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Friday, April 29, 2011

The European Garden

For the Glory of the Garden, that it may not pass away!
And the Glory of the Garden it shall never pass away!

-Rudyard Kipling

I once attended a parent-teacher meeting, during which a father defended his son’s spitting in the classroom by saying that nowhere in the students’ manual was there any rule against spitting in the classroom. I responded to the father by saying that the student manual did not specifically forbid urinating in the classroom either, but nevertheless students were expected to refrain from that practice. Of course the whole conversation was ridiculous. When the common thread of a shared religious heritage and the code of conduct that came from that heritage is lost, there is no point in screaming across the chasm that divides an antique faith from an ultra modern faith.

There has been a revolution in Europe, a revolution that was brewing for centuries, which has come to fruition in the last fifty years. The new religion has its own inquisition -- all religions do -- and its own set of laws, unwritten and written. What is truly amazing to me is the great number, an overwhelming majority, of Europeans who have complied so willingly with the tenets of the new religion. Let’s be clear about what the old religion was and what the new religion is. The old religion ‘was bred in the bone’ Christianity. The new religion is ‘bred in the mind,’ propositional Christianity, which is called liberalism. There are some Europeans who want to fuse the old Christianity with liberalism; I call such people halfway-house Christians, but can the devil be wedded to Christ? Such a blasphemy can never be sanctioned. The halfway-house Christians are in league with the liberals.

There are millions of liberal tomes in the workplace, the church, and the university that tell us about the necessity of diversity and the dangers of white supremacy, but let’s go to the heart of the matter: the new religion has two commandments from which all the voluminous tomes of liberal minutiae stem:
I. Thou shalt love the black man with all thy heart, mind, and soul.
II. Thou shalt hate the white man with all thy heart, mind, and soul.
On these two commandments rest all the laws of Liberaldom. And the laws of Liberaldom are satanic. It is the duty of European Christians of the old stock to destroy Liberaldom. It’s not the work of a day, but the destruction of Liberaldom begins with the European who countermands the two commandments of Liberaldom. He must hate the blasphemy of Negro worship with all his heart, mind, and soul, and he must love his kith, kin, and God with all his heart, mind, and soul. Please note that the white Christian’s hate is not like unto the hate of the liberal and the black barbarian. The white Christian hates the works of the devil, and Negro worship is the work of the devil, but the Christian’s hate, though more passionate than the liberal’s and the barbarian’s because it comes from the depths of his soul, is of a different kind than the liberal’s or the barbarian’s. It is a hate that stems from love – love of one’s kith and kin who have been condemned to die at the hands of the liberal-backed barbarians, and the love of the God who enjoined us to fight against the devil and all his minions.

In contrast to the white European, the liberal and the barbarian hate for the sake of hating, just as the followers of Kali kill not in defense of, but for the sake of killing. The white man’s task then is to set himself in defiance of those two commandments of Liberaldom.

To date there have been no battles between the Europeans and the liberals. There have only been a series of surrenders by the Europeans. It seems apparent that white Europeans have been overawed by the new faith of the liberals. Why should this be? I can only conclude that there are very few antique Europeans left, which seems incredible; such a glorious heritage -- how could the Europeans renounce it? St. Paul and Shakespeare give us the answer: Reality is unbearable without faith in Christ. Every religion, save the Christian religion, is based on a flight from reality. The barbarians flee from reality in the cults of blood and sex. The more philosophically inclined escape reality in the abstraction philosophies, such as stoicism, Buddhism, and Thomism, that bid us divorce ourselves from humanity because any in-depth contact with humanity is painful. I always keep the pages in Scott’s The Antiquary marked, in which the young hero castigates the divorced-from-humanity theologians:
“We harden ourselves in vain,” continued the Antiquary, pursuing his own train of thought and feeling—“We harden ourselves in vain to treat with the indifference they deserve the changes of this trumpery whirligig world—We strive ineffectually to be the self-sufficing invulnerable being, the teres atque rotundus of the poet—the stoical exemption which philosophy affects to give us over the pains and vexations of human life, is as imaginary as the state of mystical quietism and perfection aimed at by some crazy enthusiasts.”

“And Heaven forbid that it should be otherwise!” said Lovel warmly—“Heaven forbid that any process of philosophy were capable so to sear and indurate our feelings, that nothing should agitate them but what arose instantly and immediately out of our own selfish interests!—I would as soon wish my hand to be as callous as horn, that it might escape an occasional cut or scratch, as I would be ambitious of the stoicism which should render my heart like a piece of the nether mill-stone.”
Isn’t that what the modern European has done, rendered his heart like a piece of the nether mill-stone in order to escape pain? Yes, he has. And he has done the stoic, the Buddhist, and the Thomist one better; he has syncretized abstracted indifferentism with the sex and blood cults of the barbarians. “Divorce oneself from the true God and His people, and then plunge into the blood and sex cults of the barbarians, of which the Negro is the lodestar.” That is the vaunted new religion, blending two very old pagan religions. There is no love, no spiritual passion, and no charity in the new, liberal, syncretized faith, because things of the spirit that cause pain have been eliminated from Liberaldom. The “heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to” comes from an excess of love. If a man severs his emotional ties to his kith and kin and the personal god who created man in His image, or if he sees all mankind as part of a Babylonian blood and sex orgy, he will be able to bypass the pain that comes from having a heart of flesh and blood, but he will have ceased to be human.

