Friday, December 26, 2008

The White Cross

Woe to the clansman who shall view
This symbol of sepulchral yew,
Forgetful that its branches grew
Where weep the heavens their holiest dew
On Alpine’s dwelling low.
The hope and expectation that the end of the historical process will have a happy ending is a uniquely Christian concept. It is in complete contrast to the cyclic world view of classical paganism. The post-Christian rationalist (PCR) who has jettisoned his belief in Jesus Christ as true God and true Man still holds to a view of history that could only come from a Christian culture. However, the post-Christian rationalist’s faith in progress and the future is very different from the hope and expectation of a European Christian. The Christian hopes for the second coming of Christ in which individual persons will be saved or damned. The PCR white hopes for the perfection of mankind on this earth and the earthly damnation of all those who would impede mankind’s progress toward a secular utopia.

The PCR white man has looked at the Christian faith and declared it null and void. And the Christian concedes that the Christian faith is beyond the purely rational. But is the liberal’s faith in the perfection of mankind on this earth a rational belief? No, it is not. The consistent rationalist is Dostoyevsky’s Stavrogin, who hangs himself, fully rational to the end. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on what you think of liberals, most PCR whites do not follow their rationalist faith to its logical conclusion. They settle for a rationalist, fantasy faith in the progress of mankind, always moving onward. Toward what? “Toward the perfection of mankind,” the liberals tell us.

When Christian eschatology becomes divorced from faith in Christ, the original inspiration for Christian eschatology, there is no limit to the evils that can spring from such a secularized process. It’s not just communism that owes its inspiration to a secularized, historical schema. The democracy-worshipping, one-world, one-race liberals of the Western world also are inspired by the eschatology of a faith they have abandoned.

And it is important that European Christians see that the worship of the black man is part of the new Christ-less eschatology of the modern post-Christians. If mankind is to progress in the aggregate, everything that is personal and individual must be eradicated. In the liberal utopia, mankind has a soul but individuals do not. And what is more personal, more individual, than a man’s ties to his own kith and kin? The destruction of the racial ties that bind human beings together is an essential part of the depersonalizing process of PCR whites. They must depersonalize every aspect of the white man’s existence in order to form an impersonal, homogenized, multiracial utopia.

The worship of the soulless barbarian races is an essential part of the PCR’s faith, because the barbarians are the shock troops for the new religion. Obama was not elected President because liberals were drawn to his personality, he was elected because of what he represented: the soulless, depersonalized face of the new world order.

In Shakespeare’s play Henry IV Part II, the character Morton informs the Lord Northumberland that a second rebellion against the King has a better chance of success than the first because it has the support of a Bishop, who “turns insurrection to religion.” This is what we should never forget about the PCR whites. They have turned insurrection against Christ into a religion, using the same eschatology and symbols of Christianity but for a wholly different and evil purpose.

The new Christ-less Christianity has been around long enough to have become the unspoken, instinctive faith of the liberal. Young liberals, who don’t even know the meaning of the word eschatology, act according to the Christ-less eschatology of their satanic progenitors, such as Comte, Hegel, and Marx. Comte more than Marx or Hegel has been the model for the modern liberal. Comte thought the Catholic Church’s organization and hopeful message of a happy ending to the historical process was something that was worthy of emulation. (He didn’t like the Protestant version of Christianity because of its “evangelical anarchy.”) But what he liked about Catholicism was its “system,” not its “Christianity.” Comte’s new faith is the faith of the modern liberal. The liberal believes in an organized social and political structure that promises present comfort and future earthly bliss for those who purge themselves of the unruly Christian aspects of Christianity. Although there are elements of the new faith that some churchmen are not fond of, they have never sought to be the dust in the gears of the new, mechanized church of Christ-without-Christ. They have accepted the basic secular premise of liberalism (“There is no God”) while remaining uneasy about some of its manifestations such as legalized abortion and legalized sodomy. But ultimately the churchmen are moving with the liberals to a secular Zion.

There is only one force on earth capable of defeating liberal zealots fueled with the enthusiasm of the ancient crusaders, without the faith of the ancient crusaders. That force is the man of Europe, the Christ-centered man. The pre-Christian Viking hero of the new age right-wingers is not the man to “set things right.” The pagan’s sword is sheathed when the pagan’s appetite for rapine and plunder is sated. The Christian hero’s sword is never sheathed until he has “built Jerusalem, In England’s green and pleasant land.”

My own views on the Scottish Jacobites are the same as Sir Walter Scott’s views. I admire their courage and their loyalty to their Chieftain, but ultimately it would not have been good for Britain to have had another Stuart monarch. The Stuarts did not have a gift for governing. But the Scottish cavaliers did leave the European with something of lasting value; they are a sterling example of fidelity. And now that the ranks of faithful Europeans have dwindled to numbers resembling a clan rather than a nation, we should support our clan with the same ferocious loyalty and courage with which the Scottish cavaliers supported their clan.

The Southern cavaliers of America took the Scottish Highlanders’ rallying symbol of the burning cross and made it their symbol. But it became more than just a rallying sign for one group of Scottish clansmen, it became a call for all faithful white men to stand and fight for the faith and the race. It was the Frenchmen in Haiti that first felt the brunt of the white rationalist and barbarian hatred of the white. They perished to the last man, woman, and child. Then the Southern men faced the hatred of the same satanic coalition of PCR whites and black barbarians. They prevailed against that coalition because they rallied to the cross of fire.

It is striking that no matter what European nation you look at, the problems are the same. White-hating white rationalists are uniting with the barbarians to destroy white European civilization. (Although it is probably more accurate to say the PCR whites and the barbarians are uniting to destroy the remaining Europeans. They have already destroyed European civilization.) Which indicates to me that no matter how far flung he is, by land or sea, the white European who still adheres to the faith of old Europe is a member of a clan. And if he is faithful to that clan, he will prevail over the forces of ruin and death. But he will not prevail if he leaves the European clan to become a Viking warrior, like the new age right-wingers, or to become a halfway-house Christian, like the Bob Jones University men. It must be all or nothing. The European must respond to the fiery cross if Europeans and Europe’s faith are to survive. The great Swedish playwright August Strindberg, who went through his own personal battle with the demon of rationalism, shows us the way. He had the words, “O Cross, Be Greeted, Our Only Hope” inscribed on his tombstone. The White man’s cross is his racial heritage. The PCR white, having abandoned that cross, insists that every white man do likewise. And our answer to that demand is, “Never.”

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