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The Red Cross Knights Of Europe

During what the Northern liberals called “Reconstruction” and the Southern people experienced as hell, the liberals of the North tried to exterminate the white race in the South, just as the whites in San Domingo were exterminated, by placing them at the mercy of black barbarians who had no concept of mercy. (1) The Northern liberals failed to exterminate the white Southerners for one reason and one reason only. Thomas Nelson Page, this nation’s Walter Scott, tells us the reason:

“It was a veteran soldiery that repeopled the plantations and the homesteads of the South, and withstood the forces thrown against them during the period of Reconstruction. In addition to such racial traits as personal pride, self-reliance, and physical courage, they possessed also race pride, which is inestimable in a great popular struggle. This race pride the war had only increased. However beaten and broken they were, the people of the South came out of the war with their spirit unquenched, and a belief that they were unconquerable.”

And of course the man who wrote The Needle’s Eye is not referring to the racial pride of the pagan, he is talking about the racial pride of a Christian, which is pietas, the love of one’s own and a consciousness of one’s responsibilities toward a God who enjoins His people to love their own as He loves them.

The civil war in this country was just a slightly more dramatic manifestation of the civil war taking place in every European nation. And in every European nation the outcome was the same. The “love that once was there,” the love that the white man had for his own people, died and the European succumbed to the liberal-barbarian coalition. By the mid-1960’s white Britain, the white South, white France, and so on, were no more. White people still existed in all of the European nations, but a people without pride of race are not a people; they are cattle waiting to be taken to the slaughterhouse.

What made the European stop loving his own? The philosophers and “thinking men” told him ad nauseum and into infinity that his own people were unworthy of love, and over time the European came to believe in the unworthiness of the European. “Better to lose one’s self in a cosmic secular faith, in which the white race is absorbed by the all good and all powerful black race.” It’s not superior numbers that killed the white man; it was the white man’s loss of faith in the goodness of the European people and the truth of their vision of Christ. Where the old European Christianity was personal, intuitive, and connected to the hearth fire, the new Christianity was impersonal, rationalist, and connected to a cosmic, Babylonian pleasure dome. The New Orleans Superdome during Hurricane Katrina and the United Nations’ building during the ongoing bloody carnage in the streets of New York (no more tripping the light fantastic with Mamie O’Rourke) are perfect examples of the heart and texture of the new Christ-less, hopeless world in which the white man has chosen to exist until his liberal and black masters decide that it is time for his body to join his soul in the Kingdom of the Dead.

Is a death in life existence worth living? Even the grazers have said that it isn’t. In the midst of their somnolence they have cried out. They cannot bear the banality of the racial and sexual Babylon in which they live. The traditional soporifics, blood sport, pornography, and Christless cathedrals presided over by a faithless clerical elite, have only produced despair. Men and women, especially white men and white women, need to feel that they are loved for what they are, not because of how well they denounce what they are. The color of a man’s skin is part of his essential soul; if he must deny that soul in order to exist he will pine away and die. That is what is happening to the white man, particularly the grazer. The halfway-house Christian has more successfully tapped into the demonic energy of the liberal.

Taken out of context Edgar’s words in King Lear – “Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say,” sound like some hippie platitude from the sixties – “Hey, man, I just got to go with what I feel.” But in the context of the play Edgar’s words cut to the heart of existence. King Lear has destroyed his realm and ruined the lives of his subjects because “he has but little known himself.” He created a false image of reality, which reinforced his own exalted image of himself, and tried to inflict that abstraction on his subjects. The result was a world where “Humanity must perforce prey on itself, Like monsters of the deep.” Such will always be the case when the European does not see life “feelingly.” When he worships at an altar created in his own abstracted mind, divorced from every clean and noble sentiment of the heart, such as love of race, family, and God, he becomes either a grazer who is preyed upon by the inhuman, liberal monsters of the deep, or else he becomes an inhuman, liberal monster of the deep.