There are certainly phony declarations of love in the new religion, but there is no genuine love. Does the liberal love the black god whom he worships? No, the liberal loves his own abstracted image of the black man. Does the black man love the liberal? The question is ludicrous. The black man despises the white liberal. What then is the essence of Liberaldom? It is hatred of humanity and the humane God, because humanity, in the liberal’s eyes, is pain, unremitting pain without end, because the liberal thinks no redeemer liveth, and no redeemer will raise him from the dead. Hence, the liberal must join with the colored hordes to kill the white man, who would force him to look at the Gorgon’s head of death.

The essential difference between the antique Europeans and the non-Europeans is revealed in their reactions to the Gorgon’s head of death. The non-European cannot look at the death’s head without being anesthetized by sex and blood or abstracted from it by a theology of negation. In contrast to the non-European, the antique European believes that Jesus Christ, the man of sorrows, looked at the Gorgon’s head and lived. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

The European must be prepared to go it alone against the liberal–barbarian dragon. There is no guarantee that any other Europeans will join with him in the battle, but there is a possibility that others will follow once they see that accusations of “white supremacy” and demands for “diversity” are ploys of the devil which he uses to unman Christian Europeans. The man blind from birth in the Gospels, to whom Christ gave sight, did not at first see with blinding sight. Christ told him, “Go wash in the pool of Siloam.” After he washed in the pool, he saw things clearly. It’s always about vision, which comes from the heart. The blind man receives his sight after washing in the pool of Siloam, because he already had seen the Son of God in his heart.

There are Europeans who occasionally get a glimpse of the horror of the new faith, but they shrink from the horror and take refuge in lies. I recall an incident, all too typical, at a college where I was working. A black administrator had come out and found the word “nigger” spray- painted on her car. Of course the F.B.I. was brought in and every man, woman, and child on campus was questioned. In addition everyone employed by the college was forced to take a course in “diversity.” And the classes were not cancelled when it was discovered that the incompetent black administrator had spray-painted the word “nigger” on her own car. Nor was the black administrator disciplined by the university or charged with a crime by the police. There was one white teacher on the faculty who was quite upset that no one wanted to discipline the Negress. I tried to explain to her that Negro worship was the new faith of the liberal and no argument, no matter how valid or articulate, would succeed in shaking the liberal’s faith in his Negro god. That was too much for the lady in question; she sank back into the swampland of platitudes. “We must understand their culture”, “You can’t judge them all by one bad apple”, “One must make allowances for years of oppression”, and on and on into the night it goes.

That was just a minor incident. What happens when a Negro commits a murder? We are not allowed to say that a black man committed a murder. And if it somehow slips out that a black man did commit a murder, we are usually told, as soon as the cuffs are on the black barbarian, that we mustn’t draw any racist conclusions from “one bad apple.” And sometimes we are told, as in the case of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom that, “These things happen all the time, and we mustn’t conclude that black people go around killing whites simply because they love to kill whites.” Why mustn’t we make that conclusion? I made that conclusion long ago, because I saw what blacks did and I listened to what they said they were going to do. It is a religious war, with the black-worshipping liberals, the black-worshipping halfway-house Christians, and the black gods on one side. Pitted against that triumvirate are the European Christians. Are there any? So long as there is one, we are enough. Our Lord taught us that. And our European ancestors, men who saw with their hearts, followed in His train.

I recently finished a rereading of my favorite Walter Scott novel, The Antiquary. Spring was finally coming through the window, and my cat honored me by sleeping on my lap while I read. What a world Scott invokes! It is Christian Europe, peopled with saints, sinners, and those who are a combination of both. But they are all Europeans with souls. They have not sold their birthright as Europeans in order to worship at the shrine of the Negro. Nor have they denounced the living God for an abstract, propositional god. Their world is my world. I don’t want any other world, and I refuse to worship the colored gods of the new world order. Buried deep in the white man’s blood is a faith that says, “Nothing eternal dies.” And the Europe built by Europeans who loved Christ is eternal. “So long as the blood endures.”+

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Trumpet Shall Sound

The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; and they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them the light shined. – Isaiah 9:2

I once read an account, which I have no reason to doubt since his work verifies the account, about something that happened while Georg Friedrich Handel was composing The Messiah. He had locked himself in his study for several days and his friends and family were worried. What had happened to him? Was he ever coming out? Finally his friends decided that they had to risk disturbing him, so they pounded on the door and demanded that he come out of his study. Handel came out. His hair was disheveled and his eyes shown with a special light. He looked at his friends and finally, as he comprehended their presence, he said, “I have seen the face of God.” Can anyone listen to The Messiah and doubt that Handel did indeed see the face of God?

