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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Face of Jesus Christ

“But of what use is a sound currency if the people are lost? And what would be the point of defending the country against foreign attack if the people themselves had become foreign?” – A. Jacob

I want to focus on the recent apology for the “sin of segregation” by the Fundamentalists at Bob Jones University. They apologized for the sins of their fathers, which is always the easiest type of apology because you can condemn someone else while appearing humble and holy yourself.

Let us be clear about what the Bob Jonesers are saying. They are saying that the pro-abort, pro-sodomy, anti-Christian liberals are wrong about those three moral issues, but they are right about the morality of race-mixing. And their ancestors, who were anti-abortion, anti-sodomy, and Christian, were wrong about segregation. Is that possible? No, it isn’t. You must choose, Mr. Backsliding Fundamentalist. Either the faith of your ancestors is wrong and Satanism is right, or your ancestors were right: sodomy, abortion, and race-mixing are wrong and Christianity is true.

At least the liberals are consistent. They condemn all the white man’s heritage and make it clear the world will be a better place when there are no white people left on the face of the earth. The Fundamentalists at Bob Jones University want to hold to part of the white man’s heritage, whatever part of that heritage that makes them feel good about themselves, and jettison whatever part of the heritage that makes the liberals angry. “Please, Mr. Liberal, tell me I’m being good.” And what do the liberals tell such fawning sycophants? They tell them, “That’s a beginning, but keep on jettisoning.” And eventually the Born-Again Integrationist can be seen wandering aimlessly through the desert, sighing wistfully and asking, “Whatever became of me?”

Of course things are even worse on the Catholic side of the coin. There we are forced to listen ad nauseum to creatures like Thomas Fleming explaining to us why we should hate our ancestors and subscribe to the new theology of Thomas Fleming.

What is the fatal flaw in the Bob Jonesers’ and the Catholic partisans’ way? The Fundamentalist says, “Give me my Bible and let the rest go. I don’t need the cultural heritage of the European.” The Catholic says, “Give me the Church documents and a traditional way of looking at the documents; everything else is dross.” What is missing, when we subscribe to either way, is the face of Jesus Christ. Without the cultural heritage of the European, we do not know who or what God is. He doesn’t come to us through parchment; He comes to us through humanity. We see His face through His people who joined their blood with His. It is when men give flesh to Holy Scripture and the Church documents that we come to know Christ. If we never saw a charitable act, could we believe in a charitable God? If we never knew a loving father, could we believe in God the Father who loved so much that He gave His only begotten Son?

This idea that the white man and his heritage can be eliminated and the Gospel of Christ maintained is an international phenomenon, not limited to the Catholic and Protestant churches of America. Wherever there are white clergymen, the new gospel that abominates the white and worships the black is proclaimed. And it is nothing more than a cowardly capitulation to the powers of this world. “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.” Surely the sacred heritage of a people who saw the face of Jesus Christ is not something that Caesar has a right to dispose of at his whim. That heritage comes from God and belongs only to Him.

This worldwide (and by worldwide, I mean the European world) black-worshipping frenzy runs directly contrary to everything white Christians used to believe. A friend, who is not a believing Christian but is very interested in the survival of the white race, recently asked me if I was in agreement with those who cited some medieval theologians that stated the black was not fully human, in order to justify abortion for blacks. My answer was that I didn’t see why the matter was so difficult to understand. The Bible story of Noah’s sons seems to be theologically sound and in accord with the realities of life. The sons of Ham are part of the human family, but their extreme proclivities toward the baser things of life must be held in check. They must be ruled by a more responsible and Godly race. So of course they are human, and of course they shouldn’t be allowed to abort.

Whites shouldn’t support the murder of black infants in the womb; they should build a society in which blacks are held in check by a dominant white Christian culture. The banned Disney movie (that is, the real Walt Disney) The Song of the South, which is admittedly highly idealized, demonstrates the way blacks, when subservient to a white Christian culture, can become decent, God-fearing individuals. If that movie were made today, Uncle Remus would have a white wife and go around molesting small children of both colors.

In this country prior to the Civil War, white liberals talked about liberating the black man so they could elevate him. And maybe some of those deluded souls believed such nonsense. But now it is apparent that the white liberals wanted to “liberate” the black in order to eradicate Christianity. They don’t want to end the sex and blood orgies of the black man, they want to join in.

It’s important that we don’t let the white clergymen and their followers rest content in their palatial half-way houses. If they want race-mixing, then they, not us, should be forced to take the consequences. They should live without the sure and certain hope of the Resurrection. They should live without seeing the face of Christ in His people. And above all, they should live with the black man in the hellish nightmare world in which he feels quite at home.

