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Yet Death Cannot Our Hearts Divide

And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded. And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. – Genesis 11: 5-6

I once read, with growing horror as I progressed in my reading, an article by a Jansenist priest who professed to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Martin Luther was in hell. Anyone with even a modicum of Christianity in their soul (which would exclude Dante) knows that we are permitted – nay we are enjoined – to make judgments here on earth about the nature of good and evil. But the final judgment of souls, Christians believe, is left to God.

I include that rather basic Christian tenet as a preface to this post in order to make it clear that when I use words such as ‘condemn’ and ‘judge’ it is in the traditional Christian sense; I am condemning actions and individuals whom I believe to be evil, but the final disposition of their souls rests with God. I wish that I could say that I had never, even for a moment, wished one of my enemies in hell. I can’t say that though, because there have been such moments, but when the darkness lifts I realize such ultimate judgments belong to Him alone. Having issued that disclaimer, let me proceed to the subject of these wars.

By what right do the liberals or the halfway house Christians condemn the football coach recently accused of sodomizing young children? As an antique European I can condemn him, because his actions are considered sinful when judged by antique European standards (1). But how can the liberals and their New Age Christian allies condemn a child molester? There is no such thing as a sex crime in Babylon. For a liberal to draw back from that obvious tenet of Babylon is a monumental act of hypocrisy. What did Jerry Sandusky do that was not in keeping with the ethos of Babylon? Is sodomy a sin in Babylon? No, it is not. Is sex with children a sin in Babylon? No it is not; the liberals start sex education classes in kindergarten. Is Sandusky being condemned because the sex was not consensual? It appears that it was. And please, Mr. Liberal, don’t tell me that a child can’t decide those things for himself when you hand out contraceptives to children like candy and you provide abortions for them without obtaining their parents’ consent. And if it wasn’t consensual? So what? Wasn’t Sandusky simply ‘breaking another taboo’? And isn’t that always a good thing? How can we progress toward paradise on earth if courageous men like Jerry Sandusky do not break down antiquated moral barriers put in place by older Europeans who did not worship the idols of Babylon? Liberals are forever condemning their own children because they do not act according to the liberals’ preferred vision of Babylon. Just as they condemned Hitler for preferring his Aryan version of Babylon to their wine-and-cheese-party Babylon, they have condemned Sandusky for not adhering to their homosexual ideal, where a man has one significant other for a time and then moves on to another significant other, just like the heterosexual liberals. But Sandusky didn’t conform to the liberals’ ideal. He preferred young boys to adult males. Who in Liberaldom dares to condemn him? They all do, but they have no right to do so.

The liberals even have the audacity to talk about the loss of innocence! Every liberal program for “children” is designed to destroy their innocence. Our public schools and the mainstream private schools are cesspools of debauchery. No child comes out of such bastions of Liberaldom with a shred of innocence. The liberals will now insist that what the sports charities need is more state supervision. But how can degenerate, inhuman monsters be the moral arbiters of what is good for children? They have already told us what they consider good for children: children must be brought up to take their place in Babylon. In order to do that they must learn to hate white people, because white people once oppressed the human race, and to adore the new multi-colored (minus the white) Babylonian world in which there is no sin but racism and sexism. When the liberal condemns the Jerry Sanduskys of Babylon he is exhibiting a remnant strain of Christianity. In time, if no Europeans stand against Babylon, even the man-boy activities of such degenerates as Jerry Sandusky will be sanctioned. Just give the Babylonians time and much worse crimes than Jerry Sandusky’s will become part of the fabric of everyday life in Babylon. Actually I should cancel the future tense; much worse crimes than Jerry Sandusky’s are already part of the fabric of modern Babylon.

It is my belief that the Christian churches joined with organized Jewry to usher in the age of Babylon. The Jews, after being marginalized by the people who embraced the Messiah they rejected, became a people whose central tenet of faith was the hatred of the white European. In keeping with their central tenet they encouraged race-mixing among the Europeans in order to fuse Christianity with paganism, which always leads to the death of Christianity. When the Europeans became part of organized Jewry and began to hate their European ancestors they fused their faith and their race with the colored tribes. It is truly remarkable, considering the transfigured Christ came down to earth to condemn the building of the tower of Babel, that professed Christians should condemn sodomy on the one hand (which God also came down to earth to condemn) and on the other hand accept the first step toward institutionalized sodomy, which is race-mixing, for once we defy God’s order in one instance we will defy Him in other instances as well.

In the civil rights movements in this country during the 1950’s and 1960’s we frequently heard Christian pastors push race-mixing as the Christian thing to do. But are such pastors really Christians? I don’t think so, for a number of reasons.

1) The so-called Christian pastors do not take the Biblical injunctions against race-mixing seriously. They interpret the Bible mythically and feel free to ignore it as true history.

2) Their new Christianity is based on hate. While they are preaching love for the “oppressed” colored races they spew out hatred for the white race. This is in stark contrast to the Christian segregationists such as Thomas Nelson Page. If we read his commentaries on the Negro for instance, we do not find hatred for the negro in his writings. We do find, in the new age Christians’ commentaries about white people, vehement hatred of the white on every page. Now the “Christian” pastors would tell us that is because the white is evil and the colored races are good. But that is the point. Is it Christian to ascribe all evil to one race?

