Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blood Shall Bring It Down

Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire; your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers. Isaiah 1:7

I’ll always be grateful to Walt Disney, the Hans Christian Andersen of America, for keeping the European storytelling tradition alive in his wonderful movies. My parents were math-and-science people who didn’t have much use for stories, so my first exposure to the European storyland came to me from the films of Mr. Disney.

I saw most of the Disney films in one of those big old plush theaters that no longer exist. A quarter bought you an enormous box of popcorn, which I’m sure was meant to make us thirsty for the theater’s over-priced soft drinks. But my mother gave us enough money (a child could go to the movies in those days without an armed escort) to pay for the movie and one box of popcorn. No soda. I get thirsty now just thinking about eating all that popcorn without any liquid, but I don’t recall feeling thirsty during the movie. Perhaps our eat-popcorn-without-getting-thirsty gene deteriorates with age like our eat-enormous-quantities-of-chocolate-chip-cookies-without-getting-sick gene.

I saw most of Walt Disney’s films, animated and live action, when I was a child; and when I was an adult, before the day of VCR and DVD, I tried to see the re-releases of the old classics such as Snow White and Pinocchio.

In my early twenties, about thirty years ago, I went to see a re-release of the Disney classic, The Song of the South. At that time in my life I was not unaware of the growing insanity about the Negroes and their newly sainted status, but I was not yet aware of the extent of the mass Negro-worshipping insanity that had taken hold of the country. Outside the theater was a huge protest group, consisting of white liberals and blacks. The protestors formed a ring around the theater, and they were doing the usual ranting and raving while carrying placards denouncing racism and Walt Disney. All the signs and the protestors struck me as offensive, but one sign and one protestor struck me as particularly offensive. A fat, mad-dog liberal was carrying a sign that depicted a pornographic image of Minnie Mouse and Walt Disney. Liberals always use pornography when they protest any aspect of the older, white, European culture. And that makes sense, because the Babylon that they bid us return to is nothing more than the institutionalization of an endless cycle of pornography.

The holder of the particularly loathsome placard was offended when I destroyed his poster, but fortunately for me the policemen presiding over the protest weren’t too fond of the protestors. I was told to go into the movie theater and to refrain from hitting anyone, but I was not arrested for destroying the liberal’s sign. I was fortunate; I don’t think our modern police would have been as sympathetic to an outraged white man.

I doubt that many of the protestors, black or white, had seen the movie the Song of the South, but let’s assume that some of the protestors had seen the movie. Why the protest? Why was this the last theatrical re-release of the movie? Why must you now get a pirated copy from Europe if you want to see the movie on DVD or VHS? The reason is quite simple. The hero of the movie is Uncle Remus, a kindly old black man, who loves his white master, and especially loves his white master’s young son. I have my doubts that such loyal darkies ever existed, but there is a spate of old novels by Dixon, Caroline Gordon, and Margaret Mitchell that claim there once really were some good darkies. Thomas Nelson Page, in his short story “MAM’ LYDDY’S Recognition,” probably came closest to the truth. He depicts a good, darkie, ‘house servant’ who becomes corrupted when the family moves up North, where she is exposed to “free niggers.” She returns to sanity when one of the free niggers tries to make free with her life savings, and her good, kind, white master saves her from the clutches of the free nigger. Happy day! But Uncle Remus never falls from grace. Through his fidelity to the traditions of his white masters, he inspires the white people to live up to their traditions. The message is clear: white people and the civilization they created are good; black people can only be good by being faithful and loyal to their white masters within a hierarchal structure in which they are subordinate but loved. That image of white and black brought out the black barbarian protestors and the mad-dog liberal protestors. There were only three black people in the theater, among a sea of white people, at the time I saw Song of the South -- a black mother with her two children. Apparently that unenlightened black woman thought Uncle Remus was a better role model for her children than Superfly or Shaft. Are there no limits to the foolishness of the un-illuminated?

