Friday, August 26, 2011

The Hope of Europe

Light may come where all looks darkest,
Hope hath life, when life seems o’er.

-Thomas Moore

The rebellion in Libya is big news because it can be cast in an angelic light: “The common people are rising up and casting out an evil dictator; soon there will be a democracy in Libya.” First, it is highly unlikely that the demise of Khadafy will bring about the establishment of a Western-style democracy. And secondly, even if the Libyans could establish a Western-style democracy, it would not be a blessing, it would be a curse. But since the “rebellion” can be placed in a utopian context, part of the ongoing and upward march of mankind, we will be treated to non-stop bulletins about the rebellion’s progress until the new government comes to power and starts slaughtering its citizens, at which point there will be silence.

The recent London riots by the Muslims and the blacks did not receive the laudatory coverage from the Western media that the Libya rebellion received. The reportage of the London riots was vague and mystical: “Some unknown thugs are causing problems.” The reason for the difference in the news coverage between the two rebellions is obvious. The Libyan riots can be proclaimed as a movement toward utopia while the London riots, if reported accurately, would show that the great liberal utopia of religious inclusion and Negro worship is not working.

In my first year as a police officer I shared a patrol car with a veteran officer who was, looking back on it, one of the last instinctual Europeans. His uncommon common sense came from his instincts as a white man, instincts that modern white men have forsaken. Jim was particularly sound on the subject of Negroes. When they were under lock and key, and when one of the weaker Negroes needed help against the stronger, predatory Negroes, Jim was humane to them, much more humane than the Negroes were to each other. But Jim knew the Negroes; he knew about their propensities toward rape, robbery, and murder, and he knew that those propensities could break out at anytime if the Negroes were not kept in check by white men. Jim never could understand why the educated establishment of his own country encouraged black violence and persecuted and prosecuted white men, especially policemen, who tried to stop black violence. Having come from academia I tried to explain liberals to Jim, but I never could get him to understand liberals. Their beliefs were just too alien to him. He retired a confused and embittered man.

It was good for me to look at liberalism from Jim’s perspective, because we tend to get too accepting of liberals, too tolerant of their inhumanity, and too tolerant of their presence among us. They are loathsome, reptilian creatures devoid of all the attributes of humanity. Jim understood that. What he failed to understand was the reason for the liberals’ inhumanity. Why would people who seemed to be white themselves preach white genocide? And why would outwardly respectable whites laud and praise black barbarians? Of course, we know the answer. The liberals preach white genocide and praise and honor black barbarians because they worship the Negro, who is the centerpiece of their utopian vision of a Christian paradise on earth that is devoid of Christians and Jesus Christ. Everything that seems to serve the liberals’ vision of a brave new world devoid of Christian Europeans is supported by the liberals. The rebellion in Libya, for instance, feeds the liberals’ fantasy that all people everywhere (except antique Europeans) want to move their country towards the universal utopian state envisioned by the liberals. And often Arab rebels, who know the liberals’ vision of utopia, use that vision of the liberals for their own propaganda purposes. Do you remember, if you’re old enough, when the Iranian “students,” who took the Americans hostage in the late 1970’s, let the Negro and women hostages go? They were aware of the liberal hierarchy. Blacks and women were part of utopia and therefore valued; white men were not slated to be part of utopia, therefore they were of no consequence.

There is a wall, a spiritual wall, that is much more formidable than the old Berlin Wall. It is the wall that Satan has built around Liberaldom. Outside the wall are the antique European males and the European women who have remained faithful to them. Inside the wall are the people of color, the liberals, and the white grazers. The grazers are permitted to feed in the pastures of Liberaldom so long as they behave themselves and don’t make a fuss when some of their own are taken out of the herd and sent to the slaughterhouses of Liberaldom. When the grazers seek to improve the conditions of their grazing pastures, they must frame their appeals in terms that do not suggest there is anything wrong with Liberaldom. Indeed, what could be wrong in paradise? So when grazing whites protest abortion, they make it a black issue: “It is black genocide” they say, “and therefore it is racist and wrong.” The Pope of the grazing whites includes all faiths in his pasture and talks about the necessity of getting a black pope to preside over the integrated pastures of black and white sheep. “Christianity is compatible with Liberaldom,” the head grazer tells the liberals, “and we are quite willing to subordinate our faith to the dictates of your Negro-worshipping faith.”

