Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Face of Jesus Christ

“But of what use is a sound currency if the people are lost? And what would be the point of defending the country against foreign attack if the people themselves had become foreign?” – A. Jacob

I want to focus on the recent apology for the “sin of segregation” by the Fundamentalists at Bob Jones University. They apologized for the sins of their fathers, which is always the easiest type of apology because you can condemn someone else while appearing humble and holy yourself.

Let us be clear about what the Bob Jonesers are saying. They are saying that the pro-abort, pro-sodomy, anti-Christian liberals are wrong about those three moral issues, but they are right about the morality of race-mixing. And their ancestors, who were anti-abortion, anti-sodomy, and Christian, were wrong about segregation. Is that possible? No, it isn’t. You must choose, Mr. Backsliding Fundamentalist. Either the faith of your ancestors is wrong and Satanism is right, or your ancestors were right: sodomy, abortion, and race-mixing are wrong and Christianity is true.

At least the liberals are consistent. They condemn all the white man’s heritage and make it clear the world will be a better place when there are no white people left on the face of the earth. The Fundamentalists at Bob Jones University want to hold to part of the white man’s heritage, whatever part of that heritage that makes them feel good about themselves, and jettison whatever part of the heritage that makes the liberals angry. “Please, Mr. Liberal, tell me I’m being good.” And what do the liberals tell such fawning sycophants? They tell them, “That’s a beginning, but keep on jettisoning.” And eventually the Born-Again Integrationist can be seen wandering aimlessly through the desert, sighing wistfully and asking, “Whatever became of me?”

Of course things are even worse on the Catholic side of the coin. There we are forced to listen ad nauseum to creatures like Thomas Fleming explaining to us why we should hate our ancestors and subscribe to the new theology of Thomas Fleming.

What is the fatal flaw in the Bob Jonesers’ and the Catholic partisans’ way? The Fundamentalist says, “Give me my Bible and let the rest go. I don’t need the cultural heritage of the European.” The Catholic says, “Give me the Church documents and a traditional way of looking at the documents; everything else is dross.” What is missing, when we subscribe to either way, is the face of Jesus Christ. Without the cultural heritage of the European, we do not know who or what God is. He doesn’t come to us through parchment; He comes to us through humanity. We see His face through His people who joined their blood with His. It is when men give flesh to Holy Scripture and the Church documents that we come to know Christ. If we never saw a charitable act, could we believe in a charitable God? If we never knew a loving father, could we believe in God the Father who loved so much that He gave His only begotten Son?

This idea that the white man and his heritage can be eliminated and the Gospel of Christ maintained is an international phenomenon, not limited to the Catholic and Protestant churches of America. Wherever there are white clergymen, the new gospel that abominates the white and worships the black is proclaimed. And it is nothing more than a cowardly capitulation to the powers of this world. “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.” Surely the sacred heritage of a people who saw the face of Jesus Christ is not something that Caesar has a right to dispose of at his whim. That heritage comes from God and belongs only to Him.

This worldwide (and by worldwide, I mean the European world) black-worshipping frenzy runs directly contrary to everything white Christians used to believe. A friend, who is not a believing Christian but is very interested in the survival of the white race, recently asked me if I was in agreement with those who cited some medieval theologians that stated the black was not fully human, in order to justify abortion for blacks. My answer was that I didn’t see why the matter was so difficult to understand. The Bible story of Noah’s sons seems to be theologically sound and in accord with the realities of life. The sons of Ham are part of the human family, but their extreme proclivities toward the baser things of life must be held in check. They must be ruled by a more responsible and Godly race. So of course they are human, and of course they shouldn’t be allowed to abort.

Whites shouldn’t support the murder of black infants in the womb; they should build a society in which blacks are held in check by a dominant white Christian culture. The banned Disney movie (that is, the real Walt Disney) The Song of the South, which is admittedly highly idealized, demonstrates the way blacks, when subservient to a white Christian culture, can become decent, God-fearing individuals. If that movie were made today, Uncle Remus would have a white wife and go around molesting small children of both colors.

In this country prior to the Civil War, white liberals talked about liberating the black man so they could elevate him. And maybe some of those deluded souls believed such nonsense. But now it is apparent that the white liberals wanted to “liberate” the black in order to eradicate Christianity. They don’t want to end the sex and blood orgies of the black man, they want to join in.

It’s important that we don’t let the white clergymen and their followers rest content in their palatial half-way houses. If they want race-mixing, then they, not us, should be forced to take the consequences. They should live without the sure and certain hope of the Resurrection. They should live without seeing the face of Christ in His people. And above all, they should live with the black man in the hellish nightmare world in which he feels quite at home.

The white man who still cherishes his heritage has spent the last fifty years trying to win the liberal whites back and convert the blacks. That strategy hasn’t worked. And most whites whom I encounter that are not liberals have embraced suicidal despair because they think there is nothing left for the white man but death. But I think there is life for the white man if the remnant would stop buttressing up the black-and-white cookie civilization of the West. The black-and-white Church is not our church, because it is not a Christian church, and their nation is not our nation, because it is a multi-racial nation that belongs to Satan. Let Satan support his church, and his minions support his nation. It’s time for the white liberal and the black man to worry about the white counter-revolutionary, and not for the white man to sit cowering in his house wondering when the multi-cultural police will come for him.

Every Thanksgiving Day my family and I watch the movie, A Miracle on 34th Street (1947), with Edmund Gwenn and Maureen O’Hara. The New York City that magically comes to life when Santa Claus walks among them is a white city. It is a city of almost every crime and every sin known to man, but there is redemption and grace in that city because there are white people there. And the one sin they are not guilty of is race-mixing. What does the poet say? “Say not that the struggle naught availeth.” If we give up on the white race, we will never again see the face of Jesus Christ. He will become a phantom that haunts our nightly dreams but fades away in the light of day.

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