Thirty years ago the concrete supporting the Negro-worshipping edifice of Liberaldom was in the process of hardening. Now it has solidified. Every aspect of European culture that reminded men they were born for something more than eternal Babylon has been eliminated. The word ‘European’ has become a devil word, and Europeans who still revere the memory of antique Europe have dwindled down to a precious few. It would be very comforting if the faithful Europeans were more than a precious few, but a few good men were enough for our Lord.

The coalition at the movie theater of black barbarians, anti-Christian clergymen, Jewish Marxists, and mad-dog liberals was a cross-sample of the satanic coalition that is always present when the Christian European tradition is attacked. And the battering ram of the liberal coalition is Negro worship. A war should not be so one-sided. The heirs of the Christ bearers should not leave the field without having ever unsheathed their swords. If every white European falls in line with Negro worship, the Babylonian liberals will reign unchallenged. They will make their sacrifices to the black gods while saturating themselves and the people they rule in the soullessness of pornographic Babylon.

It is the fusionist faith of the Christian churches that has placed the European at the mercy of the Babylonian Inquisition. When Christianity is joined to black barbarianism it becomes satanic, just as it does when it is fused with Islam, Judaism, paganism or any other faith. Nor can the Christ-bearing race be fused with the colored races and continue to be the Christ-bearing race. Such a race of people becomes a non-race of people and is absorbed into the multi-colored soulless world of Babylon. The antique European is not any worse off, in terms of his numerical disadvantages, than was Alfred and his small band of Englishmen when they met in one tiny corner of Christian England and vowed to retake England from the heathen Danes. Nor is the modern European any more outnumbered than the stalwart Spaniards of 770 A.D. who met in a cave and vowed to fight to the knife against their Muslim overlords. What is lacking in the modern European is a clear vision of the God he is fighting for and the enemy he is fighting against. It is always Satan, with his angelic intelligence divorced from the divine humanity of God, that we fight against.

Once we know the primary attribute of Satan, intelligence divorced from divine humanity, we can always recognize Satan and his minions, no matter how they try to disguise their work. If the modern clergymen denounce the faith of old Europe in the name of a new, more intelligent, fusionist faith of black barbarism and Christianity, and if they renounce the people of old Europe for the new, black man-gods of Negro-worshipping Christianity, we will know them for what they are despite their clerical garments and their adherence to the outward forms of Christian worship. They are Satan’s own, and they should be dealt with as Satan’s own.

Twelve hundred and nineteen times Jennet Clouston (Kidnapped) hurled her curse at the house of Shaws: “Blood built it; blood stopped the building of it; blood shall bring it down.” The blood of our Savior built Christian Europe; the betrayal of His blood brought it down; and the renewal of our blood ties to Him and His Europe can restore Christian Europe and bring down Liberaldom. Satan knows that a restoration is possible, which is why he is ever-vigilant. He intends to wash away even the memory of Christian Europe by keeping the European immersed in the filth of a Negro-worshipping Babylon. Every time a human personality, a European, attempts to attack Babylon, Satan will loose his hell-hounds on the offending European. But I have great faith in the remnant band of Europeans that hate and love, like Jennet Clouston and Thomas Nelson Page’s Goth, with all their heart.

Walt Disney also made a movie called So Dear to My Heart. It was a simple tale of a young boy’s life on a Missouri farm, much like the one where Mr. Disney spent the happiest years of his childhood. The Europe proscribed by the liberals is dear to my heart. I feel a sorrow too deep for tears at its destruction; a hate beyond all passion for those who have destroyed Christian Europe and continue to calumniate it; and a love beyond all power of expression for the memory of Christian Europe and the people whose fidelity to Christ created Christian Europe. There must be other Europeans who feel as I do. Such love and hate, felt deep in the blood, will restore Europe and bring Liberaldom down. +

“Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.” – Psalm 91:14

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