Friday, June 24, 2011

The Last Wave By

“Give me my robes. I am wild in my beholding.” – Shakespeare’s Pericles

The comic sage O. Henry once made the following observation in his novel Cabbages and Kings:

There is a quaint old theory that man may have two souls – a peripheral one which serves ordinarily, and a central one which is stirred only at certain times, but then with activity and vigour. While under the domination of the former a man will shave, vote, pay taxes, give money to his family, buy subscription books and comport himself on the average plan. But let the central soul suddenly become dominant, and he may, in the twinkling of an eye, turn upon the partner of his joys with furious execration; he may change his politics while you could snap your fingers; he may deal out deadly insult to his dearest friend; he may get him, instanter, to a monastery or a dance hall; he may elope, or hang himself – or he may write a song or poem, or kiss his wife unasked, or give his funds to the search of a microbe. Then the peripheral soul will return; and we have our safe, sane citizen again.
It is the task of the devil to make man disbelieve in his central soul and believe only in things peripheral and inconsequential. ‘I see nothing at all, yet all that is I see.’ The devil labored long and hard to convince the European that the peripheral, material world was all there was. He has succeeded. The modern world is the world as Satan always dreamed it would be. And the modern European sees no difference between Liberaldom and Christian Europe because the modern European does not believe in the central things of the soul. When you point out acts of heroic chivalry and Christian charity from the European past, the modern European will simply re-label those acts of heroism and charity as acts of cowardice and self-interest. Whatever is noble in the past, whatever points to the spiritual realm, is re-labeled to fit in with a modern materialist view of reality. The modern science called psychology, for instance, is nothing more than an attempt to refashion things of the spirit into a materialist garment. Reality is made to fit the liberal’s abstractions. In his fantasy world man is a glorified ape, so the world must be structured to accommodate glorified apes. If anyone suggests the world should be anything other than a world fit for glorified apes, the rulers of Liberaldom will silence that person by whatever means necessary.

I’ve never cared for the science fiction genre because I don’t find the future very interesting. It is the past, where the heroes of Europe dwell that is fascinating. We are currently living through a real life version of a sci-fi horror film. The antique European living in Liberaldom is living in a world more remote and antithetical to everything he holds sacred than any alien world ever created by a writer of science fiction.

Picture a planet where black barbarians are worshipped as gods, babies are tortured and murdered at the behest of hermaphrodite creatures, and religious leaders preach a doctrine of mandatory hatred of the white race. Ming the Merciless once landed on the planet and left because it was too merciless for his liking. Of course we’re talking about Liberaldom, and the story is not very funny because we live in Liberaldom.

All writers of futuristic literature, with the possible exception of George Orwell, predicted that the totalitarian regimes of the future would be right-wing totalitarian regimes. Where are those regimes? All we see around us are left-wing dystopias, all centered on one basic premise: the black race is a sanctified race, and the white race is a demon race. And there can be no place for the white in the new utopian state because the premise upon which Liberaldom was built was the premise that everything from the European past is evil. Europeans who repudiate their past can avoid extermination for a small space of time, but in the end they will face the death they sought to avoid by sacrificing other whites (it is always other whites) to the seven-headed hydra of Liberaldom.

A superficial comparison of Liberaldom and Christendom reveals men and women in a daily struggle for existence dealing with the peripheral material aspects of life. But if we look deeper we see a great difference between Liberaldom and Christendom. In Liberaldom there is no awareness of the central soul. In fact the liberal denies its existence. All of life consists of “on we work without the light,” going toward a kingdom of endless carnal pleasure. The European of the good old stock believed something different from the modern liberal. He believed in “on we worked and waited for the light.” The man with a central soul knows that the minutiae of life must be attended to, but he does not forget that life, real life, consists of the white moments of grace. Those moments are part of our soul, a thing eternal, and they go with us into eternity when we stand before God.

A life without white moments is not a life; it is death in life. Every day I see young white people, who should, if they were still linked to their European heritage, make me think of pastoral comedies such as As You Like It and marriage feasts from Much Ado About Nothing. But I don’t see the animation of the European in their eyes; they do not make me think of pastoral comedies and marriage feasts. Instead I think of Nikolai Gogol’s novel Dead Souls. The white man tells his children there is no central soul, and then bids them look to the black race for the ultimate meaning of life. What meaning is there in blackness? Look behind the mask of blackness, and we see a death’s head. The unbought grace of life has been squandered by the white men in a futile attempt to replace love for God, for kith, for kin, with love of the generic black man. But a generic love is an airy nothing.

The eternal battle against principalities and powers does not cease because white people no longer believe they have souls. The battle continues on a different front. When whites believed in Him, they fought against the devil and his minions. Now that Europeans have forsaken their God and the passionate love of their kith and kin that stems from the love of God, they have been herded into concentration camps throughout the world. Satan and the liberals regard such white people as prisoners of war, but the sheep-like Europeans believe they are living life to the fullest; they are happy if they are allowed to live life by proxy through the great black gods of the natural world. At times the white people in the prison camps – and some of the camps are quite plush – get a vague sense of something missing in their lives. But they fill the void with drugs, sex, and an increased involvement in the black-worshipping, Christian churches without Jesus Christ. Young and old, particularly the young, are told that paradise, the future world of pleasure without pain, can only be obtained by worshipping and serving the black gods of Liberaldom. I saw that a young Irishman, just 22 years of age, won the U. S. Open Golf Tournament. The press lauded him for his “growth.” And what was his growth? He went to Haiti and spent time with the sacred black people of Haiti. The pathetic, indoctrinated caricature of a European came back chastened and ashamed, vowing to be a better man and not so insular and white. Does anyone care to point out that the Haitians would not need the continued support of the white Europeans if they had not massacred the French Europeans who once ruled their country with a charity that the Haitians could not understand and took for weakness? No, I don’t suppose anyone did point that out. It’s not intrinsically wrong for a white man to make a goodwill trip to an African country. But it is wrong to appease the rulers of Liberaldom by worshipping at the shrine of their black gods to the detriment of the oppressed and disenfranchised white people all over the world, particularly in nations such as Rhodesia and South Africa. Let white sports heroes visit the surviving family members of murdered whites in Africa, the United States, and Europe if they want to do genuine charitable outreach. Charity is hard, not easy, and it begins with a man’s own kith and kin.

The institutionalized hatred for the white man has bred a kind of hybrid Christianity among the halfway-house Christians who want to retain some vague connection to Christianity but do not want to challenge the new Christ-less Christian theology of liberalism. The halfway-house Christians stay “Christian” by abandoning traditional European-based Christianity and fusing their Christianity with Judaism and Negro worship, a kind of Christian-Jewish-pagan mix. It’s not the religion of Jesus Christ, the religion of our European ancestors; it is an anti-European faith which is more acceptable to the rulers of Liberaldom.

I once, while attending what we shall laughingly call an institution of “higher” learning, attended a lecture on the subject of the European’s loss of a sense of the sacred. The lecturer’s analysis seemed to be accurate. He placed the blame on rationalism and science. But he followed up his analysis with a plea of impotence: “We are all Hegelian rationalists now,” he intoned; “What can we do about it? There is no going back. We can’t pretend to believe that [meaning Christianity] which we, as rational men, cannot believe.”

Of course the assumption behind the lecturer’s plea of impotence was that scientific, rational thought is the highest summit of thought. The lecturer and his rational, scientific colleagues were drawing conclusions about existence without having plunged to the heart of existence. They had left out the poetic of life. What philosophy and theology cannot fathom, poetry can. Christ, the King of Poets, speaks only to those who have reached the poetic depths; He speaks to men of blood, not to men of intellect. The European fairy tale has not been refuted by the rational and the scientific “thinkers”; it has been left for dead by those who thought the abstractions they created from their pygmy brains, that missed man’s central soul, were accurate representations of reality.

The age of chivalry is only dead in the peripheral, statistical world of the rationalist bureaucrats, who worship in the fusionist churches of modernity. In our old European home, chivalry still lives. And those who live by the chivalric code, the code of the European, are not daunted by numbers, by principalities, or by powers. “He that endures to the end shall be saved.” +

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