The white man who still cherishes his heritage has spent the last fifty years trying to win the liberal whites back and convert the blacks. That strategy hasn’t worked. And most whites whom I encounter that are not liberals have embraced suicidal despair because they think there is nothing left for the white man but death. But I think there is life for the white man if the remnant would stop buttressing up the black-and-white cookie civilization of the West. The black-and-white Church is not our church, because it is not a Christian church, and their nation is not our nation, because it is a multi-racial nation that belongs to Satan. Let Satan support his church, and his minions support his nation. It’s time for the white liberal and the black man to worry about the white counter-revolutionary, and not for the white man to sit cowering in his house wondering when the multi-cultural police will come for him.

Every Thanksgiving Day my family and I watch the movie, A Miracle on 34th Street (1947), with Edmund Gwenn and Maureen O’Hara. The New York City that magically comes to life when Santa Claus walks among them is a white city. It is a city of almost every crime and every sin known to man, but there is redemption and grace in that city because there are white people there. And the one sin they are not guilty of is race-mixing. What does the poet say? “Say not that the struggle naught availeth.” If we give up on the white race, we will never again see the face of Jesus Christ. He will become a phantom that haunts our nightly dreams but fades away in the light of day.

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Book Review: Wanda Gág's works

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1938), Tales from Grimm (1936), and More Tales from Grimm (1947) by Wanda Gág

If I were forced to limit my library to a small core of books, I would choose the Bible (KJV), Shakespeare, Scott, Dickens, C. S. Lewis (the Narnia series), Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows, and the collected works of the Brothers Grimm. All except the last work were originally written in English and need no translator. I would definitely choose Wanda Gág as my translator for the Brothers Grimm. She illustrated and translated a number of the Grimm’s fairy tales.

Wanda Gág grew up in the German-speaking section of New Ulm, Minnesota. Her ancestors came from the very places in Germany where most of the Grimm’s tales were born. She has, in my opinion, not only the genius to illustrate the tales but also the right spirit to translate them. In her own words, she tells us what the fairy tales mean to her:

The magic of Märchen is among my earliest recollections. The dictionary definitions – tale, fable, legend – are all inadequate when I think of my little German Märchenbuch and what it held for me. Often, usually at twilight, some grown-up would say, “Sit down, Wanda-chen, and I’ll read you a Märchen.” Then, as I settled down in my rocker, ready to abandon myself with the utmost credulity to whatever I might hear, everything was changed, exalted. A tingling, anything-may-happen feeling flowed over me, and I had the sensation of being about to bite into a big juicy pear.

When, four years ago, I was in the midst of a Hansel and Gretel drawing, the old Märchen magic gripped me again and I felt I could not rest until I had expressed in pictures all that Märchen meant to me.

In order to be influenced as directly as possible by the real spirit of these stories, I read them in the original German. I had at that time no idea of writing my own text but I soon found that I wanted to do this also.

After choosing a group of stories, I made literal translations of them. Some lent themselves easily to this method and came out practically as fresh and lively as they were in the original. This was especially true of those in dialect, for, because of their simple language and many repetitions, they were clear enough for any child to understand. Others, which were smooth, warm and colorful in the original, came out thin, lifeless and clumsy. It seemed evident that in the case of the latter, only a free translation could convey the true flavor of the originals. I hoped it might be possible – and thought it worth trying – to carry over into the English some of their intimate me-to-you quality, and that comforting solidity which makes their magic more, rather, than less, believable.

The fairy world in these stories, though properly weird and strange, has a convincing, three-dimensional character. There is magic, wonder, sorcery, but no vague airy-fairyness about it. The German witches are not wispy wraiths flying in the air—they usually live in neat cottages and wear starched bonnets and spotless aprons. The bear in Snow White and Rose Red is only outwardly bewitched, for a rent in the fur reveals him as a full dressed, flesh-and-blood Prince underneath. The story of the spindle, shuttle and needle is more airy than most, but even here the supernatural agents are not ballet-skirted fairies with wands, but three plain work-aday objects. Aside from this, many of the stories are folk tales rather than fairy stories—and what could be more substantial than a peasant?
When Miss Gág says that the Grimm’s tales do not have a vague airy-fairyness about them, she articulates why I have always preferred the Grimm’s tales to the more modern fantasy stories. The European peasant’s faith is an incarnational faith. No Star Wars-Harry Potter nonsense for him. And the Grimm’s tales are tales for those who are children and peasants at heart.

My copy of More Tales from Grimm has the word, ‘discard’ stamped on the title page. Some modern library no longer wanted it. That speaks volumes about modern libraries and the modern world.V


Saturday, November 22, 2008

An Integrated Sewer

Long before a people develop a constitution and written laws, they develop traditions and codes of behavior based on their religion. These traditions and codes of behavior are infinitely more important than the paper and ink that comes later in the form of constitutions and codified laws. Since a nation’s tradition stems from the people’s faith, any subsequent written law must conform to that sacred tradition if it is to be a valid law. Laws are not sacred because they are laws; they are sacred when they codify some aspect of a sacred tradition.