The walls of Liberaldom are invisible but they are real and the liberals guard them with a religious zeal. The United States of America has the most impregnable walls. Just look at American-European Liberaldom and compare it to European Liberaldom. In European Liberaldom there is some room, albeit not very much, for dissent, because of the European multi-party systems. A Le Pen or a Geert Wilders can actually run for office while holding views that are contrary to Liberaldom, but even those men must couch their dissent in the mildest terms: “I respect all people; I just want my people to receive equal rights.” And when has a mild dissenter ever achieved actual power in Liberaldom? But still we must give the liberal star to the United States, “The Land of the Free.” In the United States there are only two parties and no one running for office in either party is permitted to speak against Liberaldom and for white Europeans. The only voting option that is left an American European is a vote for a candidate, such as Ron Paul, who wants to liquidate the white race at a slower rate than his democratic counterparts. We ultimately are talking about a minute difference between the European and the European American. They are both in the same boat, and they are both, as the saying goes, seasick.

Every parent who home schools now, or did home school when his children were growing up, has heard the refrain, “But what about socialization? How will your children become socialized? Of course, that is the point. The antique European does not want his children socialized. He wants them to hate Liberaldom with all their heart and soul. And if they don’t hate Liberaldom with all their heart and soul, they will eventually become part of Liberaldom.

The antique European is like the home schooled child. Christ has nurtured and taught the European at home, by the hearth fire where charity reigned supreme over ruin and death. If we leave that hearth fire to become part of Liberaldom, instead of spreading that hearth fire throughout Liberaldom until Liberaldom is in flames, we will be drained of faith and life by the liberal succubus.

When you claim, as I do, that there is no hope for the white man within the framework of liberal, Negro-worshipping democracy, the conservatives and the halfway-house Christians claim you are depriving them of hope. I don’t see it that way. I am trying to turn their hearts away from a false hope in order that they might someday turn to our only hope. Spiritually Russian communism was akin to liberal democracy. Just as Russian prisoners living under a death sentence needed to divest themselves of a false hope in a reprieve from the Central Executive Committee, so do white men living under a death sentence within the walls of democratic Liberaldom need to divest themselves of their false hope.

There were eight prisoners under sentence of death in the cell, but every one of them, after all, had sent a petition to Kalinin and every one expected a commutation, and therefore: “You today, me tomorrow.” They moved away and looked on indifferently while the condemned man was tied up, while he cried out for help, while they shoved a child’s rubber ball into his mouth. (Now, looking at that child’s ball, could one really guess all its potential uses? What a good example for a lecturer on the dialectical method!)

Does hope lend strength or does it weaken a man? If the condemned men in every cell had ganged up on the executioners as they came in and choked them, wouldn’t this have ended the executions sooner than appeals to the All-Russian Central Executive Committee? When one is already on the edge of the grave, why not resist?

But wasn’t everything foredoomed anyway, from the moment of arrest? Yet all the arrested crawled along the path of hope on their knees, as if their legs had been amputated.

There is no mercy in liberals, so let’s keep our powder dry and at the right moment cry, “God for Harry! England and Saint George!”

Hope is part of a triumvirate that includes faith and charity. It would be blasphemous to think that true Christian hope can exist in a world without faith and without charity. It is not pleasant to feel one’s self alone in a hostile world, but it is far more unpleasant, in fact it is unbearable, to live in a land without faith, hope, and charity, and to think that there is no other world. This is the reason we need to believe in a spiritual realm, the realm of Christian Europe, beyond the walls of Liberaldom. So long as we see that other world clearly we will never be part of Liberaldom; instead we will be the scourge of Liberaldom. There is no higher calling for a European.

Look at the two worlds clearly. There can be no fairy tale endings if we no longer chose to live in that land of faith, hope, and charity called Christian Europe. Liberals systematically constructed a world where genuine faith, hope, and charity are outlawed, but for how long can they maintain such a kingdom? They will maintain it only so long as the Europeans deny their blood. When the men of fairy tale Europe, His Europe, see with their hearts instead of their heads they will be ready to take back their own again. And once taken, they will hold Christian Europe against all the world. +

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