Saturday, December 06, 2008

An Unreasonable Proposal

Yea, ape and angel, strife and old debate --
The harps of heaven and the dreary gongs of hell;
Science the feud can only aggravate --
No umpire she betwixt the chimes and knell:
The running battle of the star and clod
Shall run for ever -- if there be no God.
Then keep thy heart, though yet but ill-resigned --
Clarel, thy heart, the issues there but mind;
That like the crocus budding through the snow --
That like a swimmer rising from the deep --
That like a burning secret which doth go
Even from the bosom that would hoard and keep;
Emerge thou mayst from the last whelming sea,
And prove that death but routs life into victory.

--Herman Melville

I spoke with a conservative relative recently who told me an all-too-familiar story. He had sent his daughters to college and they became mad-dog radicals. Of course, I sympathized with my cousin, but I was rather surprised at his surprise. If you give someone an injection of the typhoid virus, aren’t they going to come down with the disease?

When the AIDs epidemic hit, conservatives and right-wingers were quite properly outraged when the governments of the West refused to close down the gay theaters and bathhouses. “Isn’t it just common sense,” the conservatives argued, “to minimize the spread of a disease by destroying the breeding grounds for the disease?” But the powers that were, and are, could not bring themselves to discriminate against sodomites.

And yet the same conservative, who can look at life realistically enough to advocate the closing of the AIDs breeding grounds, would look on someone who advocated shutting down the whole educational establishment from grade school through college, including the surrogates for the academy, our churches, as mad.

I am such a madman. Originally our colleges were the churches, in that they were founded by different Christian sects to further their versions of the faith. The Lutherans had their colleges, the Baptists theirs, the Catholics theirs, and so on. But gradually, every single college founded by a Christian denomination became the ardent advocate for the religion of that guy with the horns and the tail. And the colleges extended their influence to their parent churches. So why should a parent be surprised when his children come back from college or church with academic AIDs? In most cases, the disease is fatal, although there have been some miracle cures.

For the past thirty years, I have heard the ‘Don’t give up! Keep writing those letters and voting’ conservatives say, “The hour is late, but we will win over the American electorate.” And yet they never talk about eliminating the breeding grounds of Negro-worship and radicalism. Does anyone seriously believe that white Christian Europeans can have any influence on society when the schools and churches preach a theology totally opposed to white Europeans? The English women of The English Magazine were right: nothing will change unless hearts and minds are changed. So we must eliminate the institutions that are destroying the hearts and minds of our young, and old, for that matter. (Everyone must go to church or college; don’t forget those night courses for Grandma.)

Of course you cannot, with a wave of a magic wand, disestablish the schools and churches of our land. But the beginning of their disestablishment begins with the conviction that they need to be dismantled. In the past, Europeans have done wonders when they saw what had to be done. I have every faith that if even a small minority of Europeans asked for Gods’ aid and then made a heart and soul commitment to destroy Satan’s schools and churches, they could do it. However, if there is no movement by the Europeans to destroy the schools and churches, nothing good will happen in the war against Satan and his liberal brethren.

It seems that the European has forgotten the wisdom of his race. When he believed in the story of Adam and Eve, he knew that man’s desire to attain equality with God through knowledge was the primary temptation of mankind. As his belief in original sin and his desire for a redeemer diminished, he replaced the love of God with the abstracted study of God. Then that study of God turned into the study of the natural world in which man was the superior of the fairy tale God of the Bible and a co-equal with the god called Nature.

The essential conflict between God and the devil has taken place over the Hebraic and the Greek concept of God. God wants us to look on Him as the hero of a fairy tale. Through great sacrifice and heroism, He saved us from the devil. In contrast, the devil wants us to look on God as the Greek philosophers looked on God – as an impersonal, remote force that reveals itself through nature and can be known by the study of the natural world. And throughout his history, the European has been close or distant from the Christian God to the extent that he was able to resist the Greek temptation. It all comes down to a very basic question: Do you believe in God’s fairy tale or in man’s science?

St. Augustine tells us in his Confessions that one of the biggest obstacles he had to surmount before converting to Christianity was his uneasy feeling that Christ’s Gospel was intellectually inferior to the philosophy of the Greeks and the theology of the Manicheans. This has always been the conflict inside of the European soul. The first Europeans who embraced Christ wrested Him from the clutches of those who thought they could make Christ into a rationalist. But the temptation to rationalize the living God and make Him part of the natural world, and therefore subordinate to the reasoning man who could master nature, has always lurked in the rationalist element of the European people.

Since the rationalist can see no other world but the natural world, his god must be of this world only. Which is why the French Jacobins chose a Parisian prostitute as their goddess, and the European people of today have chosen the collective black race as their god.

It seems as if the advocates of a natural, “rational” religion have won the day. And I certainly don’t expect to see the Europeans return to eternal Europe during my lifetime. But there is one factor that we shouldn’t overlook. There has been no real opposition to the rationalist, black-worshipping moderns. The only resistance to the rationalists has come from other rationalists. The ‘Write letters and vote’ conservatives have never seen existence in the Hebraic or fairy tale mode. “What rationalism has destroyed, rationalism can restore,” has been their mantra. The type of miracle that brings the dead to life does not occur in a rationalist universe. We don’t know what kind of wonders we might see if we break through the rationalist prison wall and step into the fairy land of our European forefathers.

Chesterton called Charles Dickens the last of the great men. What he meant by that was that Dickens still believed in an integral universe, where God was still God, and the ugly brothers, nihilism and rationalism, could only be seen cozying up with low lifes on the fringes of civilization.

I disagree with Chesterton. Dickens was certainly a great man, but he was not great in the sense Chesterton meant. Dickens’ faith, like Dostoyevsky’s, had to pass through the rationalist furnace of doubt before it could come out into the light of day. And like Dostoyevsky, Dickens always retained an element of the rationalist in his soul. But such is the taint of every European of the 20th century. There is no shame in it. But if we are to successfully defeat the new satanic, multiracial forces arrayed against the European, we must leave every last trace of nihilistic rationalism behind.

The term, ‘the last great man,’ could be more appropriately applied to Sir Walter Scott. He lived and wrote when the twin devils of nihilism and rationalism had infected much of the intelligentsia. But he took his case to a Christian people, who still rejected rationalism and clung to the Christ of faith. Scott provided the type of leadership a Christian people needs. He didn’t espouse a particular party platform but urged them, through his stories, to live life in the heroic vein. He single-handedly revived chivalry in the English-speaking world. And it was not a chivalry confined to one class or one profession. It was a profounder, cleaner chivalry of the heart. Jeanie Deans practiced it when she walked from Scotland to London to beg pardon for her sister, and Quentin Durward practiced it when he gave up military glory to aid a helpless matron.

That we are not called upon to study God in the abstract but to love Him by taking up our cross and following Him, is something every Scott hero and heroine has enshrined in their hearts. And the glorious cross all true Europeans carry is the cross of spirit and blood. All heathendom can live in blood orgies without the life sustaining spirit with which He infused all of Europe. And the rationalists of Christendom can live without the blood ties that make God a reality instead of an airy nothing without a local habitation and a name. But the European must and will have a civilization consecrated to Him, spirit and blood. Throw away all the charts and diagrams and polls that say the European must fade away and hand the world over to the multitudinous hordes of the devil. There is one thing missing in the charts, diagrams, and polls. No one can measure or quantify the effect of one human heart joining with the Divine Heart. That special synergy has, in the past, produced miracles that confounded the rationalist predictions of gloom and death. The men and women with the faithful hearts are the last Europeans. So long as there is one faithful heart left, Europe lives.

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