The problem that arises in nations with a long history of codified laws is that the people often retain a respect for the law when the laws of that nation no longer support the religious tradition that formed the nation. Worldly wise revolutionaries in the Western European countries have learned that it is far better to destroy a traditional culture through legal, lawful means than to throw bombs into government buildings. Through trial and error, the revolutionaries have learned that a revolution wrought by law takes longer but is more long-lasting because there is never any counter-revolutionary reaction. In fact, the most passive element of the populace will be the very people who would have opposed the revolution had the revolution been an old-fashioned, violent one. But having made a whited sepulchre of the law, divorced from any religious tradition, the ‘conservative’ element of the populace simply acquiesces to every hideous aspect of the new, radical, lawful regime. It is no coincidence that the United States, whose people pride themselves on their Constitution and their respect for law, now has the most radical, anti-Christian government on the face of the earth.

Satan does not require a majority or even a large minority to complete a successful revolution in a traditionally Christian nation. All Satan requires is a small minority completely dedicated to him and a lukewarm moral majority on the other side. We are told that the Lord vomits out the lukewarm. And if we look at the history of the Christian West, particularly the United States, we can see why. Satan’s minions are the “worst” who are full of the “passionate intensity” that Yeats wrote about. And the “best” are the lukewarm ones who “lack all conviction.” Satan’s minions cannot be stopped by a middle-of-the-road, lukewarm faith. The devil can always make that type of faith work to his advantage. The abortion wars were a perfect example.

In the early 1970’s there was a moral consensus against abortion. But the moral consensus came from a majority who were not intensely against the slaughter of innocents. They thought it was wrong but not all that wrong: “there are special circumstances under which...” We’ve all heard that song before. What Satan plays on so adroitly is the half-truth. He takes one part of Christianity and makes it the whole. In the case of legalized abortion, he focused on the chivalrous instincts of the European male. It is right to cede to the wishes of a Christian woman on all matters pertaining to the cradle, hearth, and kitchen. But when a woman steps away from the Christian hearth in defiance of God’s law and becomes a Lady Macbeth, is it still Christian to acquiesce to her wishes? Of course not. And only a lukewarm Christian would step back and allow a Lady Macbeth to have her will.

Satandom, like Christendom, was not built overnight. The devil has chipped away at Christian Europe and gradually dismantled it. Having established his rule, he now needs to consolidate it. He is following the same procedure that the Christian Europeans followed. After establishing traditions and codes of behavior based on their religious principles, they then sought to codify those principles into law. Satan has been codifying, through his minions, his religion into law for the past fifty years. Abortion, sodomy, and race-mixing have all been enshrined in law in the Western world in direct contradiction to the sacred traditions and the laws based on those traditions of Christian Europe. (1)

If the virtuous majority had had the passionate intensity of the satanic minority, Satan would not now be the king of Western civilization. But now that he is king, it will take a passionate Christian minority to begin the long, arduous process of unseating Satan from his throne. “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers” are no longer fighting in defense of Christendom -- Christendom is dead -- we are now fighting an offensive war against Satandom.

The recent election of Barack Obama to the Presidency of the United States has enormous significance for people of European blood. The election represents a new stage in Satan’s great consolidation effort. By giving sacred status to a mixed-blood Negro, the people of the United States have made a religion of race-mixing. If that new religion is followed to its ultimate conclusion, there will be no Europeans left to maintain a Christian counter-revolution.

There is another element in this ongoing satanic revolution that we must take note of. The worst, having achieved their satanic society without bloodshed because they thought the shedding of blood tactically unwise, will not be squeamish about shedding blood now that they have power. They will continue to preach nonviolence to the lukewarm in the increasingly unlikely probability that a few of the lukewarm might become intense; however, they, with the full weight of the government behind them, will become increasingly violent. And although we few, the last remnant of Europe, can occasionally adopt nonviolent means to counter the devil’s consolidation plans, we cannot be dogmatically nonviolent as the leftists were in their revolutionary takeover, for the reason that the lefties knew Christian Europeans would not use violence against them so long as they invoked the word “law.” But we know that quite the contrary is true for us. They will use violence against Europeans no matter what magic word we invoke. Anything that serves Satan is lawful to the liberal. We are at a disadvantage in that regard. But within the limits of Christian warfare, we should be violent when necessary. It is another trick of the devil to encourage, through our “Christian pastors,” the belief that pacifism and a Buddhistic indifference in the face of evil are virtues.

There is one great advantage that a modern man of European blood has over a European of the 1950’s. Now there is clarity. The European of the 1950’s could walk out into the streets of his city and see movies that by and large still supported indirectly, and sometimes directly, the faith on which his nation’s traditions and code of behavior were based. And whatever Christian church he entered would have still supported, at least in word, the faith that made Europe. But at the same time there was a disturbing undercurrent. The European man, in tune with the evening lingerings of European culture, could sense the dike was about to break and release a century’s worth of satanic refuse on his beloved nation.

And now, when everything Europeans held sacred has been defiled, the battle lines are clearly drawn. The European knows what has to be done. He doesn’t have to ask himself whether it is necessary to draw his sword. There is work enough for ten lifetimes before him. He can draw the sword and throw the sheath away.

I have read most of the ‘Death of the West’ books beginning with Spengler’s, who first started the genre in the early 1900’s. But there is only one author who correctly diagnosed the problem of the European. In his book, White Man Think Again, Anthony Jacob points out that the white man has not been defeated by an outside force, he has not been overwhelmed by the barbarians; he is in decline because of white liberalism. His destiny is in his own hands, or to be more precise, in his own soul. If he returns, in his heart, to the faith that transcends all constitutions and the historical process, he will once again be what he was meant to be, the Christ-Bearer. And then his children and his children’s children will know what it means to live in a segregated culture consecrated to God, instead of in an integrated sewer that empties into hell. +
(1) The Fundamentalists from Bob Jones University recently issued an apology for their former strictures against integration and interracial dating. Their capitulation indicates to me the insufficiency of the Scripture-alone approach to Christianity. The devil can cite Scripture for his own purpose if he is allowed to quote Scripture independent of the tradition and culture of the people who made Christ their King and Kinsman.

To whom can we appeal if there are different interpretations of the Scriptures? To the Pope? That solution has its problems as well. The Novus Ordo Catholics and the Traditionalist Catholics are constantly fighting it out over the “which pope?” question. So while the Scripture-alone Protestants and the “Scripture and documents as interpreted by the Pope” Catholics are arguing, the Christian everyman needs a guide.

What seems like an insoluble dilemma when posed as a problem in theology is not so great a problem when we see it through the eyes of faith. It is not possible to look at segregated Christian Europe and our modern integrated Babylon and say that integration and Negro-worship is God’s will. Is there one ounce of faith in the Protestant or the Catholic who makes such a blasphemous claim?

Well, they’ve flown their flag of Babylon. We will fly the colors of old Europe and “see them all to Davy Jones.”

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Friday, November 14, 2008

The Eyes of Faith

After the French Jacobins swept away the monarchy, Christianity, and the French nobility, they placed a Parisian prostitute on a pedestal and made her the goddess of reason. The symbolism of that act is perfect. When reason is divorced from revelation, reason becomes a whore.

It came home to me when I saw pictures of the Obama presidential celebrations on the college campuses and the streets of America that Americans are celebrating their own French revolution. They have divorced reason from revelation and gone a-whoring after the savage god. Nothing good can come from a people who celebrate the triumph of heathenism.

Thomas Molnar pointed out in his book Counter-Revolution that revolutions first succeed in the minds of the ruling but soon-to-be deposed governors. Years of propaganda from the revolutionaries make the rulers doubt their own legitimacy, and when the moment of crisis comes there is no one left to defend the regime. The triumph of the barbarian hordes took place because there was no one even remotely connected to the Republican Party who equated civilization with Christian Europe. The Republicans never once said they opposed Obama because it was blasphemous for a black barbarian to be president. They opposed him because they claimed they could provide more goods and services to black people with their free market policies than the Democrats could with their socialist policies.

But the Democratic Party was able to find a revolutionary god to go with their economic policy, thus providing their followers with a faith. The Republican Party will go into the dustbin of history because it never found a god. They will make all sorts of excuses for why they lost, and the Limbaugh crowd will plan their new strategies, but it will all come to naught, because they have no faith.

I can hear the liberal-conservative protest: “We go to church. How dare you say we have no faith.” I’m sure most of the liberal-conservatives do go to church, as do most of the Obamba-worshipping Democrats. But our churches are not Christian churches. They do not worship the living God in the Christian churches. They worship the civic-virtue god. The liberal-conservatives look on Christ as a hard-charging entrepreneur, very skilled but inferior in power and majesty to the market itself. And the Democrats look on Christ as the Great Gatsby – a nice guy who supports the liberal causes, but certainly inferior in power and majesty to the black man.

The Republicans will be planning their strategies to stage a comeback in 2012. And the Democrats will try to consolidate and extend their power, but both parties have the same goal: to establish a multi-racial, godless utopia. We know that such a utopia is not possible, and even if they were to succeed, the result would be a 1984-type of dystopia. But the white liberal will not be around to see the future, because where he envisions a utopia that includes his enlightened self, the black man envisions a future with a white man in every stew pot. Of course the black man will lose his sacred status when the white man disappears, because the white man has always sustained the black man. Without the whites, blacks will return to the jungle and become the slaves of the Orientals.

