronicles are striking. Satan seeks to destroy by integration --the demon with the mortal, the sons of Ham with the sons of Shem and Japheth.

The liberals, who follow the father of all lies, cloak their evil with God-words such as ‘universal’ and ‘integration.’ No decent person is supposed to be against the integration of the races into one harmonious entity called ‘mankind.’ More evil has been perpetuated under the guise of the universal brotherhood and harmonious integration of all mankind than any other satanic artifice. And the halfway-house Christians have joined with the liberals to help further the cause of satanic universalism and integration. In fact the halfway-house Christians are even more zealous than the liberals in their pursuit of universal integration, because they want to prove they are not like the racist, exclusive Christians of the past. “Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, they were racist, I am not; Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, they excluded, I do not,” is the earnest, self-congratulatory prayer of the modern, halfway-house Christian.

There is a European response to the halfway-house Christian:

1) Nothing good comes from betraying your own people in the name of some abstract principle of universal brotherhood. If the halfway-house Christian asks me why mixing with the black constitutes a betrayal of his own people, I will tell him it is a betrayal because when whites mix with the black, the few whites who are not exterminated become heathens. From Babel to Haiti, to the New Orleans Superdome, the story is always the same when the white blends with the black.

2) Is God a democratic egalitarian? Why does segregation and a hierarchically structured society in which the black man is subordinate constitute a lack of love on God’s part or on the part of the rulers of the hierarchically structured society? Let’s suppose a father has three sons, one of whom is retarded. Let’s further suppose that the retarded son has certain violent, irresponsible tendencies that manifest themselves when he is left unattended by his two brothers. When his brothers are with him, the retarded son behaves himself and actually shows himself capable of behaving in a humane manner toward his brothers and other people. Knowing and loving his retarded son, the father, in his last will and testament, leaves the care of the retarded man-child to his older brothers. At the father’s death, the two normal brothers keep their sacred trust and maintain a benevolent but strict guardianship of their brother. Is God a democratic egalitarian? No, He is not. He loves us all differently and in the way that is most conducive to the salvation of our souls.

As I mentioned at the onset of this article, I have seen this coalition between the halfway-house Christian and the liberal at close range within my own extended family. It is not a pretty sight. The halfway-house Christian who makes the misalliance demonstrates ingratitude and moral cowardice -- two of the worst human sins -- ingratitude to his European ancestors who fought the good fight against principalities and powers, and moral cowardice in the face of the liberal threat to impoverish and ostracize all those who do not sing hosannas to the savage gods of universalism and integration. But the antique European must endure to the end because the savage gods of the liberals and the halfway-house Christians are not his gods. The European has only one God, the Man of Sorrows, who placed a wreath over the graves of our European ancestors and bid us be true to them unto death. If we don’t love and protect the people that God ordained us to love over all, we will not be a people; we will be liberals. +

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