And I would ask one additional question. Can anyone look at the heart of pre-modern European culture, the culture that nurtured men like Friedrich Handel, and doubt that we see the face of Jesus Christ imprinted on that culture? The liberals certainly see Christ in the culture of the antique European and that is why they denounce the antique European culture; they hate the Son of God. The halfway-house Christians? They denounce the vision of Christ seen in Handel’s Messiah, claiming it is a distorted vision of Christ, but they maintain the right to refashion the Christ of Handel’s Messiah into a Christ more conformable to modern liberalism. Handel’s “King of Kings” vision of Christ has given way to the anti-apartheid, integrationist, civil rights worker Christ, who is quite content to work in the background of the civil rights movement, which is of course, the Negro-worshipping movement, and to lick envelopes and send out letters for feminist candidates, who are legion.

The Renaissance poets and painters often brought the old pagan gods into their works, but the pagan gods were no longer real to the Europeans; they were used to symbolize some aspect of the Christian faith, which had supplanted them. It might seem like a sad fate for a god, to become merely a symbol for another religion, but the pagan gods could not satisfy the longing in the European’s heart. He needed a Hero-God who was a hero because of His humanity. Christ was like unto men, but He was more than men, not by virtue of His inhumanity but by virtue of His humanity. He was strong yet meek, and He was just yet merciful. And above all His heart was aflame with the charity that passeth all understanding, at least the understanding of the human mind; European hearts did understand and believe.

Handel’s Messiah is just one of many testaments to the European peoples’ Christian faith. For centuries the European King of Kings was Jesus Christ. It was not so with the colored tribes. They never formed an attachment to the Man of Sorrows. Their desire for a cruel god of blood and sacrifice kept them from a deep understanding of the Christian faith, but now in this, the 21st century since our Savior’s birth, death, and resurrection from the dead, the European has severed his ties to Jesus Christ. Our Lord has become a dead-letter god to the modern Europeans just as Thor and Zeus became dead-letter gods to the antique Europeans. Why has He been dethroned, and who has supplanted Him? He was dethroned because of the intellectual pride of the European, and He was supplanted by the Negro.

After Christ was dethroned as Europe’s King of Kings, the Negro did not immediately become the new king of the white man. It was many years after Christ’s dethronement that the Negro became lord of Europe, because such great spiritual upheavals do not take place in a day, but ultimately the worship of the Negro is the logical consequence of the intellectual pride of the white man. When Handel’s Christianity was seen as too stupid, too repressive, and too difficult for the European, he created his own natural religion in which he, the white intellectual, remade God into the image of a natural savage, the Negro.

Of course many of the progenitors of the natural religion, such as Darwin and the Scholastics, did not envision that the Negro would be the endpoint of their natural religion, but when you confine man within the natural process and deny him a life outside that natural process, it is inevitable that you will declare the most savage of men to be the most natural and therefore the most holy of men. It was the more visionary of the white-hating Europeans, such as Rousseau, Dryden, Voltaire, and Addison, who saw in advance that the new god would have to be the Negro. The scientific Darwinists and the followers of the scholastic naturalists did not fall in line with the consequences of their progenitors’ abstractions until the 20th century.

If you take the church road, you will end up in Babylon, and if you go by way of the school road, you will also end up in Babylon. In Liberaldom all roads lead to Babylon, where the Negro is worshipped and the white Christian is considered to be a pariah who must be driven off the face of the earth. And the white man will be driven off the face of the earth if he believes that he deserves to perish because he polluted the world with a vision of the God of love and mercy depicted by Handel in The Messiah. It sounds absurd when it’s stated outright, that the white man should be exterminated for being the Christ-bearer, but this is what all the liberal blather about white racism amounts to – the European championed the Christian faith; he told the dark races that the true God required mercy, not sacrifice, and he had the audacity to proclaim that his culture, with Christ at its center, was superior to all other cultures. No amount of white mea culpas to the colored races or the rulers of Liberaldom will absolve the white man’s original sin, the sin of making common cause with Jesus of Nazareth against the colored tribes of Babylon. As long as the modern Europeans feel they must be punished for their racist past, they will continue to try to save themselves by sacrificing other whites – it is always other whites – while inching ever closer to their own annihilation. And they might as well be annihilated if they truly believe that the darkness of Babylon is superior to the light of His Europe, because the people who believe such a blasphemy are already dead inside.

When Europeans such as Jules Verne and Rudyard Kipling wrote stories that took place in the future, they always depicted a Europe inhabited by white men. They never dreamt in their wildest fantasies that a time would come when Europe would be filled with colored barbarians, and the white man’s love of his own God to the exclusion of all other gods and the white man’s love of his own kith and kin would be called “white supremacy,” a crime punishable by death. But such a time has come.

Trust not in churches. In every denomination, the treason is the same. The churches deny the validity of the Europeans’ union with Christ and present their union with the kingdom of Babylon, with the Negro on the throne, as the true Christianity. Any attempt to criticize Babylon or praise Christian Europe is treated as the sin of white supremacy, which (as we have already shown) is viewed by all the lords of Liberaldom as the unpardonable sin.