If we follow only the Spenglerian logic of history, the European has very little time left. His day is done. He has only a few evening hours left before he must say goodbye, not only to the world stage but to life itself. That is according to Spenglerian logic. But Spengler represents the decadent part of the European’s personality. He represents the analytical, speculative man. For such a man there is a discernible logic to the historical process that, once grasped, can be used as a crystal ball to see the future. And the Spenglerian European has been mesmerized by the historical process as a cobra is mesmerized by the snake-charmer’s pipe. He sees the death of European man in his crystal ball, and he is incapable of doing anything to oppose what he thinks is the inevitability of history. They only thing he can do is to hasten his extinction by merging his identity with the historical process. Having lost his faith in a personal resurrection, he can at least be part of the historical process. The post-Christian rationalist is always moving onward – toward what?

The Spenglerian or Greek part of European man’s soul has been so dominant for the past century that it is often difficult to believe that he has another side. But the European did not always hold speculative philosophy and mumbo-jumbo speculations about the historical process as the penultimate of Western man’s achievement. The Hebraic European man who sees history through the eyes of faith is the true European. The words of a Welsh poem keep coming back to me: “Nothing can compare to the love that once was there.” The European loved Christ. It was that simple. Picture the strong Germanic warrior, stronger than the Roman legionaries whom he had just defeated, listening to a monk tell the Christ story. He heard, he believed, and he loved. Clovis reportedly said, when he first hear the story of the Crucifixion, “Oh, if I had only been there with my Franks.”

We are here, at the crucifixion of Christian civilization. The dancing in the streets over Obama’s election is a celebration of the death of Christian Europe. It took a long time to die, too long in the opinion of the PCR whites and the colored races, but now that it is officially dead, Satan’s minions think they are in for one huge satanic bacchanalia.

But suppose there are a few Europeans left who do not see history with the eyes of the Greeks, or with one eye of faith and one eye of reason. Suppose they see with both eyes, and both eyes are fixed on the Man of Sorrows? A different world can be seen with those eyes. In that world, nothing is written. There is no Kismet and no inexorable historical process that grinds to an inevitable conclusion. “Lazarus, come forth!” What a moment! The same God that raised Lazarus from the dead is perfectly capable of raising European civilization from the dead, provided we love like the men and women of eternal Europe once loved. Shakespeare’s Henry V put it in good Anglo-Saxon terms when he declared that he and his men were ready for battle because, “our hearts are in the trim...”

Revolutions and counter-revolutions are won and lost in the human heart. Western civilization, the white man’s civilization, was built because the European took Christ into his heart. The colored races have never heard the still, small voice that inspired the European. They only saw the outward prosperity of European civilization and sought to make that prosperity their own. This is why the blacks are celebrating the victory of Obama. They think the wealth of the West will be theirs if one of their own is the ruler of the West. Of course it is a delusion. If they truly achieve complete power without any liberal whites to help them, they will be impoverished, as the blacks in South Africa and Rhodesia have become impoverished.

And what are the whites celebrating? They also are celebrating the death of European civilization, but they are not celebrating because they will now become prosperous; most of them are prosperous enough. They want to kill, once and for all, that still, small voice that inspired the antique Europeans. If only that voice, which calls them to a higher destiny than the races of color, would cease, they could be happy. Christ haunts them. Every time they hear His voice, they remember the look He gave St. Peter after the third denial. That look of infinite compassion and love. And that look is something the PCR white wants to banish from the world. “I shall not serve,” was Satan’s proud boast, and “I don’t need your love or compassion,” is the white liberal’s boast. Far better, the liberal thinks, to turn to a black god who promises deliverance from Christian Europe.

Why does the white liberal want to be delivered from Christian Europe? Because Christian Europe stinks of humanity. The white liberal, for all of his talk about loving mankind, really hates humanity. He believes, with Sarte, that hell is other people. That is why the liberal’s utopia is devoid of those cradles of humanity so cherished by Christian Europeans. Babies are murdered in the womb, and patriarchal families are forbidden in the liberal utopia. The reason the liberals want to interject the black man into the classic stories and the traditional cultures of the European people is because Negroization destroys the humanity of a culture. Black integration always leads to the disintegration of a culture. If the liberal is to avoid the pain associated with humanity and be free to build his sterile, anesthetized utopia, he must kill everything European by blending the European with the black. “Who would be wedded to hell?” The white liberal would, and is, wedded to hell in the form of the black man.

Writing in 1949, Helmut Kuhn said that “Modern man sees with one eye of faith and one eye of reason.” I think since that time the second eye, the eye of faith, has closed. Modern man now sees only with the eyes of reason. And it seems rational to avoid pain. But the eyes of faith, the eyes of those first Europeans who wept when they heard the Christ story, can see that the pain and suffering of existence is lessened when we embrace our humanity, not when we seek to escape from it, because in the depths of our suffering humanity, He is there, and He is the only one of us who has truly triumphed over suffering and death. Through Him and in Him, we conquer those two impostors as well.

