Friday, June 03, 2011

The Old Mill

A Mill at Gillingham in Dorset by John Constable

“And the battering ram of the liberal coalition is Negro worship.” – CWNY

There have been volumes of scholarly theological treatises written that dogmatically assert there never has been and never can be such a thing as a Christian civilization. I feel, in the presence of such scholarly assertions, much like the small boy in the old fable who listened to a group of self-proclaimed wise men declare, based on their studies of a dead bumble bee, that it was impossible for the bumble bee to fly. Unconvinced, the boy actually went outdoors where bumble bees lived and saw the bees in flight. Of course the scholarly men ignored the eyewitness account of the boy and held to their original assertion that “bumble bees cannot fly.”

There was a Christian Europe. I have read the eyewitness accounts of our bardic European chroniclers such as Walter Scott and William Shakespeare. Ben Gunn did not say he hadn’t eaten any food cooked by English hands for over three years; he said, “But mate, my heart is sore for Christian diet.” Only an academic who is “an errant knave despite all grace,” would insist that the Europeans during the Christian era of Europe were no different, oftentimes worse, than the pagans.

There are two strands of thought, often comingled in the same thinker, running through the death-heads of the “There-was-no-Christian-Europe” Western intellectuals. The first strand is the purist strand : “I see crimes of passion, crimes of greed, crimes of avarice, etc., in the so-called Christian European culture of the past, so how can you say that the European culture was better?” And of course the purist seldom stops with his denial of the superiority of the antique European culture to all the other cultures; he usually asserts the superiority of the pagan cultures to the Christian, European culture. The non-Europeans are presented as pure and untainted by the sins of the Europeans. What is the result of such thinking? If we can’t trust in the essential goodness of the people who took Christ to their hearts, whom can we trust? That brings us to the second strand that runs through the pygmy brain of the European liberal.

The second strand is the egotistical strand. If there is no reliable testimony of the truth of the Christian revelation to be found in the life blood of the antique Europeans, whom shall we turn to as our touchstone of reality? Who will tell us about the person and the nature of God? “We will,” shout the chorus of disenfranchised, disengaged, dysfunctional intellectuals of the Western world. Tragically the European people have listened to them, and as a result they have no touchstone of reality; they have lost their God, and they have lost their identity as a people. They are subject to the egotistical whims of an elite band of intellectuals who have abstracted themselves from all things human.

The European civilization of the incarnate God, a civilization in which all things material were symbols of the spiritual realm, has been replaced by Liberaldom, a kingdom where all things once believed to be part of the spiritual realm, such things as love, honor, and pietas, are now seen as part of the material realm. Nature is all, not man’s nature as a spiritual being, but man’s nature as a biological specimen. And yet somehow, if we listen to our intellectual custodians of the light, we, as biological entities only, are supposed to be moving generically to a paradise on earth. But the paradise is always in the future; we are enjoined to celebrate a kind of reverse-Confucianism. Instead of worshipping our ancestors, we are told we must worship the men and women of the future, who will be clean and pure because they will be black and brown. The black Übermensch is the liberals’ god, because he is the embodiment of a future state of bliss. In this state of bliss there will be no imperfection because the sinful, imperfect race, the white race, will have ceased to exist.

There is a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne called “The Birthmark.” In the story, a mad scientist becomes obsessed with a birthmark that he feels mars the perfect beauty of his wife. He tries to “cure” his wife’s imperfection by scientific potions. The end result of the cure is the death of his wife. The European intellectuals, under the guise of curing the racial birthmark of the European people, are killing the European people. All the political and social structures of the modern Europeans are set up like the tribal structures of the black natives in the old jungle movies. “Get the white man, torture and kill the white man,” is the sum total of the native black man’s religion. And that “advanced” religion is now the religion of the modern European.

Of course the liberal doesn’t love black people; the liberal is incapable of love. He can only worship abstractions. The noble black savage is an abstraction, a fantasy that the liberal will kill to maintain. Like the evil scientist in “The Birthmark” the liberal would much rather live in the black and brown paradise of the future than in the eternal moment given to us by a loving Creator: “he failed to look beyond the shadowy space of time, and, living once for all in eternity, to find the perfect future in the present.”

The white Christian civilization that the experts tell us never existed was the only civilization that was rooted in eternity. Christ’s reign of charity is eternal; it is past, present, and future. No matter its imperfections -- and of course there are imperfections because man is imperfect – the civilization of the antique Europeans was the only civilization in history that took the incarnation of the Son of God seriously. The liberals have seized on the racial birthmark of the Europeans and used it as their reason for destroying everything European. But we should be able to see behind the racial façade. The liberals hate humanity like Lucifer, their comrade in arms.

Tradition tells us that Satan’s rebellion against God came when he learned about God’s plan to create mankind. Ah, the mystery starts to become clear. The real reason for the liberals’ hate of the white man stems from their hatred of humanity and the humane God. The human condition is painful; better to flee from that pain and the God who created pain to a future without pain. And the liberals’ professed love for the Negro can also be seen for what it is: a love for an abstracted, black god of paradise who will rule over a pain-free world of black and brown people. The liberal is not deterred from his fantasy by the whiteness of his own skin; in his pygmy mind, which is all he has left, the liberal sees himself as pure mind, and his mind is black.

Satan has built Liberaldom over the ruins of Christendom by separating the European’s analytical brain from the organ of sight, the heart. When the European sees with his brain he sees the imperfections of God’s world and infers from what he sees that God is imperfect, imprecise, and illogical. So he feels free to create a new and better world. If challenged to show in what way the brave new world of the godless ones is superior to Christendom the liberal will tell you that we are not there yet, but just give him time.

The European who sees with his heart sees something quite different from the liberal. He sees a Hero-God of charity, who will bear any burden and fight any foe to deliver his people from the bondage of sin, which is death. Life is a fairy tale; when we cease to see life in the fairy tale mode — God vs. the devil, the knight vs. the dragon – we cease to behave as men and become swine subject to the imperial commands of the rulers of Liberaldom. Just as a mind-forged structural analysis of a work of literature kills the work of literature, so does a mind-forged structural analysis of man kill the humanity in man. Death in life and lifeless death is all that man can hope for in Liberaldom.

I come back to what a man can hope for. He can hope to live in the eternal moment of his European ancestors. That world, which is non-existent to the liberal and the intellectual dilettante, called Christian Europe still provides us with the chariot of fire and the arrows of desire with which we can reach out and touch the hand of God. Yes, the hand of God was upon the antique Europeans and His hand is upon us if our heart’s blood is joined with theirs.

My children recently gave me a book containing the works of the English landscape painter, John Constable (1776 – 1837). For me, Constable’s paintings constitute a pictorial Chronicles of Narnia. Through the simple human things Constable takes us through the wardrobe door and gives us a glimpse of the divine. When is a landscape more than a landscape? When it is painted by an Englishman whose heart and soul is rooted in eternal Europe. Black-worshipping Liberaldom will be consigned to the fire, but Constable’s European landscapes are forever. +

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