Sunday, December 14, 2008

The City of David is the City of Europe

It is certainly helpful, if one is a Christian and therefore an historian, to have some kind of dating system or chronology to distinguish one period from another. One can say to a fellow Christian, “I dislike the 18th century rationalists,” and the fellow Christian will know what you are talking about. He will know that you are talking about a certain group of thinkers that spewed out nonsense between 1700 and 1800.

But historical dates can be misleading rather than helpful when they become magic symbols with a quasi-mystical significance, as the year 2000 became for many infidels and pseudo-Christians. In a normal reading of history, the event determines the significance of the date, not the reverse; that is, the date does not determine the meaning of the event.

I think it is significant that the leaders of the Christian world chose to end the century in which wizardry replaced Christianity, with a celebration of wizardry rather than Christianity. The churchmen paid homage to an age. I wish they had hurled their defiant ‘no’ to the century, but I was not asked for an opinion. Why do I say the churchmen have ceded Christianity’s place on the royal throne to wizardry? I say this because the Christian churches have caved into the scientistic view of the world. And the scientistic view of the world is akin to the wizard’s view of the world. The wizard and the churchmen seek to harness God’s power through a technique rather than by loving God and seeking Him through the quest. In the traditional way to God, the way of the West, the hero prevails because he has “that within which passeth show.” He helps the blind beggar; he kills the ogre that is persecuting the villagers; he responds to God’s grace in an integral way, the human way, the way of the Cross.

Contrast the old hero’s methods with those of the modern churchmen. In their view we can skip the quest. If we tap into the power of the universe by accepting a view of evolving mankind and the Church, we can become co-equals with God – we can be “masters of the universe” with greater strength and power than even a WWF wrestler. But haven’t we, if we accept the vision of the new churchmen, already said in our hearts, “There is no God”? Yes, we have. When one seeks God in the evolutionary process, one has left the Christian God behind. And outside of Christ there is no God. God is a personal God, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of the Incarnation, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection, or He is not God at all. The promise of harnessing the power of blind, dumb nature may excite modern man, but it should send cold chills down the spine of any Christian with even a remnant of faith left in his soul.

And please, let us not pretend the modern emperors of the Christian half-way houses are clothed. They still use traditional phrases, but their meaning when using them is something quite different from that of the saints of old. On every substantive issue, the modern clergy have departed form Christianity. And they justify each departure with the explanation, “We have evolved more.” Capital punishment is no longer necessary because we now have evolved beyond that point; Christian states are no longer necessary because we have evolved beyond the need to look on the Christian faith as the one true Faith that must be protected; borders in the Church and in nations are no longer necessary because the concept of white folk is racist; and feminism must be supported because it is better that millions of babies be aborted than one feminist should think the modern churches are not evolving institution that deplore patriarchy.

I recently, while shopping at a local grocery store, saw an all too familiar sign of the times. In front of me was a grotesquely fat white girl with four black and white children. She paid her bill with food stamps and labored her way out to her vehicle, a very expensive, new model van.

Now my white pagan neighbor, who regularly worships black athletes on T.V. and proudly declares his lack of any racist tendencies, would condemn the fat, white girl. He would condemn her for being on food stamps and driving an expensive van, which is clearly in violation of the food stamp program. And he would be mad at the government that allowed her to get away with it. But he would not be bothered about the mixed blood offspring.

My anger was directly related to the mixed blood concubinage. If I had seen a married white couple with four white children using food stamps, I would have been pleased to see that my government was actually doing something worthwhile, supporting white nuclear families, with our tax dollars. But of course, that is just a fantasy. Neither our local, state, or federal governments will ever again do anything to support white families.

When faith in Jesus Christ dies, the charitable impulses that went with that faith become demonic urges. Genuinely Christian welfare programs used to link the life sustaining necessities of food and shelter with moral regeneration. Our souls inhabit bodies so the body must be served, but it is ultimately the soul that we must claim for Christ; this was the motto of those old Salvation Army type churches.

‘Tis not so today. Since there is no sin, except the sin of white racism, there is no need for redemption in Christ. You can buy redemption on the cheap by simply renouncing, if you happen to be white, your whiteness. (If you are not white, then you are already a god and you have no need to renounce anything.) And having once renounced whiteness, you can become part of Satan’s kingdom -- after all, the U. S. Government is a very important limb of Satan – and start receiving the benefits of membership.

The Christmas season is a very depressing time of year for me. And that is not because of the “blatant materialism” of the stores such as Wal-Mart. Outright paganism of the Wal-Mart variety is not that depressing. It is the Christian clergy who have replaced faith in Christ with faith in social progress, which always translates to the worship of the black savage, that depress me. Christmas is a family and church affair. The family part I still have, but as regards the church, I cannot celebrate the birth of the God-man with a group of individuals who spend the other 364 days of the year asking – no, demanding – that I renounce my faith in a flesh-and-blood Messiah born in the city of David to the virgin Mary, in favor of a faith in a god of shadows and uncertain origin who appears only to condemn racism and then disappears again in the liberal mists.

Fitzhugh was right. The problems of existence are too complicated to solve with our minds. The peasant’s heart responds to the simple words of the apostle whom Christ loved: “And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard...”

The story of Bethlehem was the guiding light of Europe for 1500 years. Why should I or any other white European forsake that light for the darkness of Satan’s black hell?

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