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The Modern Fairy Tale

The difference between the two systems was that one was formed and officered by sutlers and camp-followers and former slaves, while the other was composed of men who had achieved military honors and were impelled by the love of home, the pride of ancestry, and the desire to save the civilization they had inherited. – The Red Riders by Thomas Nelson Page

A few days ago on the news I saw a Negro ballplayer, a Negro singer, and the lesbian tennis player, Billie Jean King, appear together before a sporting event to celebrate the so-called “Civil Rights Game Weekend.” The juxtaposition was quite apropos; civil rights mean race-mixing, feminism, and homosexuality.

“Civil rights” is a ‘god term’ to liberals. A man at a gathering of liberals bows slightly and with a reverent voice says: “That man over there, the liberal in the corner, marched in the great civil rights marches of the 1960’s.” Then the ancient liberal comes across the room and tells the young people at the party a modern fairy tale.
* * *

“There was once a time when black and white lived apart. White people lived in sumptuous palaces while black people, who did all the work, were forced to live in shacks, shanties, and ghettos. Then little by little some very great white people (the ancient liberal doesn’t say he was one of them, but the admiring throng all know he was) realized just how wonderful black people really were and just how evil white people were. These great white people then joined hands with the wonderful black people and demanded that the bad white people give the black people “civil rights.” But the very great white people – they are called ‘liberals’ – did not stop with civil rights for black people; they fought and won civil rights for your funny looking Uncle Charlie who spends so much time in public restrooms and for your cousin Angie who went to the prom with her girlfriend. Yes, my children, civil rights are a wonderful thing, but they had to be fought for.

“Once, down in a terrible place called the South, a U. S. President had to send federal troops so that a poor little black girl could attend a school the bad white people had forbidden her to attend.”

“Were white people really that bad back then?” asked 10-year-old Kathy.

“Yes,” says the ancient liberal, “they were that bad, and they were even worse than that. The same bad men from the same bad place, the South, used to go to Africa, run into the Africans' homes, kidnap the Africans, and then take them to the South, chain them in dungeons, and beat them all the time until they died.”

“Really?” says the wide-eyed 11-year-old Tommy.

“Yes, Tommy, really. Even after a big war was fought to take the good and wonderful black men out of the white dungeons and away from their life in chains, evil white men would hang them every time they tried to go on a bus or eat in a restaurant where there were white people. And still to this day there are more bad white people than good ones.”

“Are there any bad black people?”

The ancient liberal looks at the questioner with unfeigned shock. “Of course not, Tommy. There are no bad black people.”

“But,” Tommy persists, “I’ve heard of some bad black people my father...”

“No, Tommy, that is wrong. And if your father said that, he is wrong. Sometimes it seems like black people do bad things, but it always turns out that the bad things are not really bad things; they are black culture things, which are good things.”

“What if white people do black culture things?”

“Then Tommy, the white people are very, very bad. Do you understand, Tommy? It’s important that you understand this concept.”

“I think I understand. White people are bad, no matter what they do, and black people are good despite all the bad they do. Because the bad they do is not really bad even though it would be bad if white people did it.”

“Excellent! You’ve grasped the concept. You know, Tommy, many older white people cannot understand what you have come to understand.”

Tommy beams. “I always try to learn my lessons.”

Practical Kathy then asks, “What can I do to help the black people?”

“Well, Kathy, there are many things you can do, but the most important thing you can do (I’m sure you’ve covered this in your sex ed classes) is to have sexual intercourse with black men.”

“Should I start now?”

“No, I think you should wait until you’re fourteen. Until that time you can worship black men at your local church and give part of your allowance to help the earthquake victims in Haiti.”

“I will do all that, Father... Oh, excuse me, you’re not a priest.”


* * *

When the liberals tell us the Grimm’s fairy tales are too violent and too moralistic, what they really mean is the Grimm’s fairy tales are too Christian in their ethos. In the Grimm's tales the good prevail over the wicked and the wicked people do the type of thing, such as betray their own kith and kin and support perversion, which modern liberals now do under the guise of virtuous behavior. Black is now white because vice has become virtue.

All societies have fairy tales which reflect their religious faith. I’ve just outlined the typical fairy story that the liberals have been telling white children for the past fifty years. Are there any whites left who believe in the fairy stories (the ones without modern public bathroom fairies) told by the antique Europeans?

Violence is truly a terrible thing, and only the savage worships blood lust. But is it possible to reclaim a heritage taken from us at the point of bayonets and to defend our people against the violent onslaught of savage barbarians by peaceful means? I know of no time in history when that which was taken away by force was not reclaimed by force. And I know of no other defense against violence except violence.

The conservative-liberal doesn’t believe a nation is built by people of the same faith and of the same blood. But you can’t have a nation without a people, and there can be no such thing as a people without a common faith and a common race. The conservative-liberal will never fight for the European people or for the Christian faith because his nation, the nation he will fight for, is a utopian, multi-racial nation. But this nation is not a reality; it is a fantasy, a fantasy like pure democracy or communism. And the fantasy is a succubus, which feeds on the life blood of the European, leaving him a bloodless, lifeless corpse.

The religious counterpart of the conservative-liberal is the halfway-house Christian. No matter which white church you turn to, you’ll find the people there united in their abiding faith in the goodness of the black man and the evil of the white man. (1)

The whites attending these churches do so because they need a faith. And since the liberals will not allow the Europeans to worship the Christian God, the God of spirit and blood, the modern Europeans worship the great black god instead. They may incorporate some old Christian hymns and some Christian phrases into their worship services, but at the heart of their worship is a celebration of the dark night of Babylon.

The shift from the worship of Christ and the support of the Christian European hearth, to the worship of the black man and the intense desire to eradicate the Christian European hearth was a gradual sea change. The change stemmed from a fear of marginalization, the loss of jobs, and in some circumstances, martyrdom. As the liberals gained ascendance and made the black faith the state faith, the Christian churches had to make a choice. They could keep their buildings and some kind of nominal faith in the cosmic, Coke-commercial Christ if they made the worship of the black man the central tenet of their faith. Or they could stay with the Christ of old Europe and suffer the consequences. They choose the former.

There doesn’t seem to be any hopeful signs when we look at modern Europe. But if we look at the Europeans’ past history, it becomes very difficult to believe that the European will remain content with the worship of the Negro and all the perverted practices that go with Negro worship. Evil, in the final analysis, is very superficial. The unredeemed Dr. Faustus is a bore.

Superficial and boring as it is, Negro worship is the new faith of the European. It is in direct opposition to the Christian faith of the pre-20th century European. And there can be no peaceful co-existence between the two faiths; one must prevail over the other. Black-worshipping Europeans can co-exist with Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and every other religious sect, but they cannot co-exist with European Christians for the simple reason that Satan’s minions and the followers of Christ will always be at war.

War is a terrible thing, but surrender to Satan’s minions is blasphemy. That is why the European is currently at war with his own nation and with every surrounding nation. Contra Mundum. +
(1) Instead of placing signs outside of their churches that have the word Christian or Catholic in their titles the modern churches should make their signs coincide with their faith. The signs outside should read – “The New Ecumenical Church of White Genocide” or “The Roman Rite, Black Worshipping Church of the New Millennium” Just a few sample slogans that I hope, for the sake of clarity, the formerly Christian Churches will adopt.

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