Friday, June 17, 2011

They Turned All Their Faces Away

“Speak then to me, who neither beg nor fear
Your favors nor your hate.” – Banquo in MacBeth

Atrocities against whites by non-whites are commonplace, and the only unusual thing about this particular atrocity was that it was reported:

Racial Rapes

by Abigail Wilson LL.B. -- from the Australian On Target:

CBS foreign correspondent Lara Logan, an attractive blonde, blue eyed Nordic woman, suffered a “brutal and sustained sexual attack”, being raped for about three hours by Egyptian males in Tahir Square, Cairo. This brutal degradation was performed by the freedom loving Egyptians celebrated by the Western media.

The full details of the brutal rape was heavily censored by the mainstream media. Thus The Sydney Morning Herald, February 16, 2011, “US Reporter Lara Logan Sexually Assaulted and Beaten in Egypt: CBS” only says that “She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating”. And that’s all.

However internet sources report that she was vaginally and anally raped for three hours, masturbated on, urinated on, beaten with sticks and she may have had her left nipple bitten off. (The lady in question held just one media interview and revealed she was rescued by women in full Muslim attire. They formed a circle around her thus protecting her from further brutal degradation and she was then able to flee…ed)

Brutal rapes by Middle Eastern men of women of a similar racial profile have occurred across the West – in Sweden, where the rape rate is 20 times higher than that of some countries in southern and eastern Europe, in France and in Australia. In Australia sentences for rape are lenient compared to other countries, but the head of the pack of the Middle Eastern rapists from a few years back got 55 years and others – 25, 23, 18, 71, 11 and 15 years. That is an indication of how horrible the crimes were. Yet the crimes were never seen as racially based. Why?

Essentially women of our race have been deracinated by the Establishment. They have no identity as an ethno-racial group, whereas if these events occurred to any other group, we would never hear the end of it. To suppose that Nordics, especially Anglo-Saxons could be targeted and racially profiled is a great no-no because it just might give this dying ethnoracial group ideas about its own racial rights and the need to preserve its racial identity. Multiculturalism has been based on the dilution of Anglo Saxons so the Establishment will never, never, ever admit any racial crimes against Anglos. Their race doesn’t exist, therefore there can only be crimes against individuals. I think about this as I leave work late at night, hoping that I make it to my car and survive the long drive across this thing they call a capital city.

What is left to say after such reports? I think of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s great work The Gulag Archipelago. He wanted to give an accurate, faithful account of life in the Communist Gulag, but after taking us through over 600 pages of Communist brutality, he stopped at one point to tell his readers it wasn’t necessary to give any more graphic details: “you know the story.” Yes, by that time we did know the story. But as bad as the Russian Gulag was – and it was horrific – the new gulags are worse. There is now a worldwide system of gulags set up for the purpose of torturing and exterminating all members of the white race. In countries such as Rhodesia and South Africa, the extermination process is proceeding at a rapid pace. In countries such as the United States, Britain, and France the extermination process is slightly slower, but only slightly, because there are more whites in those countries.

One of the most terrifying aspects of the Russian Gulag was the completely arbitrary nature of the incarceration process. A man or woman could be thrown in the Gulag to be tortured and or murdered for no particular reason, other than the fact that the Russian Communist officials suspected that every Russian was plotting against the government; no one could be trusted. And no white person can be trusted in the Babylonian countries of the West; all are guilty, without a trial, of being white, which is the color of sin. Some tribunal was held somewhere in the past, at which the white man was found guilty of a heinous crime; hence there can be no such thing as an atrocity against white people because they are monsters who destroyed a colored Babylonian paradise in the past and are the obstacle to mankind’s progression to a Babylonian future. Of course it is not the colored barbarians who have adopted an anti-white metaphysic; the coloreds have no metaphysic. All they know is that their once formidable enemy has become “easy meat,” so they take advantage of that fact. It is the liberals who have developed an anti-white metaphysic which they have spread throughout Liberaldom to ensure that no white will ever regard himself as white. In fact, any white in Liberaldom who looks on himself as white is ipso facto guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and will be subject to fine, imprisonment, and often death.

