Friday, November 14, 2008

The Eyes of Faith

After the French Jacobins swept away the monarchy, Christianity, and the French nobility, they placed a Parisian prostitute on a pedestal and made her the goddess of reason. The symbolism of that act is perfect. When reason is divorced from revelation, reason becomes a whore.

It came home to me when I saw pictures of the Obama presidential celebrations on the college campuses and the streets of America that Americans are celebrating their own French revolution. They have divorced reason from revelation and gone a-whoring after the savage god. Nothing good can come from a people who celebrate the triumph of heathenism.

Thomas Molnar pointed out in his book Counter-Revolution that revolutions first succeed in the minds of the ruling but soon-to-be deposed governors. Years of propaganda from the revolutionaries make the rulers doubt their own legitimacy, and when the moment of crisis comes there is no one left to defend the regime. The triumph of the barbarian hordes took place because there was no one even remotely connected to the Republican Party who equated civilization with Christian Europe. The Republicans never once said they opposed Obama because it was blasphemous for a black barbarian to be president. They opposed him because they claimed they could provide more goods and services to black people with their free market policies than the Democrats could with their socialist policies.

But the Democratic Party was able to find a revolutionary god to go with their economic policy, thus providing their followers with a faith. The Republican Party will go into the dustbin of history because it never found a god. They will make all sorts of excuses for why they lost, and the Limbaugh crowd will plan their new strategies, but it will all come to naught, because they have no faith.

I can hear the liberal-conservative protest: “We go to church. How dare you say we have no faith.” I’m sure most of the liberal-conservatives do go to church, as do most of the Obamba-worshipping Democrats. But our churches are not Christian churches. They do not worship the living God in the Christian churches. They worship the civic-virtue god. The liberal-conservatives look on Christ as a hard-charging entrepreneur, very skilled but inferior in power and majesty to the market itself. And the Democrats look on Christ as the Great Gatsby – a nice guy who supports the liberal causes, but certainly inferior in power and majesty to the black man.

The Republicans will be planning their strategies to stage a comeback in 2012. And the Democrats will try to consolidate and extend their power, but both parties have the same goal: to establish a multi-racial, godless utopia. We know that such a utopia is not possible, and even if they were to succeed, the result would be a 1984-type of dystopia. But the white liberal will not be around to see the future, because where he envisions a utopia that includes his enlightened self, the black man envisions a future with a white man in every stew pot. Of course the black man will lose his sacred status when the white man disappears, because the white man has always sustained the black man. Without the whites, blacks will return to the jungle and become the slaves of the Orientals.

If we follow only the Spenglerian logic of history, the European has very little time left. His day is done. He has only a few evening hours left before he must say goodbye, not only to the world stage but to life itself. That is according to Spenglerian logic. But Spengler represents the decadent part of the European’s personality. He represents the analytical, speculative man. For such a man there is a discernible logic to the historical process that, once grasped, can be used as a crystal ball to see the future. And the Spenglerian European has been mesmerized by the historical process as a cobra is mesmerized by the snake-charmer’s pipe. He sees the death of European man in his crystal ball, and he is incapable of doing anything to oppose what he thinks is the inevitability of history. They only thing he can do is to hasten his extinction by merging his identity with the historical process. Having lost his faith in a personal resurrection, he can at least be part of the historical process. The post-Christian rationalist is always moving onward – toward what?

The Spenglerian or Greek part of European man’s soul has been so dominant for the past century that it is often difficult to believe that he has another side. But the European did not always hold speculative philosophy and mumbo-jumbo speculations about the historical process as the penultimate of Western man’s achievement. The Hebraic European man who sees history through the eyes of faith is the true European. The words of a Welsh poem keep coming back to me: “Nothing can compare to the love that once was there.” The European loved Christ. It was that simple. Picture the strong Germanic warrior, stronger than the Roman legionaries whom he had just defeated, listening to a monk tell the Christ story. He heard, he believed, and he loved. Clovis reportedly said, when he first hear the story of the Crucifixion, “Oh, if I had only been there with my Franks.”