The dead-ember culture of Liberaldom provides no spiritual warmth for any living soul. It is truly a kingdom of dead souls. No European has to live in such a kingdom. The God who rose from the dead on the third day is capable of sustaining His own people in the Kingdom of the dead and raising them at the last trump. Only a European without a heart would fail to weep at the sight of Babylonian Europe. But if a European has the heart to weep for Europe he will also have the heart to fight for Christian Europe. I loved the way Thomas Nelson Page described the heroic European:

“He was a Goth in all his appetites and habits, a Goth unchanged, unfettered. True to his instincts, true to his traditions, fearing nothing, loving only his own, loving and hating with all his heart – a Goth.”

When – and it is not written – the European stops running from the racist police of Liberaldom and starts to fight, “true to his instincts… loving and hating with all his heart,” Liberaldom will start to crumble, and Handel’s hosanna to the King of Kings will overwhelm the liberals’ paean to the colored gods. And that is how it should be, because Jesus Christ is the lawful King of Europe and the Lord of Lords. +


Friday, April 15, 2011

Reclaiming Our Ancestral Home

“They were but four in all, but to the panic-stricken weasels the hall seemed full of monstrous animals, grey, black, brown and yellow, whooping and flourishing enormous cudgels’ and they broke and fled with squeals of terror and dismay, this way and that, through the windows, up the chimney, anywhere to get out of reach of those terrible sticks.” – The Wind in the Willows

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been on a train, but in my twenties I used to ride the train a great deal, and as a consequence I knew, during that period of my life, a great many people for twenty minutes. Most of those people have faded from my memory, but the memory of one old man with whom I shared a short train ride has stayed with me my entire life.

The old man got on the train a few stations after I did. He wasn’t walking very steadily, and sort of half-fell into a seat near the front of the train, which happened to be next to me. After one or two stops the old man started talking, half-facing me and half-facing no one. “I used to have a top. It could spin around and around. Now I don’t have it anymore. I just can’t make sense of it anymore. I wish I had that top.”

As a self-professed romantic and a reader of old books I may be accused of over-romanticizing and over-dramatizing the ramblings of a senile old man, but I thought then, and still think so now, that the old man, on the brink of that other world, “The undiscover’d country from whose bourn No traveler returns…,” was trying to set his soul aright by going back to his childhood when things did make sense. It’s akin to what Aloysha Karamazov, whom I quoted a few weeks ago, said about the saving power of a happy memory from our childhood.

There is no conflict between our Lord’s words: “Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven,” and St. Paul’s injunction to give up childish things. Our Lord is talking about a non-abstracted, humble, uncynical comprehension of existence. It was the little children and the children at heart who were able to see and appreciate Christ’s divine humanity. St. Paul became a child of wonder himself when he became a Christian; he was against childishness, not childlikeness.

A spinning top might be the type of childishness that does not enter the kingdom of heaven, but I was there when the old man talked about the top. And it seemed to me that the top represented much more to the old man than a spinning top. It represented the home of his childhood and all the good memories of his childhood. It’s possible the longing I thought I detected in the old man’s voice was just my imagination, but I like to think the longing was real, that it was a sign of a man reaching out to God through the lifeline of his childhood.

Even if I’m wrong about the old man’s longing, it is still clear, from our own experience of life and our Lord’s words about little children and the kingdom of heaven, that a childlike comprehension of existence is indeed the lifeline to God. And it also seems clear to me that Satan’s greatest desire is to destroy the humanity in men by destroying their childlike faith in the things of the spirit. Satan wants men to “grow up,” not in the Pauline sense, but in the Darwinian sense. He wants men to evolve, to think faith in Christ is infantile while faith in science, the intellect, and the black man is mature and adult. And Satan has been remarkably successful. Satan’s minions have built Liberaldom on his hatred; finding a man in Liberaldom who still has a childlike faith in Christ is like finding a needle in the proverbial haystack.

Liberal childishness is opposed to the childlike qualities in men. Childishness is selfishness, cruelty, and egotism. Institutionalized childishness is the permanent state of liberal adolescence. Liberals hate the childlike qualities of the spirit, but love the fleshpots of adolescence. They have made adolescence the permanent state of modern man. We are constantly encouraged to use every means possible to stay physically, emotionally, and spiritually in a state of childish adolescence. But we can’t know the true God in a permanent state of adolescence, which is why liberals and halfway-house Christians worship Negroes and have tea with Buddhists and tree-huggers; they have left the God of their European childhood behind so they must cling to the bloodthirsty, childish gods of the barbarians and the pagans.

Before Liberaldom existed there was Christendom. And every time a stone from the walls of Christendom was removed, it was removed in the name of “removing a prejudice.” The European Christian’s belief that a man’s skin color was more than skin deep, that it formed a vital part of his soul, was a “prejudice” that the white man had to overcome so that Christendom could become Liberaldom. The white man’s abhorrence of race mixing died hard, but eventually under the unrelenting propaganda of the “We-must-progress-beyond-prejudice” clergy inside and outside the church, the European people started to “progress.” And when the racial stone was removed, every other stone forming the walls of Christendom came tumbling down. Legalized abortion, homosexual marriage, and widespread sexual promiscuity all came as a result of liberal tampering with the soul of man through race-mixing. And the liberal felt licensed to commit his outrages, because he rejected the God of his European childhood, Jesus of Nazareth, for the cruel gods of his childish adolescence, the gods of color.