It’s quite true that white people, particularly the Anglo-Saxon whites, do not regard themselves as a race of people, separate and distinct from the colored races, and sharing a common heritage and destiny as a people. But that is only part of the reason that whites turn their faces away from atrocities committed against whites by the colored tribesmen. The white man has become a liberal, and the liberal is not merely indifferent to the antique European’s desire for racial solidarity, he is in rebellion against white racial solidarity. Mere indifference to race would not allow the liberal to stand by, and often applaud, the torture, murder, and rape of whites. In order to ignore or applaud atrocities, the liberal must hate the white race. And the liberal does hate the white race because he hates Christ. When my youngest daughter was seven years old, she asked me what a liberal was. It was a natural question coming from a child who must have heard her father mention liberals over a thousand times, and never once say anything good about them. The question was difficult for me because I wanted my daughter to understand the satanic nature of liberals without over-complicating the subject or causing her undue alarm. So I told her the simple truth: “Liberals are people who hate Christ. They might not say it outright, but we can tell by what they do that in their hearts they hate Christ.” Then I went on to tell her some of the things liberals did, such as kill babies (“Don’t worry, I won’t let them near you or your baby brother”) and offer up other white people to be killed by colored natives whom they worship (“You’ve seen them in the old jungle movies. Don’t worry, I won’t let them take you.”) It comes down to Blake’s profound and succinct insight:

"Man must & will have Some Religion; if he has not the Religion
of Jesus, he will have the Religion of Satan, & will erect the
Synagogue of Satan, calling the Prince of this World, God; and
destroying all who do not worship Satan under the Name of God.”
The first Europeans who heard and believed did so because the Christ story spoke to something buried deep in their racial memory: the memory of a fall from grace due to the influence of a spellbinding charlatan who peddled knowledge and power, and the memory of a promise of a savior who would redeem them from the consequences of their fall from grace. The European, when he was European, was the most fully human of God’s creatures, because he was the most fully conscious of the living God acting in his life and the life of his people. When the European lost his consciousness of the true God, he lost his identity. He can’t become a proud pagan because he already rejected the pagan gods. The colored people still cling to their pagan gods while the European is left bereft of God, of race, of place, and of soul. He truly is a man of clay, so why should he be upset if he hears about other white, clay people being mutilated and destroyed by flesh and blood colored men? Clay is of no significance, until it is made a quickening spirit by the living God, but that story has been thrown on the European’s trash heap.

When I was growing up I never even heard the term homosexual, and even in my late teens I had only an abstract notion of what a homosexual was. All that changed in academia. I saw that what was only an abstraction to me was a very real practice of flesh and blood people. I still couldn’t understand it from within, but I had to concede that it was real. This is how I feel about the liberals’ hatred of their own race and their religious devotion to the black race. I must concede that it exists, but I can’t understand it from within. And I abhor the liberal’s maniacal hatred of the white race and their sycophantic worship of the black more than any other of the liberal’s many evil manias. I think this is because the hatred of your own people is the satanic hate that produces all the other evils of Liberaldom, such as legalized abortion and legalized homosexual marriage. The denial of the blood ties given to us by a benevolent creator is the first step in the dehumanizing process that leads to the inhumanity of Liberaldom.

When Macbeth murders Duncan he severs the blood ties of kinship and kindred that linked him to his fellow men and to God, which is why he is speaking from the heart when he declares:

“Had I but died an hour before this chance,
I had liv’d a blessed time; for, from this instant,
There’s nothing serious in mortality.
All is but toys; renown and grace is dead;
The wine of life is drawn, and the mere lees
Is left this vault to brag of.”
The liberal, like Macbeth, made his fateful decision on the heath to murder his kith and kin, and having acquiesced to their murder again and again and again, the liberal has “supp’d full with horrors”; there is no such thing as an atrocity against white people, because the liberal believes that all white people who will not renounce their blood must be eliminated; they stand in the way of utopia.

“The castle of Macduff I will surprise:
Seize upon Fife; give to the edge o’ th’ sword
His wife, his babes, and all the unfortunate souls
That trace him in his line.”
Of course Macbeth had more of a conscience than the modern liberals – they do not consider white victims of black carnage worthy of being considered “unfortunate souls."

The European who stands with Europe is not involved in a misunderstanding with the liberals; he is involved in a war. The liberals know that it is war; it is time for the European to grasp that reality as well and never lose sight of it. Otherwise he will be absorbed into Liberaldom; he will make his peace with the powers that be and stop believing that there ever was such a thing as a Christian Europe.

The ties of blood, once severed, are very difficult to renew, but there is a beautiful fairy tale quality to the Christian faith. One Man of Sorrows spawned a small band of brothers who overwhelmed the world. Every renewal starts with a band of brothers, who have not renounced their ties of blood to kith, kin, and Him. +

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