Friday, September 09, 2011

In Defense of the Non-Inclusive European

Yet many a minstrel in harping can tell
How the Red-cross it conquered, the crescent it fell:

-Walter Scott

When I was an undergraduate I had a professor who was a Marxist. Now, a Marxist in academia is not a rare thing, but this particular Marxist was different from the typical American Marxist. For one instance, this Marxist was a Stalinist. He denied the purges that even Khrushchev said took place. It was all lies -- the Gulag stories of Solzhenitsyn and so many others -- lies, lies, according to my professor. Secondly, the Marxist academic was more consistent than his liberal brethren, most of whom considered themselves Marxists as well. He was more consistent because he hated Shakespeare and regularly denounced him from his Marxist pulpit. A Marxist should hate Shakespeare’s vision of life; it is diametrically opposed to Marxism. On the other hand, the other academics, the liberal fellow-travelers of the Marxist, did not share his opinion of Shakespeare. They went into raptures about Shakespeare’s poetry, about his humanity, and about his keen insights into human nature. But they had no right to rhapsodize about Shakespeare. The Marxist professor was correct. From a liberal or Marxist view, which amounts to the same thing, Shakespeare is poison; he is a corrupter. As much as I hated the Marxist for hating my Shakespeare, I hated his liberal colleagues more, for trying to take comfort and sustenance from Shakespeare when, based on their professed beliefs, they should have left Shakespeare to the non-liberal Europeans and tried to take sustenance and solace from their modern garbage poets of Liberaldom.

I’ve come to have the same feelings toward the halfway-house Christians that I had towards the Marxist professor’s liberal colleagues. Why do they want to retain Christ for comfort and solace while remaining steadfast supporters of Liberaldom? They support Negro-worship, Christian fusionism with the Jews, the Muslims, etc., and they have an undying commitment to secular democracy. When they oppose the liberals, on such issues as abortion and evolution, they do so within the framework of Liberaldom. They differ respectfully and never try to topple Liberaldom for institutionalizing infanticide or blaspheming God. Indeed the halfway-house Christian believes that democratic, egalitarian Liberaldom is the Christian form of government. How does he reconcile that belief with legalized abortion and the sacred status of the theory of evolution? He reconciles his Christianity to liberal egalitarianism by calling legalized abortion and Darwinian evolution a misunderstanding: “If they only knew that the fetus was a child, and if they only knew the scientific evidence against evolution, they would understand and join hands with the Christians and celebrate what we all believe in: the worship of the Negro, the inclusion of all faiths in a pantheon of faiths, and the divine mandate to live and die according to the principles of democratic egalitarianism.” Negroization + inclusion + democracy = Christianity. Such is the faith of the halfway-house Christian.

The new false Christianity of the halfway-house Christians has done more damage than all the direct assaults on the faith by outright Christ-haters such as Marx and George Bernard Shaw. Why? C. S. Lewis gives us the answer in his seventh and final Narnia novel, The Last Battle. The Christian heroes of the novel find out, to their horror, that the result of years of false teaching about Aslan has made people stop believing in the real Aslan. “Tirian had never dreamed that one of the results of an Ape’s setting up a false Aslan would be to stop people from believing in the real one.” And where has halfway-house Christianity, the false Christianity, come from? It has come from the organized churches. If we break the stranglehold that the organized churches have on Christianity, we will have taken the first step, the most important step, toward bringing down the walls of Liberaldom.

There are no liberals in the colored cultures. There are some coloreds, like the Obama, who parrot liberal catch phrases because their bread is buttered by the liberals, but there are no people of color who have formed a passionate attachment to the liberal faith. The reason for the absence of liberal coloreds is obvious. Liberalism is a disease of the post-Christian white; the non-white people have never embraced Christianity, so they have never suffered the after-effect of post-Christianity.

The white man’s fate has been the same as Peter’s when he walked on water but then fell victim to fears and doubts:

“But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying Lord, save me. And immediately Jesus stretched forth His hand and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?”
The building of Christian Europe, through the grace of God, was equivalent to walking on water, but when the European started to sink he didn’t ask Christ to save him; he turned to science, and he turned to organized, inclusive Christianity instead of Christ. Churches are buildings; they are not the faith itself. If Christianity is not preached in the Church buildings, then the Christian Church is somewhere else. Why should this be so difficult to understand? St. Paul clearly tells us that the Church consists of those who believe in Jesus Christ. There is no other church. The Christianity of St. Paul, of the Gospels, is not compatible with the fusionism of the modern churches.