When the Christian God is invoked by the modern Babylonian Europeans, He is only invoked in a supporting role; the colored gods are the reigning deities. A people who still believed in the truth of the Christian fairy tale would not place the dragons and the devil’s minions, the dark men, in the role reserved for the Christian hero and his God.

In that wonderful European fairy tale, The Wind in the Willows, Toad, through his childish, irresponsible infatuation with modernity in the form of the automobile, nearly loses his ancestral home and almost destroys his friends’ land of the “evening lingerings.” But Toad Hall is saved thanks to Toad’s three stalwart friends, Ratty, Badger and Mole, who believe in their childlike hearts that good conquers evil, no matter that the forces of evil are numerically superior, when good men fight with a clear moral purpose. The Wind in the Willows is a fairy tale, but it is also a spiritual history of the European people. If we make every issue in life subject to the moral arbitration of the democratic process, the Europeans will always lose, because they are and always have been numerically outnumbered by the barbarian hordes. But a few Europeans of spirit were always enough, and always shall be enough, to keep the barbarians away from the sacred ancestral halls of Europe. It is only now, when the descendants of Ratty, Mole, and Badger have ceased to believe in their people and their God that they have turned Toad Hall and the land of evening lingerings over to the stoats and weasels. I even heard a report that Ratty’s great grand-daughter (thank God he is not alive to see it) is marrying one of the stoats and will be living in an apartment in Toad Hall; the old ancestral home has been turned into condos.

All wars, if we look below the surface, are religious wars. And no war is lost until the people of one side lose faith in their cause. The Southern people didn’t stop being Southern in 1865 after their defeat on the battlefield; they stopped being Southern in the 1950’s when they lost their moral certainty that their ancestors and their ancestors’ God were worth fighting for. But the Southern people and every European with evening lingerings in his soul should have the moral certainty that his fight for a white Christian Europe is moral and just. To concede one inch of the high ground to the liberals is morally indefensible and will make cowards of every white European.

What is the liberal, halfway-house Christian case against the antique European people? That they didn’t live up to the tenets of Christianity? Well, if we judge by divine standards then the European people did not live up to their professed faith. But what if we compare the antique Europeans to the utopians? By any comparative Christian measure the antique Europeans differ from the modern utopians as heaven differs from hell. But of course the liberal utopians think hell is heaven.

And always the race card is used by pope, minister, doctor, lawyer, witch doctor, and Indian chief to show that the European has not been Christian in the past and therefore deserves to be exterminated. Who is defining Christianity? Should it be the liberals, who don’t believe that Christ was the Son of God, and the halfway-house Christians, who have reduced Christ to a glorified Mahatma Gandhi? No, the people who took Christ into their hearts and their homes, the antique Europeans, are the people who should tell us what the “good Christianity” is. And they have told us through their culture.

In the European past, which is only dredged up by the liberals so they can vilify it, the great Christian heroes were men who defended their own against barbarians. The man who did not defend the hearth fire was an outcast from Christian society. And the man who mixed his blood with the heathen was considered to be worse than a heathen because the heathen never knew Him and therefore could not be convicted of knowingly defacing the image of God in man. Life was about the soul in old Europe. The antique European took his whiteness seriously, because he was not a blasphemer who felt he could tinker with human souls in order to remake God’s world into man’s world.

Modern liberal Europeans are so used to correcting and rebuking God that they never even consider why, if divinity and racial integration are synonymous, a loving God created separate and distinct races. And the halfway-house Christians never consider why the people who gave them their Christian churches, their Christian art, and their Christian traditions failed to understand anything about race until satanic liberals came along to inform them. Nothing in the New Babylon can stand up to the bar of truth. But then the liberals know that. It’s all about who shall rule, Satan or Christ. The liberals and their halfway-house Christian dupes who rubber stamp whatever they say have decided that Satan must rule. The European of the old stock has also made his decision. Our ancestral homes in the land of evening lingerings will not be won back by integrating our faith or our race; they will only be won back by Europeans with a childlike faith in the God who wove Himself into the great, and everlastingly true, European fairy tale. +

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Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Sustaining Vision

“What can be more cutting to the heart than the sight of evils which we are compelled to behold, while we do not possess the power of remedying them?” – Walter Scott in The Antiquary

