Friday, December 19, 2008

Obama’s Black Night

It was the night before the coronation
And throughout every liberal house,
Every white-hating white was excited and waiting,
Lest he be called a racist louse.
The Obama posters were hung by the widescreen TV with care,
In the hopes that the Obama
Would soon appear there.

Two quality, white, liberal children rested in their beds,
While visions of the black messiah
Whirled in their heads:
Two freeze-dried hippies called ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’
Took long drags on the weed,
And felt quite glad;
It seemed like they had only dozed for the length of a slight faint,
When there came upon the widescreen TV a brown man,
With a face like a saint.
Away to the window Mom and Dad flew like the wind,
“He is here!” they both yelled,
(Both were quite stoned), “Now our lives can begin,”
And being stoned can make one feel gloom,
But the sight of Obama’s smile
Cheered up the whole room.

As his coronation speech ended,
Obama said with a jeer,
“The white God is dead,
It is Satan’s New Year.
This election has shown me you prefer me in His stead,
So settle yourselves to a long, hellish night.”
The liberals all shouted with glee,
As Obama faded from sight,
“The Light was a fraud,
We prefer Obama’s black night!”

Then those words appeared on the screen,
Nobody knew where they came from,
No human agency could be seen: