Friday, July 15, 2011

The Darkness of Diversity

The darkness deepens; Lord with me abide! – H. F. Lyte

In his book Language is Sermonic, Richard Weaver made the point that every society has God words and devil words. Such words convey a meaning beyond the mere dictionary meaning of the words. Weaver used the words "democracy" and "reactionary" as examples of God and devil words. Both are still used today as God words and devil words, but there have been a number of new God words and devil words created by the liberals since Weaver wrote Language is Sermonic. A perusal of the new lexicon of God and devil words is like reading the pages of a tragic volume; it tells us the sad tale of the Europeans’ descent to oblivion.

The great God word of the liberals is diversity. Every college curriculum must have it, every business mandates it, and every neighborhood and school is supposed to celebrate it. What is this marvelous thing? It sounds even more wonderful than flubber, that miraculous substance Fred MacMurray invented in the Disney movie called The Absent-Minded Professor. After all the superlatives we’ve heard about diversity, aren’t we entitled to regard it as something more incredible than flubber? Yes, we are so entitled, and fortunately, the liberal informs us, diversity is just as beautiful and stupendous as we were told it is. Diversity is the cornerstone of paradise; it is what ushers mankind into the land of liberal milk and honey, much tastier and sweeter than the Biblical milk and honey which came with the taint of God upon it.

God words are seldom defined, and when they are they do not behave according to their definition. Diversity is supposed to mean a variety of differently colored people all living and working together inside of a great pleasure dome. But the outside observer (Martians are convenient for that type of work) notices that liberals do not mean varied when they use the word diversity; they mean a non-diverse monolith. The Martian observes formerly white countries with their own religion and their own culture based on that religion turning their country over to colored people. He further observes that the retreating whites forsake their God and worship the colored people as gods. He also notes that formerly white neighborhoods become all black neighborhoods, and formerly white customs and white traditions become banned customs and traditions, while all things pertaining to the worship of the Negro are proclaimed “diverse” and therefore sacred. The Martian observer leaves our planet in a daze and is unable to explain our bizarre double- and triple-speak to his fellow Martians.

The white leaders, the sons of Voltaire and Rousseau, talk diversity to the masses, but what they dream of is a non-diverse, non-white society. What about the white grazers? Do they really believe in the myth of “I’ll respect your culture and you’ll respect mine”? Yes, I suspect most of them do. The rationalist, scientific revolution was the prelude to Negro worship. Without their faith in Christ, the grazers lost their grip on reality. They became members of the liberal cult. Whatever their leaders tell them, they believe. And their leaders have told them that diversity means, “I’ll respect your culture and you’ll respect mine.” The white grazers would need the blinding sight that only comes from being an antique European to see that the white is not permitted his own culture; it has been labeled demonic. The antique European is only given the right to worship and serve the Negro. The “I’ll respect your culture and you’ll respect mine” gambit was only necessary for older whites who had a culture separate from the Negro culture. Now that every white child is taught “diversity” at his daycare provider’s knee, it is no longer necessary to tell whites that the Negro will respect their culture if they will respect the Negro’s, because the modern white man knows only one culture, the culture of Negro worship.

Diversity, as the liberal defines diversity, means the extinction of the white race. The colored hordes have always known what diversity means. That is why they support diversity in white nations while they outlaw it in their own nations. When the white nations have become diverse, in the liberal sense of the word, then the colored peoples will put an end to all diversity, in the actual sense of the word.

Racism has been a devil word in the European world for over half a century, but it does not mean what the straight dictionary definition says it means. Racism as a devil word can only be applied to white people. There are no black racists in Liberaldom. All white people are racists just by virtue of being white, but some whites are more racist than other whites. The racist whites, a vanishing breed, are the whites who persist in regarding white people and white culture as a people and a culture worthy of respect, love, and honor. That small remnant refuses to accept diversity. They are, according to liberal dogma, racist vermin who must be exterminated. The anti-white liberals who have denounced the white race have filled the spiritual void in their lives, caused by their rejection of the God of Europe, with a very real and personal hatred of antique Europeans and an abstract love of the black man. Their hate is more real to them than their love; hence, the primary passion of the liberal is his hatred for “racist” white Europeans who refuse to go gently into the dark night of diversity.

The heroes in the novels of the English author A. E. W. Mason and the Southern author Thomas Nelson Page all have one thing in common: they are uprooted from their one special spot of ground that they love over all, and must fight for spiritual and physical survival in foreign lands. In the case of Mason’s English heroes, the foreign land is usually India, and in the case of Page’s Southern heroes the foreign land is the North. But the heroes do not go to the foreign lands alone. They take their homeland and the code that sustains their homeland with them; it is in their blood. Hence, when Mason’s heroes face down howling devil worshippers, the servants of Kali, and prevail against all odds, they have made that spot of ground part of English soil, part of Christian Europe. And when the Southern heroes of Thomas Nelson Page refuse to abandon their bred-in-the-bone chivalry for the ethics of the utilitarian moneylenders of the North, they too have made foreign soil part of their soil, part of Christian Europe.

We few, we “racist” few, we Europeans, are in exile. But we hold Christian Europe in our blood, and wherever we fly our flag, that land remains Europe. There can be no compromise with the haters, because the essence of Liberaldom is the hate of white Europeans. How can they compromise and survive? They can’t and they won’t. Nor can we compromise. We can’t try to become part of Liberaldom, as the conservatives do, by proving that we are not racist. That policy doesn’t work, and it is a satanic policy because it requires that we renounce our blood. We are racist, we prefer our own to the stranger, and we hold Christian Europe as a sacred land separate and distinct from the colored lands. As Europe and the other white countries become colored countries, Christian Europe will become a vague memory and then a fantasy to the remaining Europeans still left alive. It is the task of the hero (and the remnant band of Europeans must assume the heroic mantle for the simple reason that there is nobody else) to make sure that Christian Europe remains a vivid reality to the liberals who hate it and the grazers who have forgotten it. We no longer have a country to return to as Alexander Smollet did, but we can still say, as Alexander Smollet did, that where we stand is Europe.

In the old Perry Mason novels and movies, Perry Mason is both the defender and the prosecutor. He defends his client by exposing the guilty party. We stand in that position vis-à-vis the antique Europeans and the culture they created. They are accused of the unpardonable sin, which is racism. And because of their alleged sin, the building of paradise has been delayed. The sentence of the liberal tribunal is death. Why have no clergymen come to the defense of Europe? Why is it left to the inarticulate peasant class? Because the Christian clergy heard the siren call of paganism and succumbed. In the pagan religions the sacred rituals performed with the proper wording, form, and ceremony, by a member of the elect priestly caste, is the way to God. 'Tis not so with Christ. His blood was our blood, and He comes to us through the blood, not the rite. The clergy jettisoned Christ our brother in order to hold on to their privileged status as keepers of the esoteric rites.

Have Europeans polluted the world and delayed the building of Utopia because they believed in Christ? No, the guilty party, the murderer of everything pure and decent is the liberal. There is an historical record. The only glimpse of charity and mercy ever seen on the face of the earth came from the antique Europeans, who have been convicted without a trial by the guilty-as-sin liberals. What have the liberals, after 60 plus years of power, produced? (1) “The result has been legalized abortion, war without the mitigating influence of chivalry, the absence of charity and mercy, sexual permissiveness and sexual perversion, the rise of the effeminate white male and the decline of the masculine white male, and the de-feminization of the white female. And at the top of the perverted list of European innovations is the innovation that holds Babylon together (or should we say keeps Babylon from being anything but Babylon): the worship of the Negro.” At present the liberals don’t even bother to defend themselves because their power is such that they don’t have to answer to anyone for their crimes. But in the early days of their reign, when they still felt unsure about the permanence of their triumph, they defended the more blatant crimes of Liberaldom, such as increased sexual promiscuity and rising black violence, as mere growing pains of a brave new world. When the Utopian system was completely in place, they insisted, there would be no more glitches in the machine. And who became the glitch that had to be eliminated? Yes, it was the remaining white Europeans who wanted to remain white Europeans.

All antique Europeans living in modern day Liberaldom face a crisis similar to those crises faced and overcome by the British grenadiers in the A. E. W. Mason novels. The liberals and their black minions are howling Afghans, Fuzzy-Wuzzies, and the devilish followers of Kali all rolled into one. It would seem that we, like Mason’s heroes, must fight on alone without hope of reinforcements. But we are not entirely alone. We take our European home, and the strength that those home associations give a man, into battle with us. The Christian European has never been afraid of the valley of the shadow of death, because he knows, with a faith bred-in-the bone, that the Son of God walks by his side. It is eventide for Europe, but no one’s death, and no civilization’s death, is a mathematical certainty so long as He abides with us. +


(1) I noticed a news item on the AmRen page that was one more proof of the ascendancy of liberalism over Christianity.

Young people, according to the post, now use the term “that’s racist” in a mocking way, much like an Eddie Haskell in a bygone era might have told a dirty joke in a church parking lot. The young people are being iconoclastic; they are poking fun at the establishment.

The liberals, despite trying to present themselves as downtrodden outsiders, are The Establishment. If a young white person wants to be truly anti-establishment, let him take up the cause of Christian Europe. It was a cross our ancestors gladly bore.

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