When I read any of the white nationalist publications I have to keep my wife and children from seeing them. And this is not because my wife and children are liberals who do not approve of white nationalism. I keep the publications away from them because neither my wife nor children like reading about the demise of everything pure and noble without also reading about some movement to fight the forces of evil that are destroying everything pure and noble. When you hear about a fire-breathing dragon ravaging the countryside, you would also like to hear about the knight, or knights, who are venturing forth to slay the dragon. Granted, they might fail, but at least if you knew some knights were venturing forth, you would not be without hope. But if you are told only about the fire-breathing dragon you will despair. That is the problem with the writers for the white nationalist publications. They tell us what the malevolent Jews are up to, and they tell us about the colored atrocities, but they don’t tell us about the knights errant. Perhaps the white nationalists don’t tell us about knights errant because they don’t believe in knights errant. I read of terrible acts of violence being committed against white people, but all I ever see suggested by the white nationalists to counter the colored atrocities is letter-writing and voting. But where on the ballot in the last election was a candidate who ran on the platform of “white Europe and white America for white people only and death to all colored murderers and rapists”? We’ve perverted the old fire-breathing-dragon-versus-the-knights story. In the modern white nationalist version of the story the knights go out and watch the fire-breathing dragon destroy whole villages with a breath and consume large numbers of people for a snack. After seeing what the dragon is doing, the knights run back and tell the nearest villagers all about the dragon’s bloody rampages. Then they tell the villagers to form a political action group to go door to door in the village and collect signatures to get a candidate for mayor who is against fire-breathing dragons.

Some villagers protest. They say that a fire-breathing dragon doesn’t care about elections. He’ll just come into the voting section of the village and burn down all the wooden voting booths. They further maintain that they are peasants, ill-suited to combat dragons. “Isn’t that your vocation?” they ask the knights.

The knights get angry. “If you’re too lazy to vote, you deserve what happens to you. In a democracy there are no knight errants who fight dragons. We give you the information about the dragons and you vote the dragons away.”

The men who write for the conservative, nationalist publications are all university-trained men who still (or used to) make their living as political journalists. They look at every issue from within the democratic system: How can I motivate people to vote for anti-immigration candidates? How will the “American people” react to the Presidents’ latest initiative? Their analyses are usually quite astute, but they are like the West Point generals who fought with great success in the Civil War and then went out west only to lead their troops to ignominious defeat in the Indian wars. The nationalist journalists do not see that the white man is now fighting a very different battle from the one they were trained to fight. If they can’t grasp that fact they will only drive the remaining white loyalists to despair.

The conservative white nationalists have failed to come to terms with democracy. They persist in trying to fight for the rights of white men while following the rules of a democratic system that has only one rule – the white man must cease to exist. If the white nationalist leaders could somehow divest themselves of the democratic mindset and adopt one rule of their own – the white man will survive – then they could actually lead a movement instead of presiding over a funeral.

Of course the conservative, democratically-minded nationalists are never going to change their position on democracy, so the white peasant must go back to a more elemental response to existence than letter-writing and voting. He must go back, past even the Middle Ages, to a period of his history that the liberals labeled the ‘Dark Ages.’ In that age of light there was a hierarchy of the spirit. An Arthur or an Alfred could come to the fore more easily than in the moribund medieval ages or in the modern democratic age of institutionalized superficiality. When men are closely knit together, bound to each other and their country by ties of blood, a natural leader is much more likely to emerge because men of the village and the hearth fire value the heroic virtues, the virtues that inspire a man to defend his people. A more decadent people places their hope in a system of government and bureaucratic men who can run the system. The South lost the Civil War because in their time of need they gave power to bureaucratic West Pointers instead of the antique European warrior of the old stock, Nathan Bedford Forrest. The Southern leadership tried to oppose egalitarian democracy with the same democratic egalitarianism of their enemies. Why elect a President and a Congress like your enemies when you need a warrior king?

The first Christian Europeans fought for kith and kin in imitation of their God, the heroic progenitor of all European heroes. A man should not be asked to fight for an abstraction; a particular God and a particular people are the inspiration for true patriotism. The modern liberals are making war on the European people and their God. And the democratic system holds the liberals’ arsenal of war weapons. Anything that hurts democracy helps the European people. The new, clannish, anti-democratic European, who is a very old European, will do whatever it takes to destroy democracy and restore Europe.

Nietzsche wrote about the Übermensch, whom he hoped would restore the vitality of the European people. But Nietzsche did not understand the source of the European’s vitality. The pre-Christian European lacked the full, integral vitality that comes only from a connection to Christ, the Son of the Living God. Christ was the fulfillment of the European’s longing for a Hero worthy of his people just as He was the fulfillment of the law of the Jewish people. By rejecting Christ, the modern European has descended to the level of the Jews, and in doing so he has adopted the Jews’ hatred of the European. The fact that the Christian churches have become part of the liberals’ democratic arsenal should not deter us from venturing forth with Him as our inspiration. The spirit goes where it lists; if there is no place for Christ in the Christian churches He will go where two or three are gathered together in His name.

A British Nationalist Party bigwig once told me, when I made a reference to Britain’s Christian heritage, that he didn’t want to hear any “metaphysical b-------.” What then is the rallying cry of the British nationalist if it is not, “God for Harry! England and Saint George!” If the goal of white nationalists is to elect whites to public office in order to preside over a kingdom of dead souls, for what reason then does a man fight for a white Europe? Covenanter and Cavalier would be united to oppose such a kingdom. The fight must be for a white Christian Europe because without Christ the European hasn’t the spirit or the will to fight.