3) The anti-Christian Christian pastors have no concern for truth. Can there be faith without truth? Our Lord did not think so. The civil rights pastors (and we know that civil rights means race-mixing) don’t care to look at the results of racial equality in Haiti or race-mixing in Mexico. In Haiti racial equality turned into black domination and the extermination of the whites. In Mexico race-mixing allowed the Aztecs to reconquer Mexico. When the colored pagan mixes with the white Christian, a Christian society is not the result. Instead we see a gradual transformation from a Christian society to a pagan society. And please don’t repeat the hackneyed argument that the pure and noble coloreds will regenerate the decadent white race. Most Europeans are post-Christian pagans, but their regeneration will not come, if it comes at all, by mixing with the colored races. Then there will be no white race from which to launch a counter-attack. If everyone is a mixed-race Babylonian, there will be no light, no vision of the European Christ to look to for our salvation. And truth be told, which is the solemn duty of the Christian, there is a remnant band of Europeans who have not bent their knees to Baal. Their vision needs to be followed, not obliterated or watered down by the colored races.

4) Where there is no humanity there is no God. I worked one summer, during my college days, at an inner city camp for boys. Since most of the campers were going to be black, a white social worker was sent from the local university to tell the counselors, who were predominantly white, how to be nice to black children. (2) The hard-eyed social worker told us that it was very important not to force the black children to abandon their neighborhood pals or their brothers in the name of some group activity. “These bonds of neighborhood and family are very important to a black child’s self-esteem,” the Ph.D. intoned. I was hardly a white separatist at the time, but I did ask the obvious question: “Should we encourage the same solidarity amongst the white boys who come to camp?” The answer was quite illuminating. “I don’t care about white boys.” But shouldn’t someone care about white boys? I do, because they are my people, and I don’t want to be wiser than my ancestors and become part of a Babylonian world where there are no close ties between kith and kin because nobody has any recognizable kith or kin.

To date there has only been one fully human race. The other races have yet to become fully human. Yes, they care about their own, but they do not love their own as the Europeans once loved their own. God’s spies, the European poets, who are the true chroniclers of European history, have shown us that to be fully human a man needs the depth of feeling that comes only from an attachment to a particular people and a personal God who sustains those people. How did Scott put it?

Breathes there the man, with soul so dead
Who never to himself hath said,
This is my own, my native land!

What kind of world will it be when whites mix their blood with the colored races? It will be a world of dead souls.

The wretch, concentred all in self,
Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
And, doubly dying, shall go down
To the vile dust from whence he sprung,
Unwept, unhonored, and unsung.

What kind of man condemns his children to a life without a connection to a particular people where they can learn, through their attachment to kith and kin, how to love the living God? A man without honor, a man who hates his own people so much that he wants to kill his kith and kin by eradicating every trace of their blood lines in the cesspools of Babylon.

Once, in a conversation with a traditionalist priest, I expressed, or tried to express, my love for the older European culture. The priest took particular pleasure in informing me that the Europe I loved didn’t exist anymore. I thought that was a rather odd comment coming from a man who was supposed to believe in Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Of course I knew that the modern European people had turned their back on Europe. I wasn’t living in a cave for thirty years, reading only books by Walter Scott. The Christian reveres that which leads him to Christ. A man who knows the heart of old Europe will know the heart of Christ. Nothing eternal dies. If I unite my heart and soul to the ancient Europeans who rest in the arms of the Lord, then Christian Europe still lives on this earth. And one faithful soul will breathe life into another faithful soul, and so it will go on till Christ returns. There is never a good reason to cease the fight for antique Europe.

We know that the struggle availeth because the devil still attacks the European. Even though there does not seem to be the slightest possibility of a European revival, the devil is afraid that the Europeans might once again call on His name and rise and ride. Why else would he order his minions to intensify their assault on white people?

Over the years I’ve seen so many friends and acquaintances who I thought were strong in their faith and committed to old Europe heart and soul succumb to the lure of Babylon. And when I look back on those “friends” – now enemies – I can see their tragic flaw. They had an intellectual commitment to certain philosophical and theological principles, but they didn’t love the people of antique Europe and the civilization they built. They saw the European past with only their minds, not their hearts. Without a heartfelt love for Europe to sustain them, they succumbed to the siren call of Babylon.

Ultimately I cannot understand the Europeans who betray their blood. I know they exist in legions, but there is nothing inside of me that I can draw on to understand them. Do they have hearts of stone? Does not the beauty, the spiritual beauty of antique Europe, move them in the very depths of their souls? Don’t they have children they want to grow up loving the culture in which He resides? It’s the mystery of iniquity. The devil saw Christ with, not through, the eye, and consequently he saw only an archrival. We few, we Europeans, who see through the eye shall go, not once more unto the breach, but unto the breach again and again, until His Kingdom come. +


(1) I don’t know whether Sandusky is a child rapist or child molester, but in either case the immoral monsters of Liberaldom have no right to condemn him. He is their child.

(2) Most of the black counselors were fired because they beat the children.

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