We are here, at the crucifixion of Christian civilization. The dancing in the streets over Obama’s election is a celebration of the death of Christian Europe. It took a long time to die, too long in the opinion of the PCR whites and the colored races, but now that it is officially dead, Satan’s minions think they are in for one huge satanic bacchanalia.

But suppose there are a few Europeans left who do not see history with the eyes of the Greeks, or with one eye of faith and one eye of reason. Suppose they see with both eyes, and both eyes are fixed on the Man of Sorrows? A different world can be seen with those eyes. In that world, nothing is written. There is no Kismet and no inexorable historical process that grinds to an inevitable conclusion. “Lazarus, come forth!” What a moment! The same God that raised Lazarus from the dead is perfectly capable of raising European civilization from the dead, provided we love like the men and women of eternal Europe once loved. Shakespeare’s Henry V put it in good Anglo-Saxon terms when he declared that he and his men were ready for battle because, “our hearts are in the trim...”

Revolutions and counter-revolutions are won and lost in the human heart. Western civilization, the white man’s civilization, was built because the European took Christ into his heart. The colored races have never heard the still, small voice that inspired the European. They only saw the outward prosperity of European civilization and sought to make that prosperity their own. This is why the blacks are celebrating the victory of Obama. They think the wealth of the West will be theirs if one of their own is the ruler of the West. Of course it is a delusion. If they truly achieve complete power without any liberal whites to help them, they will be impoverished, as the blacks in South Africa and Rhodesia have become impoverished.

And what are the whites celebrating? They also are celebrating the death of European civilization, but they are not celebrating because they will now become prosperous; most of them are prosperous enough. They want to kill, once and for all, that still, small voice that inspired the antique Europeans. If only that voice, which calls them to a higher destiny than the races of color, would cease, they could be happy. Christ haunts them. Every time they hear His voice, they remember the look He gave St. Peter after the third denial. That look of infinite compassion and love. And that look is something the PCR white wants to banish from the world. “I shall not serve,” was Satan’s proud boast, and “I don’t need your love or compassion,” is the white liberal’s boast. Far better, the liberal thinks, to turn to a black god who promises deliverance from Christian Europe.

Why does the white liberal want to be delivered from Christian Europe? Because Christian Europe stinks of humanity. The white liberal, for all of his talk about loving mankind, really hates humanity. He believes, with Sarte, that hell is other people. That is why the liberal’s utopia is devoid of those cradles of humanity so cherished by Christian Europeans. Babies are murdered in the womb, and patriarchal families are forbidden in the liberal utopia. The reason the liberals want to interject the black man into the classic stories and the traditional cultures of the European people is because Negroization destroys the humanity of a culture. Black integration always leads to the disintegration of a culture. If the liberal is to avoid the pain associated with humanity and be free to build his sterile, anesthetized utopia, he must kill everything European by blending the European with the black. “Who would be wedded to hell?” The white liberal would, and is, wedded to hell in the form of the black man.

Writing in 1949, Helmut Kuhn said that “Modern man sees with one eye of faith and one eye of reason.” I think since that time the second eye, the eye of faith, has closed. Modern man now sees only with the eyes of reason. And it seems rational to avoid pain. But the eyes of faith, the eyes of those first Europeans who wept when they heard the Christ story, can see that the pain and suffering of existence is lessened when we embrace our humanity, not when we seek to escape from it, because in the depths of our suffering humanity, He is there, and He is the only one of us who has truly triumphed over suffering and death. Through Him and in Him, we conquer those two impostors as well.

It is the mission of the remaining Europeans to keep both eyes focused on the Hero–God of our European ancestors. The black gods are devil gods and will take the white man down to an integrated hell. We can only defeat the devil’s integration plan by re-segregating Europe and re-consecrating it to Him. A Europe so segregated and so consecrated is the only Europe we should seek, because it is the only Europe worthy of our ancestors who rest in the arms of the Lord. +

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