The BNP bureaucrat’s objection to the idea of invoking the God of the antique European people and sallying forth against the forces of Liberaldom was put more crudely than most of the white nationalists’ objections, but it was fairly typical. And that is the problem. The liberals believe in their Satanic, black-worshipping faith; only a stronger faith, a true faith, can defeat the liberals’ satanic faith. That is why the European’s situation vis-à-vis Liberaldom is at once hopeless and at the same time fraught with hope. It is hopeless if the European places his hope in elections and a leadership wedded to some kind of a dark, Nietzschean future. But there is hope for the European if he will only step away from the narrow parameters of democratic action and neo-pagan pragmatism and fight for what his ancestors fought for: Christian Europe.

A man who actually believes that the liberals and their colored minions are going to be voted away is a man who has ignored what he terms metaphysical b------- for so long that he can’t see the nature of the conflict between the antique European and the liberal European. The old hymn describes it well: “And still our ancient foe, Does seek to work us woe.” Black and white are not just skin pigments; they are spiritual principles. The liberals must, because they are compelled to do so by the inner dynamic of their satanic faith, worship the Negro. They won’t be compelled to allow the white man, who wants to remain white, living space on this earth by an appeal to their reason or their compassion. They are in league with the devil, and he has armed them with the “cruel hate” of the devil.

The spiritual Alzheimer’s disease of the white nationalist leaders is what makes them unfit to lead, because it is the remembrance of the European past that makes a European a whole man again. When united with his Christian past, the European becomes the Cyrano he was meant to be: “I feel too strong to war with mortals – Bring me giants!”

A man cannot fight any of the battles of life, whether it be the making-a-living battle, the battle against the lusts of the flesh, or a battle against an enemy on the battlefield, if he does not have a noble and pure image in his heart of what he is fighting for. For thousands of years the European took an image of a European hearth, presided over by the Son of God, into battle with him. That image, if we believe in it and hold to it, will sustain us in our war against Liberaldom. A bureaucratic vision of an equal share in the kingdom of Babylon is not a sustaining vision for the true European; he sees something purer and infinitely more beautiful than Babylon; he sees the Star of Bethlehem.+

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Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Boxed-In World of Liberaldom

Can Wisdom be put in a silver rod?
Or Love in a golden bowl?

-William Blake

For the past month two door-to-door traveling Mormons have been stopping at my house. I listen to them for about 30 to 40 minutes and then I send them on their way. I’m kind of betwixt and between with the young Mormons. On the one hand I would like them to be antique Christians and give up their denial of the triune God and their devotion to Joseph Smith, but on the other hand, it is good to see young white males who still have “the animation of the European in their eyes.” Added to that, the Mormons are very conservative on many of the social issues such as abortion. I would hate to see the young Mormons who have been coming to my house become less animated and less conservative by joining one of the mainstream churches of either the Catholic or the Protestant denominations. That is the appalling tragedy of modern Europe: a heretical sect like the Mormons is more Christian than the mainstream and the halfway-house Christians.

The Mormons are spiritually sounder than the halfway-house Christians and their mad-dog liberal brethren in the same way a cancer patient of one year’s standing is healthier than a cancer patient of five years' standing who is two days away from death. Both are ill, but both are not ill to the same degree. The Mormon’s heresy from the 1820’s is not quite as heretically advanced as the modern European’s anti-Christian Christian theology.

The modern Christian anti-Christians have no right to sneer at Joseph Smith, because they drink from the same heretical trough that he drank from. Joseph Smith wanted God to become conformable to the narrow perimeters of his 2+2=4 mind. He was unable to tolerate a God who gave poetical certainty, the certainty that is found only in the depths of the heart, rather than mathematical certainty. He answered Blake’s question:, “Can wisdom be put in a silver rod, Or love in a golden bowl,” with a resounding ‘Yes!’ The modern liberals have copied the methodology of Joseph Smith. They condemn the present day Mormons not because the Mormons put God in a narrow rationalist box, but because the Mormons’ God-in-the-box is more conservative than their God-in-the-box.

The halfway-house Christian, the Mormon, and the liberal are all united in their theology. They are all good, semi-Pelagian Thomists. For them God is a rational construct that can be grasped and contained by the human mind. They stand opposed to the intuitive, visionary, heartfelt faith of the European people. “Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them because of the blindness of their heart.” – Ephesians 4:18

The blindness of the heart! St. Paul certainly views the heart as the spiritual organ of sight, and so did the prophets, and so did our Lord. If it is true that the spirit resides in the heart, shouldn’t we view the religious tradition of a people as the history of their heartfelt, blood faith, and not a history of a series of church documents or one or two experts’ opinions of the Holy Bible? If the ‘silver rod’ wisdom of experts constitutes a tradition, then the Mormons, the halfway-house Christians, and the mad-dog liberals are traditional. They all believe that man creates his own religion in his mind with no reference to the touchstone of reality, the human heart.

The heresy of the “Great Divorce,” in which God becomes a construct of the human mind is the second oldest faith. It is the satanic faith: “Ye shall be as gods.” The oldest faith is the faith of the heart; God, through the warmth of His love, seeks to draw our hearts to His. The history of the European people, as with the ancient Hebrews, has been a history of the tug of war between Satan and God. Satan pulls the European toward his orbit with the ‘pride of intellect’ temptation. It makes no difference to Satan whether the European is proud of his esoteric knowledge of the ways of God or whether he is proud of his accumulated knowledge of the natural world; so long as the European has divorced himself from his heartfelt faith in Jesus Christ Satan has the European all locked up. And if Satan has the European he has all mankind – the colored tribes will not leave Babylon to rescue the European from Satan. They are content to live in Babylon.