It is the mission of the remaining Europeans to keep both eyes focused on the Hero–God of our European ancestors. The black gods are devil gods and will take the white man down to an integrated hell. We can only defeat the devil’s integration plan by re-segregating Europe and re-consecrating it to Him. A Europe so segregated and so consecrated is the only Europe we should seek, because it is the only Europe worthy of our ancestors who rest in the arms of the Lord. +

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Friday, November 07, 2008

The Mau Mau Who Would Be King

An Interview with the Young Drummer from the World of the Brothers Grimm, in Which We Discuss the Marxist Mau Mau Who Has Become King of Satania

Interviewer: Thank you for consenting to an interview on such short notice.

Young Drummer: That’s all right. I don’t get many requests for interviews. The Europe of the Brothers Grimm is out of fashion these days.

Int: But that is why I want to interview you. I want to see the modern world through the eyes of an antique European.

YD: And I’m that antique European?

Int: Yes.

YD: Go ahead with your questions.

Int: My country, which is a branch of Europe, recently elected a black man President. I don’t know that he will be any worse than the PCR (Post-Christian Rationalist) candidate he defeated or the PCR President he will be succeeding; however, I can’t help but be concerned at the symbolic aspect of a black man’s presidency. The sons of Ham are not supposed to rule over the sons of Japheth.

YD: It is one step closer to the incarnation of Satan when you actually install a black man as the head of your nation. But you must realize that the white man must have a religion. He has rejected Christianity, so what is there left for him? He must revere something. He feels he can’t revere Christ, but he can revere the black man.

Int: It wasn’t black men who elevated a black man to the Presidency of the United States. It was white people. How can anything good come out of a people that could do such a thing?

YD: Nothing good will come from such people. They are beyond the ken. You can only work with the tiny scattered remnant of Israel, the last Europeans. They aren’t going to announce themselves – it wouldn’t be safe – but there are a few left.

Int: Do you place much hope in the ‘Great Awakening’? Some of the more conservative white people have told me that the election of a black man to the Presidency will mobilize white people into action.

YD: Why, if the vast majority of white people stood by and watched blacks occupy their schools, their churches, and their homes, would they suddenly awaken when a black man occupies the Presidency?

Int: It doesn’t make much sense, does it?

YD: No, it doesn’t.

Int: So if there will be no awakening, what will there be -- mere oblivion?

YD: Looking at it rationally, yes, the white man is facing oblivion. But faith is beyond reason. The European who is still connected to sacred Europe feels with certainty that Christ's Europe cannot die any more than He can die. The white man believes the people of Christian Europe will triumph over black-worshipping Satania as long as they don’t break faith.

Int: It is my contention that the white-hating liberals and their colored minions have not faced any opposition since the days of “Reconstruction.” The ‘write letters and vote’ crowd does not constitute an opposition.

YD: I would agree with that. The problem with the right-wing, conservative opponents of Satania is that they have no religion to counter the liberals’ black faith. They talk about democratic institutions and respecting European values, but they don’t do the one thing that is needful. They don’t swear on the Holy Rood that such things shall not be and then proceed to act like integral men. An integral man is not just a violent man; he knows that wars are won primarily with spiritual weapons, but he doesn’t eschew violence when it is necessary. You can’t always petition and vote your way out of a quagmire. I'm not talking about political assassination here, but I am talking about defending white people against the violent acts of the 'get whitey' savages who stalk the new diversified streets of the U. S. and Europe.

Int: Writing in 1887, Thomas Hughes expressed concern about the triumph of democracy. But he thought it could be turned to good account if the practitioners and advocates of democracy still held the Christian God to be sovereign over nations:

Are we, then, to rest contented with this ultimate regal power, to resign ourselves to the inevitable, and admit that for us, here at last in this nineteenth century, there is nothing higher or better to look for; and if we are to have a king at all, it must be king people or king mob, according to the mood in which our section of collective humanity happens to be? Surely we are not prepared for this any more than the Pope is. Many of us feel that Tudors, and Stuarts, and Oliver Cromwell, and cliques of Whig or Tory aristocrats, may have been bad enough; but that any tyranny under which England has groaned in the past has been light by the side of what we may come to, if we are to carry out the new political gospel to its logical conclusion, and surrender ourselves to government by the counting of heads, pure and simple.

– from Alfred the Great
Mobocracy could only be avoided if the purveyors of democracy acknowledged that “... there is one throne which they cannot pull down—the throne of righteousness, which is over all the nations; and one King whose rule they cannot throw off—the Son of God, and Son of Man, who will judge them as He has judged all kings and all governments before them.”

But they have dethroned Him, and the right-wing conservatives don’t even suggest enthroning Him again as a part of their “Great Awakening” program.

YD: The right-wing conservative who wants to restore European culture by returning to the Greeks is in the position of Jonah before he was thrown overboard in the storm. Like Jonah, he is trying to hide from his destiny. God made him the Christ-bearer. If he hides in the hull of the good ship Democracy or the Greco-Roman ship, he will not fulfill his destiny.

