Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Trumpet Shall Sound

The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; and they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them the light shined. – Isaiah 9:2

I once read an account, which I have no reason to doubt since his work verifies the account, about something that happened while Georg Friedrich Handel was composing The Messiah. He had locked himself in his study for several days and his friends and family were worried. What had happened to him? Was he ever coming out? Finally his friends decided that they had to risk disturbing him, so they pounded on the door and demanded that he come out of his study. Handel came out. His hair was disheveled and his eyes shown with a special light. He looked at his friends and finally, as he comprehended their presence, he said, “I have seen the face of God.” Can anyone listen to The Messiah and doubt that Handel did indeed see the face of God?

And I would ask one additional question. Can anyone look at the heart of pre-modern European culture, the culture that nurtured men like Friedrich Handel, and doubt that we see the face of Jesus Christ imprinted on that culture? The liberals certainly see Christ in the culture of the antique European and that is why they denounce the antique European culture; they hate the Son of God. The halfway-house Christians? They denounce the vision of Christ seen in Handel’s Messiah, claiming it is a distorted vision of Christ, but they maintain the right to refashion the Christ of Handel’s Messiah into a Christ more conformable to modern liberalism. Handel’s “King of Kings” vision of Christ has given way to the anti-apartheid, integrationist, civil rights worker Christ, who is quite content to work in the background of the civil rights movement, which is of course, the Negro-worshipping movement, and to lick envelopes and send out letters for feminist candidates, who are legion.

The Renaissance poets and painters often brought the old pagan gods into their works, but the pagan gods were no longer real to the Europeans; they were used to symbolize some aspect of the Christian faith, which had supplanted them. It might seem like a sad fate for a god, to become merely a symbol for another religion, but the pagan gods could not satisfy the longing in the European’s heart. He needed a Hero-God who was a hero because of His humanity. Christ was like unto men, but He was more than men, not by virtue of His inhumanity but by virtue of His humanity. He was strong yet meek, and He was just yet merciful. And above all His heart was aflame with the charity that passeth all understanding, at least the understanding of the human mind; European hearts did understand and believe.

Handel’s Messiah is just one of many testaments to the European peoples’ Christian faith. For centuries the European King of Kings was Jesus Christ. It was not so with the colored tribes. They never formed an attachment to the Man of Sorrows. Their desire for a cruel god of blood and sacrifice kept them from a deep understanding of the Christian faith, but now in this, the 21st century since our Savior’s birth, death, and resurrection from the dead, the European has severed his ties to Jesus Christ. Our Lord has become a dead-letter god to the modern Europeans just as Thor and Zeus became dead-letter gods to the antique Europeans. Why has He been dethroned, and who has supplanted Him? He was dethroned because of the intellectual pride of the European, and He was supplanted by the Negro.

After Christ was dethroned as Europe’s King of Kings, the Negro did not immediately become the new king of the white man. It was many years after Christ’s dethronement that the Negro became lord of Europe, because such great spiritual upheavals do not take place in a day, but ultimately the worship of the Negro is the logical consequence of the intellectual pride of the white man. When Handel’s Christianity was seen as too stupid, too repressive, and too difficult for the European, he created his own natural religion in which he, the white intellectual, remade God into the image of a natural savage, the Negro.

Of course many of the progenitors of the natural religion, such as Darwin and the Scholastics, did not envision that the Negro would be the endpoint of their natural religion, but when you confine man within the natural process and deny him a life outside that natural process, it is inevitable that you will declare the most savage of men to be the most natural and therefore the most holy of men. It was the more visionary of the white-hating Europeans, such as Rousseau, Dryden, Voltaire, and Addison, who saw in advance that the new god would have to be the Negro. The scientific Darwinists and the followers of the scholastic naturalists did not fall in line with the consequences of their progenitors’ abstractions until the 20th century.

If you take the church road, you will end up in Babylon, and if you go by way of the school road, you will also end up in Babylon. In Liberaldom all roads lead to Babylon, where the Negro is worshipped and the white Christian is considered to be a pariah who must be driven off the face of the earth. And the white man will be driven off the face of the earth if he believes that he deserves to perish because he polluted the world with a vision of the God of love and mercy depicted by Handel in The Messiah. It sounds absurd when it’s stated outright, that the white man should be exterminated for being the Christ-bearer, but this is what all the liberal blather about white racism amounts to – the European championed the Christian faith; he told the dark races that the true God required mercy, not sacrifice, and he had the audacity to proclaim that his culture, with Christ at its center, was superior to all other cultures. No amount of white mea culpas to the colored races or the rulers of Liberaldom will absolve the white man’s original sin, the sin of making common cause with Jesus of Nazareth against the colored tribes of Babylon. As long as the modern Europeans feel they must be punished for their racist past, they will continue to try to save themselves by sacrificing other whites – it is always other whites – while inching ever closer to their own annihilation. And they might as well be annihilated if they truly believe that the darkness of Babylon is superior to the light of His Europe, because the people who believe such a blasphemy are already dead inside.

When Europeans such as Jules Verne and Rudyard Kipling wrote stories that took place in the future, they always depicted a Europe inhabited by white men. They never dreamt in their wildest fantasies that a time would come when Europe would be filled with colored barbarians, and the white man’s love of his own God to the exclusion of all other gods and the white man’s love of his own kith and kin would be called “white supremacy,” a crime punishable by death. But such a time has come.

Trust not in churches. In every denomination, the treason is the same. The churches deny the validity of the Europeans’ union with Christ and present their union with the kingdom of Babylon, with the Negro on the throne, as the true Christianity. Any attempt to criticize Babylon or praise Christian Europe is treated as the sin of white supremacy, which (as we have already shown) is viewed by all the lords of Liberaldom as the unpardonable sin.

The dead-ember culture of Liberaldom provides no spiritual warmth for any living soul. It is truly a kingdom of dead souls. No European has to live in such a kingdom. The God who rose from the dead on the third day is capable of sustaining His own people in the Kingdom of the dead and raising them at the last trump. Only a European without a heart would fail to weep at the sight of Babylonian Europe. But if a European has the heart to weep for Europe he will also have the heart to fight for Christian Europe. I loved the way Thomas Nelson Page described the heroic European:

“He was a Goth in all his appetites and habits, a Goth unchanged, unfettered. True to his instincts, true to his traditions, fearing nothing, loving only his own, loving and hating with all his heart – a Goth.”

When – and it is not written – the European stops running from the racist police of Liberaldom and starts to fight, “true to his instincts… loving and hating with all his heart,” Liberaldom will start to crumble, and Handel’s hosanna to the King of Kings will overwhelm the liberals’ paean to the colored gods. And that is how it should be, because Jesus Christ is the lawful King of Europe and the Lord of Lords. +