The heart must be served. If the white clergymen designate religious faith as just an intellectual system, white people will satisfy their intellectual pride by playing with various theories about religion, but they will go to Babylon to satisfy their hearts. All faiths built on the intellect of man end up as a faith in Babylon. The men who least understood Christ were the Pharisees, the guardians of the faith. Isn’t that also the case with the European people? The guardians of the faith replaced Christ with their own Pharisaical systems and as a result the Christian churches became a breeding ground for Babylon. Intellectual pride and Babylon go together like a pimp and his whores.

Toward the end of Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov, Alyosha, the third dumb brother, tells the children of the village something from his heart:

“My dear children, perhaps you won’t understand what I am saying to you, because I often speak very unintelligibly, but you’ll remember it all the same and will agree with my words sometime. You must know that there is nothing higher and stronger and more wholesome and good for life in the future than some good memory, especially a memory of childhood, of home. People talk to you a great deal about your education, but some good, sacred memory, preserved from childhood, is perhaps the best education. If a man carries many such memories with him into life, he is safe to the end of his days, and if one has only one good memory left in one’s heart, even that may sometime be the means of saving us.”

From the childhood of our race there are thousands of memories that could sustain us in the battle against principalities and powers. But we have to believe those memories are good and pure and necessary for our faith, which means we have to disbelieve in the utopian liberals and the halfway-house Christians who insist that we are moving upward and onward to paradise if only we repudiate the memories of our European childhood. In our childhood we did not heed the siren call of modernity; we listened to our blood, which told us to hold on to our initial vision of a European hearth presided over by Jesus, the Son of God.

All people construct their governments according to their religious faith. We believe in a lie if we think there can be a religiously neutral state. Madison, Jefferson, and Franklin did not give the world its first religiously neutral state; they created a state based on their religion, which was deism.

The modern liberals have also created a religious state. In modern Liberaldom the hatred of the white and the love of the colored has been institutionalized because the hatred of the white and the love of the colored is the religious faith of the modern European. And it will remain the faith of the European so long as the European remains blind to the wisdom of his heart. So long as he believes wisdom comes in a silver rod, he will never escape from the mind-forged hell of Liberaldom.

I do not like novels in which the author invites us to infer the existence of God by showing us the reality of the devil. My favorite authors can delineate the good as well as evil. But there is something to be learned from the lesser authors who point to God by inference. Matthew Lewis is such an author. In his novel The Monk there is a very sad scene which encapsulates, for me, the tragedy of the modern European. A group of nuns consent to the torture of an innocent young girl, which goes against their heartfelt compassion for the girl, because their Mother Superior has told them that the tortures are for the good of the girl’s soul, and of course the Mother Superior must be obeyed because she possesses the godless wisdom of the Pharisees. She knows the fine points of the law, but she doesn’t know Him, the fulfillment of the law. If you adhere to the law of the Pharisees, your heart will be hardened like the Pharisees.

The modern European resembles the compliant nuns in Lewis’s novel. He might feel twinges of remorse as he watches the extermination of the European people, but he has been taught that wisdom comes from the Pharisaical men of intellect; if they approve of the extermination it must be right. It can truly be said of the European that “he did not die, but nothing of life remains.” If only his heart would “indignant break” over the destruction of his people and their sacred past, then the European would be a man again instead of a caricature of a man.

Is there anything that can stir a people whose hearts have been blinded from centuries of adherence to liberal, Pharisaical law? It doesn’t seem so, but then I think of Melville’s phrase in Clarel, “But through such strange illusions have they passed,” and then of Shakespeare’s phrase, “We are such stuff as dreams are made on.” Satan wants us to believe that the 2+2=4 world is the only world. Then we will cease to look for anything beyond Babylon, we will copulate without love and make merry without joy, and we will worship at the shrine of the Negro forever. But if one European heart still remembers Europe what will happen to Babylon?

Puddleglum was still fighting hard. “I don’t know rightly what you all mean by a world,” he said, talking like a man who hasn’t enough air. “But you can play that fiddle till your fingers drop off, and still you won’t make me forget Narnia; and the whole Overworld too. We’ll never see it again, I shouldn’t wonder. You may have blotted it out and turned it dark like this, for all I know. Nothing more likely. But I know I was there once. I’ve seen the sky full of stars. I’ve seen the sun coming up out of the sea of a morning and sinking behind the mountains at night. And I’ve seen him up in the midday sky when I couldn’t look at him for brightness.”

Puddleglum’s words had a very rousing effect. The other three all breathed again and looked at one another like people newly awaked.

If it was already finished the devil wouldn’t be working so hard to destroy the last Europeans. The 2+2=4 walls of Liberaldom are not impregnable. “Once more, unto the breach, dear friends, once more…” +

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