Int: I think any person who voted for McCain-Palin is a disordered human being, but I would not say he is devoid of grace. It was possible for a person to be deceived by them. They did put a veneer of religion and patriotism over their ideologies. But it was not possible for a person to be deceived by Obama or Biden. Their Satanism was completely out in the open. If a person voted for Obama-Biden, he is satanic.

YD: I agree.

Int: Then our young people, who voted in the vast majority for Obama-Biden, are satanic?

YD: Yes, they are. How could it be otherwise? Your schools, your churches, and your mass media have been preaching ‘Tower of Babel’ race-mixing for the last sixty years.

Int: There is a small little church in our town, with the preacher’s house right next to it. Now, you would think that the pastor would not want to alienate his congregation by choosing one candidate over another, but the pastor has a large Obama-Biden sign in his front yard.

YD: That’s not surprising. It is Obama, the black man, who can provide the PCR with the faith he lacks. Do you remember when Pope Benedict XVI, then Cardinal Ratzinger, said that the next Pope should be black? They have all lost their faith, but they are still white men. And a white man needs some faith that transcends, at least in the articulation, mere self-interest. The black man is content with an openly selfish faith, and so is the Oriental and the men of the other non-white races. But the white man, because he once held the Christian faith, cannot be content without a faith that at least outwardly mimics the Christian faith.

Int: But why doesn’t the white man simply hold to the Christian faith? Why should he forsake Christ for Obama and his ilk?

YD: Because the European no longer believes in the divinity of Christ. The scholastic revolt against God has come to fruition. Reason was left alone to defend the field against the onslaught of science, and he was not up to the task. Divorced from the wellsprings of the heart, he withered and died.

Int: The churches did not die, but faith in Christ as true God and true Man did die?

YD: Yes. And once faith in Christ dies there is no longer any reason to do the arduous things that such a faith demands.

Int: For instance?

YD: It is no longer necessary to refrain from, or feel guilty about, such sins as adultery, abortion, or a lack of charity. If one simply loves the black man with all one’s heart and soul and mind, he need not worry about hating his fellow white man, murdering babies in the womb, or sleeping with his neighbor’s wife. All actions that were once called sins, even sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance, are washed clean and even rendered virtuous if one simply loves the black man.

Int: Ten years ago I probably would have told you that assessment was too extreme, but I’m afraid I agree with you, particularly after witnessing the hysterical adulation that a two-bit Marxist Mau Mau has received from white people in my country and from people throughout the Western world. Even before he was elected President, he was received by European heads of state as if he were a god.

YD: He is a god to them.

Int: Well, he is not my God.

YD: Nor mine.

Int: Then let every white man who is still white, be he Saxon, Celt, Dane, and so on, say with one voice, “The white man will not bend his knee to the great black god. Christ and only Christ is my King.”

YD: Amen to that.

Postscript: I think a traitor like McCain is worse than an outright enemy like Obama. So it is with no sympathy for McCain I mention that he probably won the election. There was unbelievable voter fraud, at least unbelievable for a country that prides itself on following the rule of law.

This should tell you why liberals always win and conservatives always lose. The liberals do not care about the rule of law when it involves their faith. “By any means necessary” was their only law when it came to electing Obama President. The liberal-conservatives are incapable of combating that type of zealous faith. They’ll form a think-tank somewhere and prove that rigging elections is against the express wish of the Founding Fathers. That will fix those liberal-liberals!

The liberal-liberals, and the conservative-liberals for that matter, must be forced to deal with men who will also use any means necessary, within the European Christian tradition, to enthrone their God. Blake was right: man needs, at least the European man, a religion. The liberal-liberal has chosen Satan. The conservative-liberal, by not choosing Christ, has also chosen Satan. The real right-wing -- the European, Christian right-wing, has chosen as well. “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more...”

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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Scott’s Europe

“ must think of your own household first, or else you are worse even than
the infidels.” – The Heart of Midlothian

In the 21st century, when it appears that men and women are mere robots controlled by some great computerized creature with a giant brain, it is often hard to imagine that mankind consists of individual personalities connected to a personal God. And of course that is what Satan wants. When the world is finally completely occupied by robotic humans, watching porno movies and blood sports with soulless eyes, he will be complete master.

There is no author who can be read and used as a magic talisman to protect one from the academics. All authors, in the hands of literary critics, can be made into forerunners of modernity. Having said that, let me hasten to add that there is one author, who, if read by a receptive reader genuinely wanting to be exposed to a vision contrary to modernity, can start a man on the path to the full-blooded integral faith of our European ancestors. That author is Walter Scott.