In the black mass the devotees have a valid priest say the mass, using the proper words of consecration. The Satanists think they can use Him for their own satanic purposes. What blasphemy! As if the Son of God would allow Himself to be used in that manner. The devil and his adherents are strict formalists, but our Lord, who bids us worship in spirit and in truth, is not.

Something similar to a black mass is taking place in the Christian halfway-house churches. They want to further the cause of their black gods, so they invoke Christ’s name to aid them. But does anyone believe that Our Lord, who sees into the secret recesses of our hearts, can be made to support the worship of Negroes just because halfway-house Christian clergymen invoke His name? Negro-worshipping clergymen will be forever at war with Christian Europeans, because in order to deify the Negro they must demonize the Europeans of the past, who did not deify the Negro. And in that European past, in the lifeblood of the European people, is the true image of Jesus Christ. You can’t have a church that worships the Negro and that worships Jesus Christ. The liberals and the halfway-house Christians have made their choice, and we have made ours. All talk about a European resurgence is useless if we do not break with the Negro-worshipping, anti-Christian Christians, who constitute the heretical center of organized Christianity.

Time and time again, I’ve seen some struggling white turned away from drugs or alcohol or sexual depravity by a burgeoning faith in Jesus Christ. And time and time again, I’ve seen the stream of that emerging faith diverted into a fusionist hell of Negro worship. The halfway-house Christian is like the seed in the Gospels that falls on the rocks; he has no roots, he has nothing to keep his faith in Christ from being washed away by liberalism.

Satan knows what has to be done to keep his kingdom, Liberaldom, in order. It is necessary that the European should divest himself of prejudices. And what are prejudices? They are the European’s link to the past. He prefers the values of white Christians to the values of black barbarians, and he prefers his exclusive Christian faith to the inclusive anti-Christian faith of the liberals. Burke said all this many years ago:

… in this enlightened age I am bold enough to confess that we are generally men of untaught feelings; that instead of casting away all our old prejudices, we cherish them to a very considerable degree, and to take more shame to ourselves we cherish them because they are prejudices, and the longer they have lasted and the more generally they have prevailed, the more we cherish them!
Herein constitutes the great blasphemy of the Negro-worshipping, halfway-house Christian: he flies in the face of the time-honored prejudices of the Christian European people. The modern, halfway-house Christian self-righteously takes it as a given that the Europeans of the past were insufficiently Christian because they placed a wall between the races and punished those who tried to breach the wall. Why would you assume such a time-honored prejudice was wrong? Was God wrong to discriminate against Ham and his descendants? Were millions of Christian Europeans wrong for century after century because they discriminated in favor of the white Christian civilization against the black barbarian civilization? If we are looking for diseased souls, we will find more than enough in the ranks of the halfway-house Christians. They see, when they look at the Europeans of the past, nothing but shameful prejudices, when (if they had eyes to see) they should see the image of the God they have forsaken for the Negro and the gods of the inclusive Christian churches.

The white man’s sphere of activity has been limited to “whatever serves Liberaldom.” It’s sad to see a once great race of people, the Christ-bearing race, beg to be allowed a small corner of Liberaldom. In the wake of the recent race riots in London, for instance, some 60 members of the English Defense League gathered in a park in a London suburb, sang patriotic songs, and chanted, “England, we love you!”

When I read that statement for an instant my heart soared. Were patriotic Englishmen about to make a stand for white, Christian Britain? No, they were not. They followed up their patriotic songs with a declaration that indicated they belonged to the new, inclusive England which is not England; it is nothing: “The EDL and all decent people be they black, white, Christian, Sikh, Jewish or Muslim are sickened by this mindless, selfish and ultimately self-defeating behavior.” The white man has been carefully trained to preface all his protests against colored violence with “not all blacks, not all Muslims, not all…” – why go on repeating the drivel of trained parrots? The black and Muslim violence is not “self defeating”; it is meant to further the defeat of the retreating white Englishmen. The blacks and the Muslims do not dream of a multi-racial Britain where “all decent people” live together. The blacks don’t dream at all; they just murder, rape, and pillage, and the Muslims dream of an Islamic Britain. Only white men who consider their race, their nation, and their faith as one sacred entity, which must be defended against all the world, will be of any use in the ongoing war against Satan and his colored legions. +

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