Saturday, June 26, 2010

The End Result of Negro Worship

In Africa, a land without love, kindness is a weakness. Because there is no charity there is no understanding of mercy, and because there is no altruism, there is no gratitude.

– Anthony Jacob

The official belief of the liberals and the non-white races, though never articulated in formal documents, is that the white man is not fully human; the only fully human being is the black man. The unarticulated belief (because it was a given) of the white man for thousands of years was that the white man was the only fully human being, and the black man was not fully human.

It is important to note that the white man’s belief in the humanity of the white and the lack of humanity in the black was a “prejudice” he held during the Christian centuries of the European people. When the European ceased to be Christian, he ceased to believe in the humanity of the white man and became a believer in the special and superior humanity of the black man.

The enormous shift, from the belief that the black man was half-man, half-beast and had to be held in check by the white man, to the worship of the black man, indicates a profound spiritual malaise in the European people; and every white nation is in the midst of their equivalent to the French Revolution. In 1789, the French cursed their past and severed all ties with the people and traditions of their past. Other European countries, such as Britain and the southern half of the United States (which was, at the time of the Uncivil War, a separate nation) kept continuity with their past. Nothing new was done in those conservative nations without invoking the “spirit of our ancestors.” The racial wars of the latter half of the 20th century destroyed the last vestiges of conservatism in the European nations, and now all the people of European descent curse their past and yearn for the extinction of the white man and the deification of the black man.

The anti-white movement has its origins in the European’s rejection of Christianity. When a man believes that the drama of existence ultimately has a happy ending, he does not need to create a utopian society in which reality is banished. But when the reality of existence is seen as unbearable -- and life without faith that Christ is risen is unbearable -- a man must create a hideaway world where reality can be avoided. Enter the natural savage. The Christian European saw the black man as he was, a savage barbarian, but the utopian white man sees the black man as a perfect man, untainted by the evils of white, Christian civilization.

The halfway-house Christians have tried to 'save' their collective churches which still preach Christ crucified, Christ risen in a non-metaphorical sense, by blending orthodox Christianity with the anti-European, utopian ideology of the mad-dog liberals. Such a compromise can never bring anything but grief. The halfway-house Christian always ends up handing a non-faith down to his children, because real faith cannot grow on utopian ground.

The liberal does not know why he must elevate the black man; he just feels compelled to do so. And he feels that way because Satan has filled the void in his heart, the heart that was once occupied by Christ. Satan knows that a man’s skin color is an essential part of a man’s body, which is an extension of a man’s soul. Deprive a man of his racial identity, and you deprive him of a vital part of his personality, which is a thing divine, being created by and connected to almighty God. And if our soul is not joined with God, but to the black man, we will be united to the god of the black man, which was, and is, Satan.

A Christian European knows where the road to utopia leads; it leads to Haiti, to Rhodesia, and to South Africa. Africa is the future for the utopian white man. Only Christian Europeans can alter the African shadows over Europe. The halfway-house Christians will ultimately side with the liberals, and the neo-pagans, too, who will first compromise by begging for equal representation within liberaldom (after all, the neo-pagan is also a utopian), will, when their plea for equal representation is denied, also capitulate.

Chesterton, in his book Orthodoxy, compared the Roman Catholic Church to a chariot riding through time, avoiding all the heresies, while always maintaining its balance. The only thing wrong with his fiery chariot image was that it was false. The Roman Catholic Church did not then, and does not now represent a balanced, accurate embodiment of Christianity. Nor do any of the Protestant churches. The church as conceived by Chesterton was a rationalist construct, springing from a utopian mind. But if we shift our focus to the European people, and view their culture as the church Chesterton was writing about, we can see the real fiery chariot that can never be forced off course. The faith derived from a connection to our people is based on what we feel inside; it’s based on love, not an abstraction. Surely that European connection is what we should seek and look to if we are ever going to come safely home.

The worship of the black man is the antithesis of Christianity. We can measure the depth of a people’s degradation by the lengths to which they will go to ensure that black predominates over white. We must never doubt for a moment that integration and race-mixing are part of a satanic agenda to eliminate Christianity from the face of the earth. No European should be fooled into thinking he can combine the worship of the black man with the worship of Christ. We can’t serve darkness and the Light. There should be no question in the European’s mind that it is to Europe and Europe alone that we must look if we want to see the face of Christ. Other cultures must look outward, away from the sacrificial fires, to the people who shunned sacrifice and believed in mercy. But the European must look inward, forsaking the godless, utopian future, which is in reality a hellish world of darkness, and find the God of his ancestors in the European mists.

Europe is faith, hope, and charity. Africa is the absence of faith, hope, and charity. What is needed are Europeans who will stand with Europe. Isn’t the preservation of the light shining in darkness infinitely more important than an integrated sports team in South Africa or a democratic government in Iraq? Where your treasure lies, there lies your heart. My heart is with Europe. There is no other dwelling place for the human soul.
Trust ye the curdled hollows—
Trust ye the neighing wind—
Trust ye the moaning groundswell—
Our herds are close behind!
To bray your foeman’s armies—
To chill and snap his sword—
Trust ye the wild White Horses,
The Horses of the Lord!

--Rudyard Kipling