Scott’s achievement is truly remarkable. With the exception of the Christian tragedy Bride of Lammermoor, he gives us Christian epics. And he gives us a genuine Christianity built from the ground up. He starts with individual personalities and builds up to a vision of a personal God that is the same God that St. Paul saw and wrote so eloquently about in 1Corinthinians 13. Unlike Dante, Scott does not start with an abstract, cruel idea of God and proceed to expound, as an expert does, on the various attributes of that cruel God. That is not Walter Scott’s way. Scott writes as a fellow pilgrim. He doesn’t expound a system; he exposes the heart of God by showing us the image of that heart in his Christian heroes and heroines. And through those heroes and heroines, we see a unique civilization that points to that other world, His world.

The liberals take a rather curious stance on the issue of the distinctiveness of Christian, European civilization. On the one hand, they deny that a distinct European civilization ever existed. “It is no different from any other civilization.” Then in the next breath, the liberals tell you that the older European civilization was distinct – it was distinctly evil.

And the liberals are not the only group in denial. There is a segment of the religious community that also denies the distinctiveness of Christian, European civilization. They usually cite St. Augustine and tell you that there is no such thing as a Christian civilization. There is the City of God and the City of Man, and never the twain shall meet. But the trouble with that nose-in-the-air, Manichean assertion is that it denies reality. While acknowledging the incredible differences between a man-made civilization and the Kingdom of God, one must see, if he has eyes to see and a heart that still lives, that European civilization did, in contrast to every other civilization that ever existed on the face of the earth, allow mankind to see Christ through a glass darkly. And it needs to be stressed that a theologian who fails to distinguish between heathendom and Christendom, placing them both in the arbitrary category of ‘the city of man’, is more in line with Buddhism than he is with Christianity.

There is no question that Walter Scott’s Christian Europe is the reality, while the liberal’s brave new world and the theologians’ abstract world are false. But they cling to their false worlds. Why?

The secular liberal clings to his brave new world because in that brave new world there is no judgment, because there is no God to judge. Of course there is no mercy either, because there is no God to extend mercy. The liberal has rejected that world of Adam and Eve, original sin and redemption. He thinks, like Shylock, that being free from original sin he has no need for God’s mercy: “What judgment shall I dread, doing no wrong.” And if the world is not wrong because of original sin, the liberals reason, then it must be wrong because non-liberals, namely white European Christians, are impeding the onward and upward march to Utopia. So white Europeans who are still European are dragged before the bar of Liberaldom and found to be guilty of racism, which is the liberals’ word for treason. But at the same time, the liberals assert that there really is no difference between the white and the black. “We are all God’s children.” Whoops, the liberal can’t say that, so he backtracks: “We are all part of the brotherhood of man. But wait – the white man is not part of the brotherhood of man; he is an evil ...” It gets hard for the liberal. All those contradictions give him a headache.

And why does the theologian deny the distinctiveness of the Christian, European culture? The theologian makes his denial in order to preserve his power base. When the veil of the temple was rent, so were the Greek paradigms of thought. Wisdom was not to be found in the abstracted thought of Aristotle but in the sacred heart of Christ. So the folk wisdom of a people connected to the Heart of Christ is superior to the abstracted, cognitive thought of a great philosopher or theologian. The theologians cannot accept that, which is why they deny the reality and the possibility of a Christian culture. If there were such a thing, they would have to subordinate their abstractions to the hearts of a people united to Him.

The liberal and the theologian stumble over the human factor. They are unable to accept the fact that God always reveals Himself to man through humanity. He chose a particular people to carry out His divine plan, and His ultimate revelation was in the form of the God-Man. This goes against the expectations of the liberal and the theologian. In their minds, a God who cannot be known by the human mind through contemplation or the study of the natural or cosmic world ("May the force be with you") is not a real God.

Whether you believe the Europeans are the actual blood descendants of the people of Israel or their adoptive spiritual descendents, it is clear that only the European people took the incarnate God into their hearts and made Him their King and kinsman. Their civilization was the only civilization rooted in heaven. And now, when we face an election in this country (and similar elections are taking place throughout the European world) in which we are forced to choose between two leaders who despise Christian Europe, it is imperative that we affirm the reality of Walter Scott’s Europe. We have ventured much too far from it. It is the time to come home, to the ploughed furrow, the frequented pasture and the lane of evening lingerings.

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All Through the Night

Sleep, my child, and peace attend thee
All through the night
Guardian angels God will send thee
All through the night
Soft the drowsy hours are creeping
Hill and dale in slumber sleeping
I my loving vigil keeping
All through the night

While the moon her watch is keeping
All through the night
While the weary world is sleeping
All through the night
O'er thy spirit gently stealing
Visions of delight revealing
Breathes a pure and holy feeling
All through the night

Love, to thee my thoughts are turning
All through the night
All for thee my heart is yearning,
All through the night.
Though sad fate our lives may sever
Parting will not last forever,
There's a hope that leaves me never,
All through the night.