The mind-forged altars of the black gods of Liberaldom were built by men like Voltaire, Rousseau, Twain, and Pope John XXIII. Their lies about the intrinsic evil of the European people became the faithless faith of the European people. There were no more mea culpas for personal sins; there was only one mea culpa, the mea culpa for being white. And the only acceptable penance for whiteness is self-destruction. This liberal-recommended self-immolation is not what the white should do. He should refuse to be part of the penitential rites of the Christ-less church of the liberals, and instead he should return to his own hearth fire and learn to see life feelingly again. Once the heart is engaged, sight will return to the white man and he will leave his Babylonian pleasure dome of oblivion to return home, to his people and their ancient faith.

The liberals were not reconstructing the South. If we reconstruct something we rebuild that which was broken or destroyed. The attempted reconstruction of the South was in reality an attempt to destroy the South. The first attempt failed, but subsequent attempts were successful, just as they were successful throughout the European world. The terminology used to describe the liquidation of the European people varies from nation to nation, but the desired object, the death of the European people, is the same throughout all the formerly white Christian nations.

I don’t dispute the math of the conservatives and the white nationalists who tell us of the coming colored majorities in all the formerly European nations, but I do dispute the notion that white nationalists need to “wake up” a majority of white people before they can affect any “meaningful change.” Is that the way Europeans, when they were real flesh and blood Europeans, used to view existence? The hero doesn’t wait for followers; he acts. The unquenchable spirit that rides triumphant over ruin and death does not care about demographic charts and prophecies of doom. Hamlet’s defiance of augury still stands today. Nothing is impossible in the spiritual realm. The European must decide to enter that realm once again. If we allow the “this world only” liberals to set the perimeters for us we will never come out of Babylon. But if we turn from the Duessa of Babylon, as St. George did, and keep our eyes focused on Una, the Faerie Queene of truth and beauty, who bids us look to Him as the beginning and the end of every quest, we will win. The liberal-barbarian dragon has no defense against the Red Cross Knight of Europe.

“The knight himselfe euen trembled at his fall,
So huge and horrible a masse it seem’d;
And his deare Ladie, that beheld it all,
Durst not approch for dread, which she misdeem’d,
But yet at last, when as the direfull feend
She saw not stirre, off-shaking vaine affright,
She nigher drew, and saw that ioyous end:
Then God she praysd, and thankt her faithfull knight,
That had atchieu’d so great a conquest by his might.”

Fairy tales again? Yes! Isn’t a belief in a fairy tale what separates the European from the colored races? Michelangelo (whose work is no different from an African voodoo sculpture, or so the liberals tell us) depicts the hand of God reaching out for the hand of man. Christ was and is the hand and heart of God. If the liberals were given ten thousand years to come up with a more sublime and beautiful image of God than the European vision of Christ, they could not do it. Keats was profoundly Christian without knowing it: “Beauty is truth and truth beauty.” Stripped naked the outwardly alluring Duessa was revealed as an ugly witch that turned men’s stomachs. The tragedy of the European is that he still sees Duessa clothed in the outward splendor of Babylon. It is the task of the Red Cross Knights of Europe to show the naked evil of Duessa. Then all will be clear. The battle lines will be drawn. It is the Red Cross Knights of Europe versus Duessa’s liberal-barbarian coalition. +


(1) Are there any blacks that have a concept of mercy? Yes, those who are loyal to their white masters and have adopted the values and beliefs of the white Europeans. Such blacks are few and far between. In all of San Domingo, for instance, there was only one recorded case of a black servant who didn’t turn on his white masters. Uncle Remus? The man was a saint, but he was a creation of a white man. Still, let’s concede the existence of a few faithful, black Uncle Remuses. How are they viewed by the black barbarians? Aren’t they vilified because they don’t hate the white race? Of course they are. We are engaged in a war with the prince of darkness and his minions. Let’s not indulge in “Find the good negro” parlor games.

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